A Few More Details About Komi Expansion

Yesterday I noted the Komi expansion looked nearly completed at 1511 17th St, NW. Turns out it is completed. A reader attended some preview events and shares a few details:

“I ate here last week. It’s called Little Saroh? Little Serah? Not quite sure of the spelling.

It’s a thai pre-fixe menu for $45. Walk ins only.”

In an email they shared some more details:

“6-7 course meals that change often (3-4 weeks or so). Kat Bangs from Komi is also doing the wine list there. No full bar, just beer and wine. I think the official opening is slated for the end of this week.

I don’t remember the names of the dishes, but they’re served family style, seating for 35 or so people….

Same quality you expect from Komi, served family style.”

More info when it becomes available.

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  • claire

    I love Thai food so I’m excited to check this out when it opens!

  • KOMI has a cap at 4 people per reservation. Same story for the Thai place? Doesn’t seem to be a place for communal dining.

  • I hope it’s good.

    The old Dunkin Donuts had a serious problem with their trash, which attracted rats. The lower-level entrance had an overwhelming smell of rat urine, ugh! Komi better fix that otherwise their new restaruant is doomed as well.

    • Agreed. That whole block of 17th street has rats. I’m sure that KOMI already deals with that issue. Not that it makes the situation any less gross.

  • Don’t think they have to worry about the stink…people call a month in advance and would step over a dead body to eat at Komi, I expect lines forming at this new expansion…figure it will be like the bistro part of Chez Panisse.

  • Just had dinner here tonight. Little Serow- it was fantastic. Small plates for sharing- there were 2 tops and 4 tops, and a bar that I think seats about 10 people. Same fantastic service as at Komi, but a much more relaxed vibe to the place. Deliciously spicy food mixed with more mild dishes, and a solid wine/beer list that pairs well with the Thai food. I believe the owners said that walk-ins would start at the end of this week, after the soft opening was through, allowing them to work any little kinks out.

    They pay great attention to detail at Komi and it’s the same quality at the new place.

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