Drilling Tennis and Golf Closing Downtown after 36 Years

Drilling Tennis and Golf is located at 1040 17th St, NW (just north of K St.) For those who play tennis and/or golf – these are some of the nicest folks I’ve met. Very sad to see them go after so many years. I was told that they couldn’t renegotiate a new lease. You can visit their sister store in Rockville at 1701 Rockville Pike (301-230-9195) The 17th St, NW location will remain open for a few more weeks while the remaining inventory is sold.

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  • NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • Another food place most likely will replace, perhaps serving small plates.

  • I used to work in that building and hear from my former colleagues that the building is up for major renovation or may even be demolished to make room for a new one. Unconfirmed of course.

  • Bummer – I bought their groupon back in July and hadn’t had a chance to redeem it yet….

    • I emailed Groupon and got this response – PoP, who’s your source? I asked if maybe they talked to the Rockville store and the DC store is in fact closing, but no word yet.

      Hi Molly,

      Sorry for any trouble. We’ve been in contact with the business and they are not closing. In fact, we are in talks to feature another deal with them in the near future. I hope this clears up any confusion.


      Eric S.
      Groupon Customer Support

  • This totally sucks. They were fantastic and their stringing was the best. I have no idea where to go now inside the district.

  • This sucks. I work 2 blocks from there and break my strings about once a week during the summer when I’m playing frequently and maybe once every two weeks during the winter. Guess I gotta find somebody else to string them or buy my own stringing machine. Anybody want to string my rackets?

  • They’ve always had a sign “testing lane on premises.” I’ve wondered for YEARS, what does that mean? Secret underground tennis court?

    • You’re actually right. Went down there once to try some golf clubs…when set up for golf, it’s essentially an indoor driving range (1 lane) with a net.

  • Drilling was awesome, they really knew their tennis stuff. As a former pro and coach, I really do not recommend getting your sticks strung at City sports, they don’t know what they are doing and charge way too much. Your best bet is to buy whole reels of cheap string online and then find a local pro to string your rackets. You shouldn’t pay more than 20 if you have your own string. And most coaches know how to string and usually do it on the side for extra cash, if they’re worth their spit.

  • Makes no difference to you POP.

  • I don’t golf or play tennis, but it saddens me that another useful and somewhat unique store is leaving downtown. Sure you can go to Rockville for their sister store, and sure something else will open in this space- something (coffee shop, card shop, etc) like nine others just like it nearby … but it’s all just one more move towards total blandification and one less reason to come downtown to shop, if you aren’t there already. I know, I know, I sound like my grandfather, but…. it’s true.

  • The stringer at Drilling is Scott Nilsen. Find him on Facebook. He is the best stringer around, bar none. He has strung for the Washington Kastles every year since their incarnation and he’s strung for the US Open.

    I bet that if you contact him on Facebook, he’ll make an effort to string your racket. He’s that kind of a professional guy.

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