3 Shot, 3 Stabbed in Dupont Circle 2:45am

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@DCPolicedept tweeted last night:

“Shooting/Stabbing / 1300 blk of Connecticut Avenue NW / L/O for 2 B/M’s (1) wearing a red shirt and gray vest (2) wearing gray shirt //6559”

NBC Washington reports:

“One person is dead and five others were injured after an incident in Dupont Circle resulted in multiple shootings and stabbings.

The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that three adult males were shot and three other people were stabbed in the 1300 block of Connecticut Avenue. The incident reportedly happened at around 2:45 a.m. Sunday.”

@dcfireems tweets at 10am:

“MPD reports that 1300 block of Conn. Ave., NW will be closed, DuPont Circle to N St., NW until further notice. Crime scene investigation.”


“The following information is provided by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Public Information Office:

Around 2:30 AM there was a fight that began inside of the Heritage Club in the 1300 block of Conn. Ave, NW. Several patrons were involved in the fight which then spilled out onto the sidewalk. After the fight moved outside, three adult males were shot, one of which later died of his wounds. During the incident, a total of three people were stabbed and three others shot. One of the stabbing victims was found inside the establishment. All of the victims were adult males and all are currently receiving medical treatment. All of the victims involved reside in Maryland. Since it is still very early in the investigation this information is preliminary and may change as the investigation continues.”

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    • Listen its just the same story over and over in DC. Same people same crap

      • Yep. Thinking I’ve had enough after 18 years.

        • Tired of seeing violence statistics plummet?

          • Kev’s right. These kinds of headlines used to be about 4-6 times PER WEEK when I was watching Morris Jones give the crime round up at 10PM — different decade. If it seems freakish that our President would be book shopping at Kramer’s during the day and then open-air blood-letting a few blocks away and a few hours later, that is because it is freakish.

          • Yep, seems to be more folks moving in than out. More gentrification = less knuckle headry, though still won’t offset rise in population of aimless young latin men who also frequent clubs. Heritage India sounds like same owners of Ascot, who rent out the place for parties. well, here’s your result. The danger for regular people, nevertheless, is the stray round. Otherwise, I wouldn’t care.

          • You know, I’ve had just about enough of the bigoted generalizations around here. Any reply that so much as HINTS at the color of someone’s skin is quickly deleted around here on most occasions, yet profchris somehow gets a pass? As a young “latin” man, I take great offense to this comment, especially when coming from someone who has a history of race-baiting on this website.

          • Agreed, Mike. And not that it should matter – but in this case it was a group of black men. So where did the idea about aimless young latin men come from? Not that I ever hear about latinos mugging folks in DC, anyway. Oh right, that’s because we’re too busy WORKING.

  • Idiot related?

  • This brings the total to 11 shot/stabbed/killed over the long-holiday weekend. Looks like we only had to go one holiday to top DC’s 6 shootings on Halloween.

    Yeah, progress has been made since the early-90s, but lets face it crime in the city is an absolute disgrace.

    Can we just fire Gray, disband the council, and contract out city governance to Bloomberg/NYPD.

    Yes, progress has been made since the early-90s, but lets face it bsolute disgrace. this city is an a

    • Tim, please leave DC, if you actually live in the District. We don’t want Bloomberg or NYPD here. Sheeesh.

      • What a joke. You want to bring Bloomberg and the NYPD here. That is laughable! Feel free to move to NY if you want to deal with those clowns.

        • read between the lines people! tim is expressing frustration over crime. obviously no one is bring bloomberg or nypd here. it’s not Us vs Each Other. Its Us vs Criminals.

          i’d rather have tim here than someone that would stab and shot another person.

        • What’s wrong with NYPD? They did a much better job in rooting out violent crimes. I did not move because NYC is a “realized” city and DC is still “realizing”. To realize it, we need to take care of the thugs.

          • or rather you leave. continue buying in dc and praying that our “police force” pulls more ‘dwbs’ and this city turns into a police state. i understand that i am being less than articulate but REALIZE that the police are nothing more than thugs with a badge. i know more than 5 crooked cops who protect certain thugs, big time ones, so drop it.

    • Clearly there is no manifesto urging don’t shoot or kill during the holidays, here in DC.

    • please…get serious….why don’t you move to NYC?

  • This is exactly the kind of incident that WTA and the Dupont West association fear happening at Marrakesh, and have been going around and around with ABRA and ABC for the last 5 years over. The sad thing is how resident concerns are dismissed or ignored by the District until a tragedy occurs.

    If anything, this underscores the need for all areas with nightclubs/event venues/other establishments known for large crowds to have mandatory MPD presence until at least an hour after closing. That would serve as a deterrent to disruptive behavior, and provide an instantaneous response should something erupt. As has been evidenced in West Dupont for the last 5 years, when MPD is present, there is minimal disturbance and certainly nothing of a serious nature; however, when they aren’t here, anything goes and good luck getting MPD to respond promptly if it’s anything short of an assault or a melee.

