Good Deal or Not? “4 Unit European Style Bldg” edition

Oct. ’11

This condo is located at 1432 Monroe St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Condo Conversion 4 Unit European Style Bldg w/ 2 secure pking spots – each special from the random natural wood flooring, to sleek Java kitchens w/ detailed tile work & overisiezed bthrms w/ huge shower & sep tubs, tons of storage, full size washer/dryer, video/door buzzer, tankless water, lanscaped patio & 2 level penthouse with 2 decks/ unparralled views/water/elec just one block to it all!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $439,000 ($159 monthly condo fee.)

Incidentally I noticed in my archives that the building used to be red brick – which way do you think the building looks better?

Apri. ’09

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  • binpetworth

    I like the master bathroom a lot, but am wondering why they didn’t have the tiles go the full length of the wall in the shower.

    I don’t think I’d pay $439, though, even with the good condo fee. Definitely feels like it should be well under $400K.

  • They’re asking way too much.

  • building is ugly either way. unit is okay, but not even worth $400.

  • I’m not sure about the price- Does it come with one of the parking spots? I mean, 2 spots for 4 units? That sounds awkward. It looks nice overall and the updated facade looks a classier than before.

    However, I find it somewhat concerning that everything is Ikea. Every vanity, every staged piece of furniture, the cabinets, the appliances, the faucets, the art, etc. Everything. I like Ikea, but in moderation.

    • I am glad I am not the only one who doesn’t get the parking spot situation. Is it a first-come, first-served situation wherein any of the building’s residents can use them? Are they assigned to specific units? I don’t get it.

      • I was initially going on the assumption that the two parking spaces went with two other units… but from the info on Redfin, I get the impression that the parking spaces aren’t specifically linked with any of the units and are for sale separately:

        Parking & Garage
        # of Garage Spaces: 2
        Space #: 1,2
        Has Garage
        On-Site Parking for Sale
        Concrete Driveway
        Detached Garage

  • I like the front a lot. It’s sleek, modern, and clean looking. I agree about the master bedroom—very nice. I might even sorta like the open floor plan in this rare instance since it’s a looooonnngg shotgun style place. you need the light. That said, I think it is overpriced. Maybe 375K.

  • I like that they painted the meters to match the building, so they’re not so glaringly obvious.

    • Yes! that meter box is disgusting! Why do people put these on the fronts of houses. No Pepco does not get to tell you where it goes so don’t give me that line.

    • Agreed on how they did a nice job camouflaging the meter boxes.

  • Um… yes, Pepco does tend to tell you, or at least they give you no choice in the matter. They have to be able to have access to it, and recent voltage and technological requirements have made the boxes even bigger. Believe me… I have dealt with Pepco for twenty years in three different states and have ALWAYS had a problem with meter box placement. They just don’t care.

    • My meter is on the back of my house… and there is a fence around the back.

      When I forget to leave the fence open on meter-reading days, Pepco gives me an estimated reading rather than an actual reading.

      They’re trying to move everyone to these “smart meters” now anyway. Those meters have a radio frequency signal (or something like that) so that they can be “read” from afar and don’t require physical access.

    • While they don’t necessarily “tell” you exactly where to put your meter, with all the windows and doors, row houses only have so many surfaces on which to mount them. This is especially true when there are multiple units and the meters are that huge.

      • So if Pepco doesn’t tell you where to put you front door or you windows, why would you let them dictate the facade of your house? That’s crazy.

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