Dear PoPville – vegetarian/vegan stores?

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“Dear PoPville,

A friend of mine is moving to DC and has asked me about vegetarian or vegan stores in DC. He lives in Boston and I guess there are a couple of small shops there that he frequents and wonders if there are such places in DC or surrounding areas. I am clueless and wanted to ask if you knew of a couple of vegan/vegetarian stores (Wholefoods excluded). Thank you in advance for your help.”

You should def. check out Sticky Fingers located at 1370 Park Rd NW in Columbia Heights. There is also Everlasting Life, located at 2928 Georgia Ave, NW. There is also Java Green ( for now) and Cafe Green. And Soul Vegetarian of course. Can you guys think of others spots?

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  • Oh, boy. This comment section should be kind and respecting to this inquiry.

  • There is Pangea in Rockville that is a vegan store. Trader Joe’s is good too. They even have lists on their website of vegan and vegetarian foods.

  • DC doesn’t really have any vegan co-ops (to my knowledge FWIW. Even the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op has been selling meat for years. In the District you’re better off with veggie/vegan friendly stores, like Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Yes Organic, especially WF for expansive selection and TJs for quality/value. The TPSS Coop is very good if you want additional options (not far across the DC line), as are the Freshfarms farmers markets for produce (Dupont is year round too)

    Given the paucity of strictly vegan outlets, you’re better off just sucking it up and buying from places that sell meat. Even in a vegan coop, there are plenty of products that don’t particularly interest me.

  • I second the Sticky Fingers rec. SO GOOD!

  • Along with being a bakery/cafe, Sticky Fingers also does sell some vegan meat and cheese substitute things, and I think to-go meal items.

    Yep, I am an omnivore who actually very much enjoys a lot of vegan foods!

  • The Glut Food Coop in Mt. Rainier, MD is vegetarian. And it’s right next door to the vegan bakery and cafe Sweet and Natural.

  • Speaking of Vegan,

    I wonder what happened to that couple on H Street that was trying to rent out a groupshare house (with them living in it) that was specifically for vegans (or it might have just been super strict veggies, I don’t remember).

    I do remember they were asking a mint, which a few said they would easily get, but most said would be difficult due to the small number of people willing to abide by the strict kitchen rules.

    I say its either still for rent, or they had to lower the price substantially.

  • If your friend will have a car, I do all my grocery shopping at MOMs (My Organic Market) in Alexandria. The company seems to really put thought into everything; compostable produce bags, bulk spice bins, ability to bring your own containers and weigh before hand, starting a fund to offset carbon emissions of your drive over (asked zip code at check out), 100% organic produce, 100% wind power…. There is a small meat section though, so if the point was to avoid that entirly, I am not sure if that would work. But it serves my vegetarian needs extremely well!

  • Cafe Collage on 13th and T is a great spot for veggie/vegan dishes and coffee, plus the women who work there are absolute sweethearts and always remember regular customers. They also have free wifi and comfy couches.

  • I go to TPSS. They have the best tofu. I forget the brand name but it’s the one that they sell in bulk. If there is anything that you are looking for just go there and if they don’t have it then they will order it for you. They are great. It’s also small enough that it’s quick to get in and out of.

  • Just curious– why would you need a specialized vegetarian grocery store? I cook strictly vegetarian and have never needed anything the regular grocery store didn’t carry. I guess I can see if you’re vegan and have a particular fake cheese that you like, but it’s better to just eat natural foods anyway.

  • You/your friend might check this out.

  • Does no one know about Yes! …?

  • I usually just get everything from Trader Joes. Whole Foods is too expensive and overwhelms me. TJ’s is small and has everything I like/need. It gets crowded but that’s not really a huge issue for me..

    Aside from that all of the local farmer’s markets are great. Lots of veggies and fruits when they’re in season.

  • Word to Glut and Sweet & Natural in Mt. Rainier. Glut has excellent prices and the place definitely has character. I love it.

    The biggest thing to tell your friend is that Pangea ( is in Rockville, very Metro accessible, and is open to the public on weekends.

    Other than that, if your friend is vegan (rather than vegetarian) let him know that vegan pizza can be found in just about every sector of the city and the Ethiopian population here means you can eat veg quite late into the night.

    Oh yeah besides your typically mentioned veg stuff (Sticky Fingers, Everlasting Life, Soul Veg, etc.) Amsterdam Falafel is a must stop for most veg*ns visiting here.

  • I LOVE Souper Girl in Takoma Park- most or all is Vegan!

  • We were supposed to talk about grocery stores but since people have strayed — I was impressed with all the tofu pizza topping options they have at the new Mellow Mushroom. Meridian Pint & the Heights have lots of vegan options these days too.

  • Carbon Shoes in Woodley Park are expanding their vegan shoes- they’re even attractive!

  • Soupergirl is actually all vegan – sides, salads, breads, and desserts, etc.

  • The Highlands on 14th St in 16th St Heights has a vegan menu on the weekends (or at least they used to a few months ago). Haven’t had their vegan food, but I like their non-veg food and coffee.

  • I agree with the poster who suggested It lists grocery stores and restaurants that are veg and veg-friendly.

    I happen to like Whole Foods, as it’s rather convenient for me, but Trader Joe’s has some neat specialty stuff and really good prices. Not a big fan of Yes!, as the stuff I get there I can usually get at another store for a better price.

    If your friend has a car and doesn’t mind a drive, Roots Market (in Olney and Clarksville) is pretty good. If he goes up to Clarksville, he’s got to check out Great Sage, a really nice vegan restaurant. Sadly, I don’t drive, so my trips up there are too rare.

    While all these grocery stores do sell meat, they have excellent options for veg*ans.

    Most of Pangea’s ( business is online, but they do open their tiny storefront on weekends. It’s behind the Twinbrook Metro station.

    Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats in Columbia Heights is primarily a bakery/cafe, but if you want a cake for a special occasion or are in the area, you can get a few items.

    If you have questions, you can contact the Vegetarian Society of DC ([email protected])or Compassion Over Killing ([email protected]) for more information.

  • I get some of the hate on WF here, but as a committed vegetarian I’m not sure I entirely get it. The bulk section alone is vastly superior to other outlets in terms of freshness and breadth of products (ie I’ve never found larvae or moths in any of their products). I get pretty much all of my whole grains and legumes there and I haven’t found anything close on this front. Even TPSS Coop, which I really like despite the distance, doesn’t provide as wide a range or as bulk products of the same quality as WF.

  • brookland cafe, while not a strict veg-only restaurant, also has many vegan options on it’s menu:

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