DC Scoop Cafe Coming to 1514 U Street, NW

Looks like we’re only a couple weeks away from a new cafe featuring crepes, ice cream (and presumably coffee):

They’ll be located underneath Epiphany Salon and Spa at 1514 U St, NW:

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  • Cool. Delicious. Wonderful. I love crepes and will probably be eating there a lot…
    But please, please hire a professional graphic designer to design a *good* logo for you!

    It’s great that your sister’s kid has a Mac and a copy of Illustrator, but what you have there is just awful!

    • +1

      So many different fonts. The accent on the E in “cafe” is just an apostrophe. And it took me a while before I realized what the picture was (that may be a result of not having had my morning coffee yet, though).

      • And shouldn’t it be crepes, not crepe?

        Folks, the English language is in a state of decline.

        • I wonder if the proprietors are non-native speakers of English.

          A lot of Asian languages don’t clearly distinguish between singular and plural, which is why you see so many nail salons with signs saying “Nail” rather than “Nails.”

        • I’m not debating your point about misspelling, just the irony in criticizing the decline of the English language with the evidence of a misspelled non-English word.

      • And the apostrophe isn’t even pointing in the right direction!

        Apostrophes are not real substitutes for accent marks, but this is even worse.

  • This area of U Street needs more “upscale but quick eats” places. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • I hope they have frozen yogurt. U Scream is gross.

  • I’m pumped! I’d gladly come ditch starbucks for this place on my walk to work.

  • This is wonderful. We were avid customers of U scream until they discontinued their mixings model and treated us extremely rudely one time. We haven’t been back since and are in desperate need of a local ice cream fix when we have late night hankerings.

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