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  • Curious combination, especially since Vida offers tanning right next door. I guess there is a dearth of tanning in the neighborhood?

    • I think the difference is this is spray tan. A number of fair-skinned people can’t use conventional tanning booths.

      Either way, glad to see the space filled!

  • Seriously fearing the removal of the green roof :(. I really don’t understand tanning salons, either. Well, I understand them, but I think they’re awful. Nothing can be as terrible as that three story “fitness” place that opened on U Street, though.

  • This is the funniest thing I have EVER heard! Tanning…antique curiosities…rare finds? What will they sell? Picture of Angela Davis in Malcolm X park?

  • I think it’s awesome!!!
    People love to tan and Fit to be Tan is custom organic AIRBRUSH tanning. So for those who love tanning, it works. Especially people who have battled skin cancer, they love it b/c it’s not harmful and they can still get a glow!
    Plus, Paul is immensely talented and I think it’s great he’s sharing his passion and his skills all in one place. 🙂

  • Great idea! My wife drives all the way to VA to get an airbrush tan, now she will be able to walk down the street. Glad to see the district catching on to the sunless tanning craze instead of those horrible cancer-beds!

  • Tanning beds cause skin cancer and then you die.

  • sounds like a very eclectic place.

  • Or you could just, like, embrace your natural skin color?

    (Sorry, I know, I am the worst).

  • Regardless of your feelings on being “tan” there are always going to be people who want to look good. For some, being tan makes them feel good. So what if Vida offers tanning, this business isn’t trying to compete with their tanning services. I personally still enjoy the actual beds, because I am New Jersey and that is what we do, however, I will be sure to direct any traffic I can towards our new local business owner.

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