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  • I think she’s still alive. She’s been in the news as of a few months ago, and I don’t see any stories about her passing. Either way, she does sound like a bad ass!

  • Didn’t she used to have her resume etched in stone there too?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yeah, I showed that section before (I think this one is new) and was hoping to link to the resume but I couldn’t find it in my archives. It is notable because it has a third and fourth divorce added into the lines. Then there is a quote about power being more important than love… Next time I go back I’ll take more photos.

      • The funniest thing here is how frequently you can’t find things in your own archive but your members can : )

        I wonder if you just don’t bother looking, kick back with your glass of wine and wait for a user to research it for you……………..

        actually that is a pretty good strategy : )

  • claire

    I remember seeing this when I was wandering the Rock Creek cemetery – it’s fascinating the amount that she’s had etched in there (I think it’s actually three side by side stones even), including, as the Prince mentioned, added lines about more recent marriages and divorces (if I recall correctly, it looks like it originally read “Divorced twice, no children” and then underneath, an addition in small letters “Divorced a third time 19xx” and underneath that “Divorced a fourth time 19xx”). I wonder what her motivation was for it!

  • And a good lesson to all these lame “Occupy-ers” – on how to actually be effective. Instead of camping in a park illegally – get your ass one share of some stock in one of these companies and show up at a meeting. A little research and a few minutes on a mic would be much more productive.

    • Well, it helps to have had 4 marriages to relatively wealthy people so that you can support yourself in a lovely Watergate apartment while you crusade for corporate justice.

      I’m not trying to dis Ms. Davis; in fact, I think she’s a great American. But you saying the OWS crowd should just buy stocks and use that as a means to harrangue corporations is a bit myopic.

  • Novice – you only need o e share to attend a meeting – And 50 ppl can pitch in x$ to make up that share. Not to mention the OWS Has so
    E substantial funds.totally doable

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