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  • They expect people to pay $1.1M to live half a block from the projects on R St? Good luck!

    • you’ve gotta be some kinda ignoramus if you think these won’t sell like hotcakes. hotcakes!

    • If these condos were on the opposite side of the projects from 14th St (i.e. on R between 13th and 14th), I would probably think twice about living there. However these condos are across 14th. Even a couple hundred feet makes a pretty big difference. Even so, facing 14th street is probably not my ideal residential location, but I’m sure a lot of people will try to buy there.

  • I hope they feature quintuple-pane glass (sarcasm)

    They: Sell you a $1.1M condo

    You: Get shot

    • Patrick,
      You’re an idiot. Downtown DC is one of the few places in the country that’s doing well. Not to mention 14th & R isn’t dangerous. Move back to West Virginia if you have no tolerance for city living. Buy a mcmansion in the burbs, depreciate 30%, shoot yourself. Damn, now I’m a jackass too.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        *smashing my head against a wall* disagree, disagree with gusto – but no personal insults. Thank you. *smashing my head against a wall*

      • Agree with PoP. And I would like to add that you couldn’t pay me to live on that block. I live in the neighborhood and love everything about it except for the 1400 block of R Street. I’ve had one too many bad experiences there.

  • Eh, I say thumbs sideways. Don’t love it, don’t hate it.

  • I hope at that price it includes a bullet proof vest…

  • Are these going to obscure the AYT sign/mural? (unclear if they’ll be set back that deep from 14th st. I’m willing to bet not)

    I’ve always loved their sign.

  • It’s not really saying much. It’s in line with pretty much all the other new architecture around it, but nothing highly enticing. Will look at the 300s apartments, though, but I fear they’d be 100 square foot studios.

    • I think I’d prefer an actual balcony, rather than that bay window on 14th. That would make it standout.

    • When I was looking to buy in/around the neighborhood 2 months back, I looked into the new developments – just to get a sense as to if it’d be worth waiting. The woman I spoke with about the Aston was super friendly – tho did mention these units were probably going to skew small though, and more studios / jr 1br’s than otherwise.

      Might be worth buying as an investment to then rent out – but not what I was looking for as a place to live, even as a starter.

  • I like it. It looks like they attempted to use similar sizing and styling on the R Street side to blend in with the existing neighborhood/Wardman buildings. The facade appears to use stone like material ‘similar’ to surrounding buildings: Verizon, Central Union Mission and AYT.

    Im anxious to see what the designs will be for Central Union Mission and AYT when they are redeveloped.

  • Who are these people that think that you are going to be SHOT at the corner of 14th and R?!?! Are you kidding me? 14th between The Thomas Circle and Florida is a perfectly safe area. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, furniture stores, boutique stores, and people walking around all day and night. How is this area unsafe AT ALL and more to the point, how does one think they are going to get SHOT!

    *bangs head on table*

    And 1.1 million for a condo is not insane in this city! I mean seriously. Do you people live in Ashburn and read this blog cause you work in the city? Do you actually live in the city? I just can’t believe it and it sounds so absurd that I think these people are just saying that as a joke. It is nearly impossible to find a non-basement condo in the Dupont/Logan/U St area for under 400K.

    Also, I agree with the above poster that said these bad boys are gonna sell like hotcakes.

  • for a big condo building on 14th, at least it doesn’t look exactly like all the other big condo buildings on 14th.

  • Fugly.

    As for all the “you’re going to be shot” comments and all the people lashing out about moving to the burbs…this block has a history. By no means does this mean the “you’ll be shot” crowd is correct, but some people must have short memories or not be regular readers…



  • I know there was some violence in the area. There is violence all over the place. Remember the shooting and eventual car wreck at a funeral a little over a year ago ON Ust? They are isolated incidents like that ALL over the city. I don’t see anyone saying people buying a 1.1 million dollar condo in Georgetown are going to get shot. Or Cleveland Park.

  • Awful, (tears) it’s the same crap going up everywhere in the world, the built environment is hopeless… why do we settle for mediocrity?

    Well, it’s better than an empty lot I guess…

  • when the number of millionaires exceeds the number of gangsters the 1400 Blk of R Street will change very quickly. Just look at the area compared to the 80’s, 90’s, 00s’. It’s day and night already and headed in a safer direction.

    • Except it won’t. If you read the City Paper story about the public housing on that block, you’ll see it’s there to stay for the foreseeable future.

      • except, that millionaires “snich” when they see crimes happening. I didn’t say low income people would go away but that gangsters would go away. there is a difference.

        and yes the building is lame and uninspiring.

        • I honestly hope you’re right. That neighborhood has great restaurants, bars, & retail and it should flourish, generally. But I’m skeptical that that block will change anytime soon. I’m sure most of the occupants of that housing are nice, law-abiding people, but clearly there are some serious troublemakers as well.

        • Everyone “sniches”. The myth of stop snitching is simply that a myth. DC jail is full of snitches and confidential informants. The law abiding people report crimes to the police, not just millionaires.

  • I’d have to agree with the “thumbs-down” crowd on this one. While new construction is certainly welcome on that block, the aesthetic is tired and not at all interesting. I’m sure the condos will be nice (but small). I’d have to reserve judgment about pricing until I saw a finished unit, but the 1.1 million dollar units better be pretty amazing for someone to spend that much to live on a block with crime problems.

  • Critics about the Ballston-ization of the 14th St. corridor will have further ammunition with this building. Not ugly, not good — another nondescript building. As far as the crime around the corner, it’s around the corner. I never walk on the south side of the 1400 block of R Street and lately have avoided the north side as well. But I don’t avoid the 1600 or 1700 blocks of 14th Street — nor do the many customers of Pearl Dive, Cork Wine Bar, Peregrine et al.

  • tonyr

    I’d be interested more in the Verizon conversions (across the road). Any one have any idea when there’ll be more details and prices? It’s not an architectural masterpiece, but I suspect that it’ll look more interesting. Of course I’m not about to buy a place there, or anywhere, anytime soon. So there.

  • These 14th St developers are FUCKED. Greed will destroy you all!

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