Dear PoPville – “Beware there is a dog that attacks other dogs viciously.”

Dear PoPville:

“Saw this at the corner of Peabody and 3rd Street, NW. Not sure how much information it conveys, but good to know, I guess…”

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  • The owner of that Dog resides on 4th and Peadbody….. It’s great to see u in our neck of the woods….

    • I snapped this pic while walking my dog on Saturday morning. While I think it’s a good warning, I also think that a description of the dog in question would have been better. What kind of dog was it? Was it off leash? Was the owner around? Did it jump the fence?

  • I know exactly what the sign poster is talking about — my friend’s little dog was attacked and almost killed by that beast. Beware, indeed.

    • I don’t live or take my dog in that neck of the woods, so it’s really not my business, but I hate the owners of these kinds of dogs, who fail canines and humans on just about every level. Given that you and the poster above both seem to know the dog at issue, can I ask if police or Animal Control have been called about this animal?

      • Repeatedly law enforcement has been called to deal with this issue. Apparently, this has been an ongoing issue since 1998 with numerous dogs. The dogs were allowed to roam in an unfenced yard. After more serious issues arose, the yard was fenced and a dangerous dog sign placed on the fence.

  • Given the description, I suspect the mountain lion.

  • How do dogs come into contact with the dog? Is he/she walked off-leash? Roam the neighborhood? Taken to an off-leash area?

  • Please give description of the dog.

  • Y’all need to call humane law enforcement about this troublesome canine.

  • Having delt with the Humane Society of DC/Animal Control on a similar situation (except the dog in my situation entered my property to attack my dog) they said that there is nothing they could do about it except require the owner to have a dog license and vaccines. Due to budget cuts, they don’t have the staff to do anything other than cite the owners.

  • It’s a lady in the neighborhood. She has three dogs. The dogs are walked in the park and sidewalk with out a leash. She’s weirdo…

  • My dog was attacked by the Mastiff at 4th and Peabody about two years ago — the Mastiff was off leash. I reported it, and I believe our incident is why that house now has a fence. I still don’t walk my dogs by there though.

    I hope that this is the dog the sign is referring to, and that there is not another dangerous dog in the area.

  • It’ll illegal to walk dogs off leash, plain and simple, and a dangerous dog (as decided by the city) has additional requirements. If DCAC and 311 won’t do anything, go to your elected official.
    Because it’s only a matter of time before the dog(s) go after a child. Then the Media will be all up in arms about pit bulls and mastiffs being natural killers and all that.

    My parents dog once got attacked by a neighbor’s dog and the cop told them to try to get bit because then the dog gets taken by their district (so when the dog attacked theirs, my dad stuck his hand in, got knocked, and off went the dog). So…if you REALLY want these dogs off the streets, you could “get bitten” by them. Cough cough.

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