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  • saf

    I love old cemeteries. Which other ones have you visited? Been to Oak Hill or Congressional? Mount Olivet?

    Rock Creek is especially beautiful though.

  • ah

    Is Coffin’s coffin sinking?

  • keep these coming, awesome stuff!

    • Seconded! Love cemeteries that have varied and interesting headstones, tombs, crypts, etc. Cemeteries that only have the plaques in the ground just make a cemetery even more depressing.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I completely agree! I hate the graveyards with just a plaque and maybe a vase of fake flowers. Horribly depressing.

  • Is Ricola buried in the adjoining grave?

  • My middle name is Coffin. It’s an extremely old name stemming from whalers that settled in New England in the mid-1600s. Thanks for sharing this! It’s always special to come across another Coffin family member (even if they are indeed a coffin within a coffin).

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