Easy to Overlook Awesomeness Vol. 17: Cleveland Park Bridge Lights

I’ve been in love with these lights for nearly 15 years. But every time I walk past them I still gotta stop and admire them. I’m fairly certain these are the coolest bridge lights in the city. They’re on Connecticut Avenue just south of Macomb Street.

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  • The apartment building right there (Called The Kennedy-Warren, I think?) compliments them very well.

    • And speaking off Apartment Buildings, I think that could be a kind of interesting photo series you could run: Cool fronts of Apartment buildings in the city. There are a lot of pretty cool, stately, early-1900s ones.

  • They completely refurbished that bridge a few years ago. I think they spent well over a year on it. I think it could use a good pressure washing right about now, but other than that it looks great.

  • “Easy to Overlook Awesomeness” made me LOL.

  • I always thought this bridge was called the Klingle Valley Bridge.

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