Good Deal or Not? “fully wired for cable and cat 5” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 1008 W St, NW:

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The flier says:

“meticulous top to bottom gut reno. 2BRs, 2.5 lux BAs & gourmet KI w/ top-of-the-line SS, granite, custom cabinets, separate dining area w/ sun-filled French doors that open onto a southern exposed & gated flagstone terrace. HWFS, soaring ceil, limestone master bath w/ Jacuzzi. Deck , exposed brick, skylights, all new windows throughout, W/ D, built-in speakers fully wired for cable and cat 5”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $599,000.

So quick side question – the reader who requested this a GDoN sent the email 9 days ago but the redfin listing says it’s only been listed for 1 day – what’s up with that? Can anyone explain the process in which that happens? Shouldn’t the listing have be down for a certain period of time before the timeline gets reset?

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  • lovely, but too small for 600K, imo

    • he kitchen has virtually no usable countertop space. Doesn’t look like there is room for an island, either.

      • I’m kind of amazed that there’s 1,178 of sq footage – looks a lot smaller. The first floor is laid out like an open kitchen, but with a tiny kitchen in the middle. I’m not hating, they did a nice job with a small space. Would definitely prefer this to a 2 bedroom condo.

      • I’ve actually seen this one. I didn’t think the kitchen was THAT small, but it’s definitely not huge.

        The real downside is the small size of the second bedroom.

  • maybe they had the signs up and everything, but hadnt listed it yet?

    And, my block is wicked pricey.

  • Wow, the pictures make the place look sooooo small.

    I sort of like the aesthetic but not the size. I’d also want parking for that price.

    Probably will go in the mid-500s though.

  • I’ve been in it. It’s disappointing. It feels smaller than the square footage would indicate. The second bedroom is really small and can only accommodate a twin against the wall. Nicely down bathrooms. I question the layout downstairs. I would have put the kitchen at the back of the house and combined the living space. As it is, you have a small living area and even smaller dining area (of questionable utility), with a kitchen with very little counter space in the middle. I can’t justify spending this more cash for a home with no parking and huge space and functionality limitations. A similar, nearly identical house (probably by the same builder) went for 550k in the past year. I would guess this goes for closer to that price.

  • Sometimes a realtor will put up a listing on RedFin then take it down to re-work some of the details and description or photos, but when it’s re-listed it retains the same identifying MRIS number.

  • Also to answer the question posed above. This was formerly listed at $610. Realtors often pull the listing and re-list when they make a price change. They do this to keep the listing from looking stale. In this case, when they dropped the list price below $600K, they’re opened up the pool of buyers a bit. Some buyers have their search cut-off at 600K, so this listing will be new to them (and look new to them). Apparently this technique is effective. My realtor called this a new listing; I knew otherwise.

  • Agreed with what others have said. The price point seems very good for the area, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for a chunk over the asking price… but the actual house looks disappointing.

    It looks small in the photos, which is not an encouraging sign. The kitchen seems to be short not only on counter space but also on cabinet space. The second bedroom looks very small. The metal stair railing and the bathroom sinks look overly modern for the house.

    And not having parking in an area that’s pretty competitive for street parking is a drawback.

    I’m also not keen on all the exposed brick, but I know many people like it.

  • I own and live in a house a couple blocks away with a similar layout (though only 1 bathroom)…and my house is 800 Sq. Ft. I can’t see any way that this house is more 1000 sq. ft.

  • what’s “cat 5”?

  • Expensive for it’s size? Yes. But that’s the price of admission in Logan Circle these days.


    Here’s the nearly identical listing that went for $550…right down to the staging furniture. See the dining the room set.

  • The house on the same block at 1018 W was much bigger and sold for substantially less than the $/sq ft they are asking. I am guessing this house will sell somewhere in the $570s

  • I was noticing from the “floor plan tour” version of the virtual tour that this house has a powder room that opens directly into the kitchen.

    Didn’t someone say in yesterday’s GDoN that D.C. building code doesn’t allow that? Is that accurate??

  • Cat5 is so last century!

  • Listing actually started at $639,000 three weeks ago. I went to the open and told the realtor that it didn’t seem like 1,178 SF. He said 1,178 SF was incorrect and would check the listing. Hmmmm……………………..

  • Yeah that place isn’t worth a dime over $450K.

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