Mediterranean style Tavern, Central, Coming to 1200 H St, NE

A recent liquor license application says the space at the corner of 12th and H St, NE next to Horace and Dickie’s will become a:

“New Tavern serving Mediterranean style food with 30 seats and occupancy load of 40. Request a sidewalk café with 40 seats. No entertainment.”

Frozen Tropics notes that this comes from the owners of Souk located at 1208 H St, NE.

Any fans of Souk?

I just hope they don’t paint over the mural:

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  • I’m a big fan! I’ve been to Souk twice now and both times everything we’ve been ordered has been in the good to great range. My one complaint is the price of their drinks (which isn’t listed on the menu). When I got the bill that included my $7 Miller Lite bottle I was none too pleased. But will definitely look forward to this new venture!

    • That’s what you get for drinking Miller Lite


      • As luck would have it, the only reason I ordered the Miller Lite was because I didn’t want to spend a lot on a beer and I figured that would be the cheapest drinkable beer.

  • I wonder if it will smell like fried fish inside from being next to H & D?

  • YAY! I love this building and it’s outrageous paint job, and I’ll be so happy to see it used instead of sitting empty.

  • I like Souk. Especially like the improvements they just finished.

  • I sure hope it doesn’t souk 😀

    H Street needed a good Mediterranean restaurant, anyway. I had some of the best food of my life during my tour of Mediterranea in the early 1980s.

  • is this the hookah lounge? where’s the hookah!?

  • This building looks horrible. I hope they paint it.

  • I’ve heard good things about Souk, so would be eager to check this out. But why name a restaurant Central when there’s already a well-known restaurant by that name in DC?

  • I have really enjoyed Souk everytime that I have been as well.

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