  • Is the crowd at Marrakesh really that out of control?

  • figby

    Apparently the fight started at Heritage India and spilled out into the street.

    Heritage India? WTF?

  • 2 shot in NE as well, in the morning.

    Need to seriously consider ridding the city of thuggish unemployed black males under the age of 40. It is unfortunate, but the violence is not manageable.

    • I’d like to see how you propose on doing that. Would you administer an oral test? Or just go by clothing?

    • There are lots of First World countries that manage to achieve stable, low-crime societies without resorting to the kind of “ethnic cleansing” solutions that are perennial crowd favorites elsewhere.

      • Those First World countries do not have a rich history of senseless violence, are most homogeneous and have reasonable laws banning concealed weapons.

        • The “homogenous population” excuse sounds like a thin veil for some ugly assumptions. And, in any case, it’s objectively wrong: Canada is 16% non-white, has a 20% French-speaking linguistic minority, and they still kick our American butts when it comes to quality of life in general (and crime in particular). Likewise, Hawaii is our most diverse state (the only one so far that is majority minority), and its crime rate isn’t even in the Top 10 among the US states.

          And Europe in the 20th century was pretty much a poster child for senseless violence. They turned it into a exact science by mid-century. Living through such violence helped convinced them to set social policies that would prevent it from recurring, and they’ve succeeded in creating the some of the most decent, humane communities the world has ever known.

          The bottom line is that people are people; there’s nothing genetic about Americans — or any ethnic sub-group thereof — that makes them criminal. With the kind of sensible public policies that WORK in the rest of the developed world, we could start improving quality of life here. But what we’re trying in the USA — hyper-incarceration, increasing income inequality, low-quality schools in poor neighborhoods, aggressive social Darwinism — hasn’t yielded good results ANYWHERE.

          • Agree–race is NOT to explain everything. Just look at the recent immigrants from Africa through student visa/H-1b–most of them are pretty urbane, educated, and non-violent, and quite different from their cousins who lived here for hundreds of years. Culture is more distinguishing factor.

    • Uhm, according to the story, the people involved were all from Maryland. Also, your racist remarks are not appreciated.

      • Thank you Gwynne, for at least one voice of reason in this thread. The idea that we should be rounding up “thuggish unemployed black males under 40” is a dangerous notion. This type of language turns my stomach and makes me not want to read PoP. This type of discriminatory sentiment coupled with constant calls from (some)commentators to bare arms and “exterminate” or “wipe out” groups of people is deeply troubling when observed repeatedly in the comment section of this blog.
        PoP, can we please, please, please, have some moderation on this type of running commentary?

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Rest assured this discussion has been heavily moderated. There is a fine line between open discussion and hate speech. If you’re stomach is turning now well you simply have no idea what has been deleted. For a variety of reasons, this thread has made me weep a bucketful of tears today.

          PS There are not “constant calls to “exterminate” or “wipe out” groups of people”.

          • More than once I’ve seen commenters state that they hope all the criminals just kill each other. While not a call for genocide, that is certainly a wish for violent extermination.

          • Thanks PoP. Can only imagine what you’ve deleted…Possibly reading too much into sentiment on a lot of posts. Certainly not “constant calls” as I stated, was referring more to the type of thing referenced below by The Heights.

          • While they may not be “constant” calls there are far, far too many. I think we would be in serious denial if we act like it doesn’t happen. There are routinely commments about “shipping people, putting them all in one area, blowing up public housing, letting them kill each other…” All you have to do is look on pretty much any post about crime and you easily and unfortunately find this kind of sentiment

        • *Moderation*–and a euphemism was born.

          • Is this an allegation of “censorship”?

            It’s PoP’s blog, and he has every right to moderate it as he sees fit.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Thanks anon. I appreciate you having my back but I don’t want to make a whole discussion about this. It happens every time we talk about crime. I usually get called a fascist by some then a communist by others. I just laugh now.

  • Do clubbers routinely carry knives? Why is this country so violent? People stab each other in other parts of the world, but it is usually over food and life’s necessities. Not 2:30am luxuries and flat screen tv’s.

    • or carry guns to the club?? I ride the metro to a pretty rough part of the city for work daily, and I frequently catch myself wondering if some passengers are carrying guns or knives (and feeling very uneasy about that notion).

      • +1, gun sniffin’ dogs

        • there was an even bigger party at Takoma Station–legions of educated, employed black professionals having a good time, joking about past relationships and school daze, bragging about kids. Arguments and bad blood? Possibly. But the most lethal weapon wielded was a toothpick from a martini olive. It’s about class/poverty/powerlessness/hopelessness and culture it breeds, folks

    • the patrons of heritage were not dc residents .the promoter was a maryland R & b Hip Hop promoter brought maryland residents to this event.
      actually all people involved in incident resided in maryland.

