FOX’s MasterChef with Gordon Ramsey is holding casting calls this Saturday, November 12

Photo by Flickr user jo-h

From a Master Chef:

Saturday, November 12, 2011
Trinity Washington University
125 Michigan Ave Northeast
Washington DC 20017
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM”

Anyone gonna try out?

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  • I want to, but I’m not sure what to make and I’m too shy to be on TV…!

  • That guy is such a jerk, I can’t even watch his shows. I am sure if I were on one with him , I end up popping him in his nose.

  • andy

    F***ing F*****ing **********************ing NO. Who wants to deal with such a *******************************???

  • I really don’t get the appeal of his style and his shows. The people on Hell’s Kitchen are good examples of who you DO NOT want working for you at your restaurant.

  • I’m going to give it a shot.

  • Ah yes, it has always been my dream to be belittled, berated, and judged as worthless by a short-tempered, abusive, and foul-mouthed boss.

  • agree with you that he’s a dick but he’s an entertainer… and a very successful one (great chef too by the way… seriously — ate at one of his restaurants once and it was amazing).

    His show “F Word” is actually quite good I suggest you all give it a look.

  • i’m coming to the try-out with my nouveau cuisine dish, Boiled Eggs Three Ways – Whole, Halved, and Quartered. can’t wait to see the amazed look on his face!

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