Dear PoPville – Have Folks Moved into the building at 4th and Florida Ave, NW?

“Dear PoPville,

Apologies for the terrible picture, I was stopped at a red light, in the dark, at a distance. This is the property right at 4th & Florida NW, just off Rhode Island Ave that was recently renovated, but then nothing happened to it for the last 18 plus months, give or take. It’s kind of a neat property on a triangle corner that I’ve always thought had a lot of potential. Last night (Thurs Nov 17) I saw lights on on the second floor and bodies moving around. I walk or drive by that property every day and cannot ever recall seeing movement or lights on since the renovation was done. Do you or readers have any idea what might be happening to with that place? From what I could tell in my brief 34 seconds to get a glimpse that second floor was just white walls and empty space, nothing fancy.”

Anyone know if folks have started moving in? You can see what it looked like when the scaffolding came down in March 2010 here.

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  • i live across the street… ive seen some people in the upstairs, for about two months, which has a separate entrance from the downstairs,…the downstairs isnt renovated, the permit on the window is just for re-doing the windows and doors..

  • I know I’m late to this post…I live in LeDroit and read in the n’hood blog that the building sold out in less than a month. I assume most have moved in.

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