  • This happened at Heritage India and this was murder, why are you bringing Marrakesh into it? I don’t even like the place but I don’t see why you feel the need to associate. Don’t want the Middle Eastern community on your side of the Circle? You should probably move.

    • The complaints regarding Marrakesh’s night club incidents have ZERO to do with it being a Middle Eastern establishment or people from that part of the world. The incidents have involved African-Americans or Hispanics, not Middle Easterners. The neighborhood also has no issue with the restaurant itself, just their disco operation. Do not twist things around to try and spread falsehoods or change the subject.

    • Oh, and the reason Marrakesh was brought up is because (if you took the time to actually read and understand what I wrote), is that the neighborhood has been concerned that one of these days an incident could turn into something like what happened at Heritage. The only reason it hasn’t is the community is standing up and doing what we can to keep it from happening here…not at all easy considering how ABRA and ABC go out of their way to make it exceedingly difficult for affected residents with legitimate complaints to be heard.

      • Sorry- You live in a big nightlife area. And it always has been since the days of Badlands. The city is thankfully not bending to your NIMBY desires.

        • Excuse me? NIMBY? Just what are you smoking?

          I have lived here for 20 years. The reason I live here is the diverse and available nightlife. Nowhere did I say A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G about changing that. The problem is IRRESPONSIBLE establishment owners/management that refuses to work with the existing neighborhood stakeholders to be good neighbors. Marrakesh made clear from the moment they acquired the Mr. P’s property that they did not in any way care about what impact they would have on the neighbors, or the District’s regulations and laws regarding operation.

          Their lawyer was sleeping with our ANC commissioner at the time (which did not come to light until after she was out of office). She lied to us outright when asked directly whether a disco/lounge was going to be there: She told us to stop listening to baseless rumors and let the place open in peace. Everything about Marrakesh was kept hush-hush, with Bouzid failing to show up at ANC meetings he was scheduled to appear at to discuss neighborhood concerns. Bouzid lied to the _Dupont Current_ about changing the footprint of the building to eliminate an outdoor patio (photos of what was actually being done back there were submitted which he claimed were doctored or taken out of context). Bouzid has repeatedly violated ABC rules and the voluntary agreement (documented with countless photos, videos, police reports, even ABRA inspectors’ reports), accusing the neighborhood of harassing him.

          Enough is enough. Before Marrakesh arrived, the block had 5 popular, busy gay bars that attracted people from all over, every day of the week. It was extremely rare that there were disturbances, even rarer were incidents requiring MPD to respond. The establishments and patrons largely respected the fact they coexisted with residential neighbors, many of whom were sleeping after 11PM. Marrakesh’s disco caters to a demographic that has zero respect for others, could care less that people are sleeping, and have no trouble resorting to physical assault if they get pissed off about something. (One of the melees, there were women continuing to fight right in front of the police, and told the cops to f* off when they went to break it up.)

          So, what’s NIMBY about this?

  • This Twitter pic says it all – Heritage rented the space out to a very rough crowd last night: http://twitter.com/#!/even_kiel/status/140544395077357568

    Heritage should be more careful who they rent out the space, requiring certain security measures based on the crowd they invite into their space.

  • Surprise.. more subtle bigotry from keyboard cowards.

    • yeah, if only there were less subtle bigotry from keyboard cowards, these events would not happen at all and jhonte would have lived.

      or we could focus on the murderers.

      • I’m sure you’ll spend many a sleepless night tossing and turning on account of Jhonte’s senseless murder. No, you just like to make cheeky racial barbs in between Angry Birds at your non profit.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          These topics are very emotional. Understandably. However, personal attacks are not permitted. Please respect that even if you feel others do not. Thank you.

    • Heh, not so subtle. We have no idea at this point what really happened, but the Post seemed to think it was from a fight. I’ve only seen a few barfights in my life but, I find it’s mostly just an issue with a lot of alcohol mixed with a bruised ego. I wish dudes would just chill out and realize that a snide comment is not the same as your cojones being cut off. Just walk away if you’re angry, no good can come from a confrontation.

  • bottom line is that the US has the highest rate of gun related injuries and gun ownership. until gun control is addresses, these crimes will continue.

    americans are violent.

    • They get these weapons through illegal methods regardless. What is your point?

      • Not necessarily…for instance, it seems like at least all the victims were from Maryland, if the suspects are also from Maryland (or Virginia) they could have very well obtained their gun(s) legally. And knives aren’t illegal anywhere.

        • me

          Um, in DC, it is illegal to have any kind of switchblade or to have any knife over 3 inches in length.

          • Actually,you can have a knife over 3″,you just can’t carry it with the intent of committing a crime. Friend who used to teach at the police academy used to stump the recruits with that one all the time.

