Dear PoPville – Cacao Closed in Cleveland Park?

“Dear PoPville,

Have you received any news on Cacao in Cleveland Park possibly closing? I was in the area running errands and was looking forward to some mediocre macarons but when I arrived at the shop it was completely dark and almost bare. I was just curious if you knew anything about their situation.”

Back in July ’10 the Cacao chocolate shop announced it was coming to the old Cold Stone Creamery space at at 3508 Connecticut Ave, NW in Cleveland Park. The store has been closed for a couple of weeks now and there was some chatter on the CP listserv that they were just gonna replace some kitchen equipment. However, keeping my eye on the space the last couple of weeks, I’m thinking that is not very likely. They’ve removed everything from the shop (see photo below) and also removed the menu from their front window. Additionally their Web site has been taken down “to perform site maintenance”. But maybe that’s a good sign that the Web site has not disappeared completely. I’ve sent an inquiry to try and get more info.

Were there any fans?

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  • I hadn’t been in there since it was still Cold Stone Creamery.

  • The Cleveland Park listerv addressed this topic a few weeks ago. At that time, the owner was telling everyone that they would be reopening. But I’m not so sure, he could just be buying time…

  • Why did they close it I never heard of it, oh wait

  • i don’t know how this placed stayed in business, here or bethesda or wherever else. they basically have an awful selection of shit no one wants.

  • I went there once and had one macaroon while I was waiting for PetCo to open across the street. It was pretty good.

  • Can’t speak for anything else they sold, but their cakes were really delicious and well done.

  • Their selection of chocolate was weird and pretty terrible. I wanted to like it, but really just couldn’t.

  • They used to do this awesome sunday morning baguette and pastry delivery service to some apartment buildings (including mine) in the Cleveland/Woodley Park area. The ordering was all online, and a couple months ago when i did it, it never came, and when I called Cacoa a very french-sounding woman seemed to have no idea what i was talking about. Oh well.

  • I actually loved this place. This is a damn shame- really great products

  • Sandwiches were far too expensive

  • According to the CP listserve as of November 8th, the CP Cacao is closed for kitchen renovations. The Bethesda one is supposedly still operating, just without pastries (that the CP location made for both shops). It’ll be interesting to know whether they are really just buying time or whether this claim is legit.

  • The macaroons were delicious. I got them on a sale, and they weren’t too expensive.

  • That’s a huge bummer. They made excellent pastries and fantastic buches de Noel. One of their $25 sophisticated gorgeous cakes was such a better contribution to a party than a dozen cupcakes.
    Now I feel like an asshole for insisting on redeeming my 2 livingsocial coupons 2 hours apart a few days before they expired rather than driving back across town the next day.

  • i went there for the living social deal. Their pastries were amazing! but their chocolates and hot chocolate not so good

  • Their prices were too high.

  • this place was overpriced and had terrible service! i remember thinking, “they won’t last long” last fall when i tried them out.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From the CP Listserv:

    “As many of you know or speculated, Cacao is indeed closed. They sold the last of their treats over the weekend. Vili wanted us to know that they loved their shop in Cleveland Park. Business was good, although supply delivery and employee reliability problems made for long and exhausting weeks. They just felt they needed to make a change for themselves and are returning to France.

    Leila Afzal
    Commissioner ANC3C05”

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