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I forgot to share this photo a reader sent in from cyclocross race at the Old Soldier’s Home a few weeks ago. Holy awesome!

The reader writes:

“That was really my first time venturing far into the AFRH grounds. Man that place is amazing — we gotta figure out a way for them to open it up at some point (even if it is just for more public events.)”

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  • how do you get access?

  • I’ve been an avid volunteer for several organizations, and recently I thought I would volunter at the old soldier’s home JUST to get access to the grounds….is that bad of me?

    Hell I’ll play checkers and take someone on an outing for access.

  • I went to the cyclocross too and it really is a nice campus over there. It would be awesome if they would open up the grounds to the public, even for limited weekend hours or something.

  • Took the Cultural Tourism walking tour of Park View recently and the guide showed pictures of kids playing along this waterway early in the last century. It used to be open to the public but was closed off when Washington Hospital Center brought too much traffic through (I think–can’t remember the details exactly)

    Anyway, there were rumors about five years back that it would be opened again with residential development and public green space. Don’t know what became of that.

  • I was house hunting near this park, and have mostly rejected buying anything near the beautiful park I wouldn’t be able to use. It would be amazing if they opened it to the public!

  • I guess that’s why the neighborhood is called Park View, not Park Access.

    I would love for it to be made more available to the public. Either for limited hours, or with the purchase of a monthly/annual pass, or what have you, to grant the AFRH residents some continued privacy while allowing such a great city resource to be shared with all of its residents. It’s a beautiful space.

  • Agreed. Incredible underutilized space in the neighborhood. Passes would be a great idea and good revenue generator for the campus.

  • And giving access to people would help the Vets – they could fill their days with shouts of “Hey you kids – get off my lawn”. Good for the lungs and maybe some aerobic exercise if they jump up and down; shaking their fists in teh air would provide a nice stretch. Win win win.

  • How many old soldiers are there? Plus, I really think the city wouldn’t want to take over access as a public space because they know they’d mess it up. Better do something before Eric Cantor decides to sell it to developers.

    • andy

      there are lots of retired servicemembers there – i asked on a previous post about this. but there is still a lot of green space that could help make the area vibrant and maintain use by those “old soldiers.”

      I don’t think it needs development. Maybe the parcel south of the hospital center should be developed and then there might be more people seeking access to the AFRH grounds as green space.

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