Filene’s Going Out of Business Sales Start

We talked a little bit about Filene’s stores closing when we spoke about TJ Maxx coming to 13th and F St, NW. I just noticed that the Filene’s at 1133 Connecticut Ave, NW (pictured above) is now listing going out of business sales. (There were guys with signs up and down Connecticut Ave on Sat.) Filene’s is also located at 529 14th Street NW in the National Press Building and 5300 Wisconsin Ave, NW in Friendship Heights. If anyone stopped by – how are the sales?

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  • I went into the one on Connecticut today on my lunch break today to grab some work shirts…looks like people gobbled up a lot of the stuff over the weekend!

  • Not a hugely great sale, actually. The prices were only so-so. Lots of XXL stuff…

  • I’ve been stalking the Filene’s sale for the past week or so. The women’s petite section is mostly at 20% off. Their Black Friday sale was non-existent. Anyone know when they’re officially closing? Is January still a possibility?

  • Syms out in the burbs have the same owner, and their going out of business signs went up today as well

  • given that they never have my size anyway I don’t think I’ll be hitting this up. if you’re an XL or higher christmas just came early though!

  • I tried to get good deals the last time they went out of business, too…nothing good.

  • Was at the one in Friendship Heights the weekend before last. Found a pair of shoes originally priced at $1,000 selling at Filenes for $83! I tried them on and all of the bones and tendons in my foot wanted to snap. Selling them to ebay for a profit didn’t look promising. But I will miss Filenes! I always got great work dresses there.

  • I will miss Filene’s. Between that the temporary shutdown of the stinky Safeway my shopping life is going to be a lot more inconvenient.

  • The sales are not that good. 10-30% off most stuff in the store. For a store that is going out of business I expected a little better. Maybe closer to the time they actually shut the doors the sales will ramp up.

  • christanel

    Recommendations on where I can get my discount Tahari fix once Filene’s closes down?

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