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  • What?! Too dense?! How dare you question the mission of these friendly, effusive readily mixing Ethopians, who’ve taken the august mantle of ghetto entrepreneurs from Koreans, thence from Jews & Greeks, to aptly serve the long time, non yuppie or hipster denizens of Georgia Ave with spirits? And how dare you deny these denizens their right to buy liquor in brown paper bags and get plastered as a tonic and escape?

    That’s just racist on so many levels! For shame! And unAmerican. We need to tell Sean Hannity! And anti-economic development! We need to tell Neil Cavuto!


    [When the local pols get their palms greased by Ethiopian lobbying money, I’m sure this will all settle out…]

    • Hi, I am helping lead the protest against Kings Deli and Grocery and have also written a letter of protest on this one as well. The ANC voted 9-1 against Kings Deli and will likely do the same for this new application – not that the ANC can stop the ABC board from approving either of these locations. It certainly does not help their cause though.

  • I have a soft spot for this place. There was a shooting inside this store about 3 or 4 years ago. The victim was shot in the head, right in front of the woman who owns the store with her husband. If I remember correctly, their young child might have been inside the cashier’s booth, too. I sat on the jury that heard the trial and, after seeing the surveillance video of the shooting, am willing to give a break to the person who had to see that in real time. Let them make a few extra bucks; they put up with a lot of risk.

  • Check out the map indicating current Class A and B liquor licenses. Definitely no need for more in the neighborhood IMO


  • I can see that store from my balcony. Absolutely no need at all for them to have a liquor license. None. It will obviously not be a proper liquor store but another Mad Dog dispensary just like in front of Safeway. It will create an additional negative attraction. I hope the application is denied. It’s just asking for more people to get shot in the head…

  • Yah more trash on the street and drunks hanging out on the sidewalk! God forbid somebody has to walk across the street to get a new tallboy.

  • weird name for a liquor store…translation = “God is here Market”…hmmm

  • The ANC Commissioner for this area put forward a protest against King Deli’s application for a liquor license.

    I hope the same happens with this one. This block of stores is trashy enough (both literally and figuratively) as it is; adding liquor will only make it trashier.

  • Apparently I’m in the minority among PoP readers, but I would really really appreciate a full-service liquor store by the metro! I know Lion’s is renovating and will hopefully reopen soon, but even so, as someone who lives north of the metro, it would be really nice to be able to pick up a bottle of hard alcohol on my way home without detouring south.

  • Good luck. I tried fighting the liquor store on Sherman. Boy did we under-estimate the corruption of the Liquor Board.

    You don’t stand a chance in Hell. All they care about is more money from more liquor licenses. Let’s face it, D.C. must stand for drunk citizens since we care more about liquor stores here than providing increased police presence or better schools.

  • I had no idea “Ethiopian Products” included snacks, hotdogs, cigarettes, sodas, pre-paid phones, phone cards, ebt, credit and debit cards. Coffee, yes. As for the others, well, you learn something new everyday.

  • Normally when I see the opposition to liquor stores here, I imagine some hatchet-wielding bluestockings foaming at the mouth to save the children from the sight of iniquity. But the idea of yet another one in this strip is kind of ridiculous at this point. There’s a great need for other kinds of retail in the area, a hardware store or clothing store, perhaps.

    • There is a hardware store. On that block, in fact, right next to the wig shop. Too bad it’s never open.

      • That whole row of stores is a joke. Great location but nothing worth buying for a whole block.

        • That hardware store is actually functioning? From the outside it looks like it hasn’t opened in decades.

      • That hardware store must be a front for something. It has products on the shelves that are dated from the early 80’s. They do charge outrageous sums for their lock and key service so maybe that’s enough to get them by.

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