Friday Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont Circle

This rental is located at 1754 S St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This studio apartment apartment is located in a 11 unit apartment building and is available December 1st. The apartment is within easy walking distance of the DuPont Circle Metro and the shops and restaurants of DuPont Circle and Adams Morgan.

The apartment offers the following:

* Private rear patio
* Newly renovated bathroom with tub
* Newly renovated kitchen with maple cabinets, cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator
* Convenient On-Site Laundry Facilities
* The building is professionally managed by FitzGerald Properties

The security deposit is only $500”

$1350 sound right?

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  • It’s Dupont, not DuPont. When are people going to learn?

  • Did they take the photos at night or something?? The space looks VERY dark.

    Is it just my imagination, or is the refrigerator turned 90 degrees from the direction you’d expect it to be turned? It looks like the coils at the back must face the main part of the kitchen area.

  • Looks like an English basement unit. Even so, that’s not a bad price for the location. And as far as Dupont Circle studios go this one looks downright spacious.

  • I would stay away from FitzGerald properties. As property managers go, they are extremely unpleasant to interact with. They will make you fight to get any issues in your apartment addressed.

    I think they specialize in offering cheaper housing in great locations. I am not sure the hidden costs are worth the trouble.

  • no oven? no thanks.

  • Small, dark basement, half a kitchen. You can do better, even at that location.

  • I live in one of their properties (not this one) and get things fixed….the only thing is they dont care about the rats in dupont that burrow into their buildings walls. Other than the the rest is unbeatable and the rats never make it all the way in 🙂

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