Buffalo Exchange Clothing Store Coming to 1314/16 14th St, NW in Logan Circle

Photo courtesy of Streetsense

From a press release:

“Buffalo Exchange, the wildly popular Tucson-based fashion resale store, will open its first store in Washington, D.C. in the first quarter of 2012. Bethesda-based Streetsense’s retail brokerage team represented Buffalo Exchange in leasing a two-level, 4,245 square foot store at 1314 14th Street, N.W. in the heart of the city’s “hip” 14th Street corridor. Streetsense also has been engaged to do the design and interior architecture for the store, which will be its 42nd U.S. location.

Founded in 1974 in Tucson, AZ by Kirsten and Spencer Block, Buffalo Exchange now has 41 operating stores in 15 states. Local customers can buy, sell, and trade clothing and accessories at their neighborhood stores. Each store’s ever-changing inventory includes designer labels, vintage, jeans, leather, current basics, and one-of-a-kind items, as well as brand-new merchandise and accessories.

The Village Voice recently named Buffalo Exchange the best used clothing store in New York City, saying: “We just can’t tear ourselves away from Buffalo Exchange. The resale chain has numerous shops spread across 15 states (if you’re ever in Seattle, that one rocks), and their outposts in the East Village, Williamsburg, and Chelsea are transformative experiences.”

Buffalo Exchange will be located between the Logan 14 Spa and the coming soon The Pig restaurant at 1314 14th St, NW.

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  • Very cool – the one in Seattle does rock (not as great as its neighbor the Red Light).

  • houseintherear

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Fantastic news!

  • This is great news. Some of the best stuff I have bought were from Buffalo Exchange when I used to live in Seattle.

  • Yay, another expensive store with ugly clothes for anorexics!

    • It is not expensive. It is a second hand store. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as inexpensive as the Good Will, but you can get great stuff at bargain prices.

      • austindc

        Agreed, the prices are usually pretty damn good. I got a $120 shirt there for $13. It’s my favorite shirt now.

      • Yeah, it’s pretty great, nice stuff at nice prices instead of ridiculously expensive like every “vintage” store I see…

  • Agreed! Where’s the all the big and tall stores for obese locals?

  • I looked up Buffalo Exchange on Urban Dictionary, hoping to find a poop joke, but no luck. Cleveland Exchange, though, is another story.

  • Awesome news! I used to buy/sell clothes all the time at the Austin one where I grew up. I imagine it will do quite well in a city with as many young folks as DC.

  • This is fantastic news, I’ve been looking for a good secondhand store for a while. This will fill the huge gap between the sweatpants and ragged undershirts of Salvation Army and the $800 cocktail dresses from 1962 at every other secondhand store in DC.

    • YES! I hate that all consignment stores in DC are ridiculously expensive. I have laughed out loud at some of the prices.

  • The rent has to be high, how can they make money?

    • houseintherear

      All of their stores are in hot/expensive areas. The amount of foot traffic they get pays for the high rent.

  • All you whining fatties, truck on over to my neighborhood!! Over here at Hechinger Mall we have several large lady stores and a new Ross! Take the X2 – aka X deuce. For the fat fellas – we have two Big n Talls on H Street – big people come to the Atlas District!!!

  • How do I contact them to consign my designer duds? I have boxes and boxes of shoes, bags, and designer suits that I would very much like to sell rather than give away. Of course, they are size 2 and 4, but many of them are knits, which fit nearly everyone.

    • I’ve done this in the past at another of their stores. You just bring in the stuff and they will tell you if they will take it or not and how much they will give you from them. If they do not think they can sell them though, they will not buy them.

    • How it works is explained under “How It Works” on the linked Buffalo Exchange website.

    • If you’re stuff is actually designer, you may have better luck going to a consignment store like Secondi where you actually make your profit based on what your clothes sell for. My experience with Buffalo is they totally underbid your or reject your clothes (with the assumption you’ll just donate them instead). Also, once you sell them your stuff you have an option to get full price in store credit or 2/3 in cash.

      IMO, it’s an awesome store for buyers, but not so great for sellers.

  • It is a start. I wish it was a Crossroads Trading Company though.


  • So excited!!

  • LOVE this place. I lost my favorite THEY LOVE ME IN EUROPE t-shirt years ago. Maybe I can find one like it again.

  • core787

    I always go to their stores in NYC.. I’m glad they’ll be here now.

  • Only been to the one in Philly, but I am MEGA SUPER EXCITED about this.

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