      • Exactly. This is not “gun” crime, it is “asshole” crime. And I’d bet my bottom dollar that not one murder in DC in the last 365 days involved a legally registered / carried handgun.

        • At some point the guns were legal and legally made. There is no reason to manufacture handguns whose sole purpose is to kill people and invariable are used for crime more than protection.

  • according to the flyer, the party was called “the black out” and the slogan was “all black everything”

    i really don’t understand why these people go so far out of their way to make black people look bad


    • Prince Of Petworth

      The poster does not “make black people look bad”. It makes the organizers look bad. Your inability to recognize that saddens me almost as much as the violence itself.

      • It shouldn’t; two different stratums entirely—one’s paintball, the other an AK with the safety off. I know these parties. It has nothing at all to do with race and everything on this planet or any other to do with a culture withing a culture—a subculture, yeah, and one that perpetuates the fiercest form of myopic egotism this side of the Styx, nevermind juicing up the rhetoric of anyone on the brink of a nasty tilt (see: moderates). A heck of a lot of good people who like good music get a hot dose of stigmatism for the holiday thanks to more than likely less than a baker’s dozen jackasses who expect the worst and, if they don’t come across it, seek it out come last call. Voila: direct loss of life and lives turned upside-down and then some; a bona fide bloody mess with actual people bleeding out that mess. To get cranky with the secondary is heretical and absurd. Rub out the violence and the chatter will follow. Salam, amigos…And WD-40 whichever door’s got a set of priorities behind it…

    • Uhm, yeah that would be the theme. Just like a “white sale” or “black tie” or “white linen.” It means that the theme is to wear an all black outfit, black lights, etc. Does not refer to race.

  • This incident disgusts me. But it’s far more disgusting that nothing is gonna change around here.

  • that poster’s a hot mess.

  • ShawDeservesBetter (click the poster’s name above) has found three different ABRA violations in the last five months alone from this location of this establishment. Why hasn’t ABRA closed this place before they got a body count?

  • I just find it so weird that a culture exists where it is within the realm of possibility to shoot and kill someone who pisses you off at a bar

  • This is what a 77% acquittal rate will buy you.

    • You need to go to trial to get an acquittal. More than 90% of people in prison never got a jury trial: they went to prison because they accepted the “bargain” offered by prosecutors (i.e. “quit claiming that you’re innocent and we’ll go easy on you, but if you insist on your right to a jury trial, we will throw the book at you and pile on every imaginable charge”).

      Great system for prosecutors, not such a great system if you’re actually innocent.

  • Heritage India, Ascot, etc. try to make more money by catering to an “element” otherwise somewhat scarce in Dupont Cir/Connecticut Ave corridor inside. Perhaps an extension of the corner store/liquor store philosophy that so many denizens of other cultures have re: poor residents, just taken to the entertainment field?

  • jim_ed

    Perhaps someone with more knowledge can fill me in here…

    In a city with such strict regulations on just about everything, is there any kind of regulation on club or event promoters? Is there any kind of liability on the people who threw the party? And if there is not, then why?

    I know in Richmond there has been a similar ongoing issue involving one restaurant / club, involving local community pressure to shut it down, and it has had some ugly racial undertones:


    I’ve dealt with several club promoters in DC, and if there is a shadier, less responsible group of people in town not in the Wilson building, then I haven’t met them.

  • In this case study called Washington DC, the vast majority of violent crime is perpetrated by young black males. People use poverty as a reason. I could see if the violence was committed for survival purposes (to obtain food – or something relating to survival). I don’t think poverty in itself causes people to resort to violence.

    Myself, and I’m sure most readers (of every race!) would not resort to violent crime regardless of a disagreement with another person, or a slide into poverty (assuming we were not starving). I think the variable is that most of us grew up with great (or at least adequate parents), and had the added advantage of living in a violence free area.

    We know that not all young black males in this DC environment resort to violence of course. So is the one variable then just bad parenting?

    If so, how do we get to the root of the problem? Police work is good and well, but it’s akin to rounding up honeybees after they’re out of the nest. Perhaps it’d be more effective to also get to the nest and improve conditions through parental education, mentoring programs, etc.

    Hopefully people do not have a knee jerk reaction to any talk of race as being ‘racist’. For the record there are many millions of black people who are better people than I will ever be.

  • These events and the other violent events happening around the city during the Thanksgiving weekend sadden me. I knew reading this post, for example, would be a hot bed of emotion where race, for example, would be thrown around. Instead of my getting annoyed at the race card being thrown around, I think it is done so because people are trying to understand why this is happening and race is an easy (too easy) way to categorize and “make sense” of what happened. I think it’s actually a lot of factors and is a complicated issue that has more to do with how a variety of factors interact with one another instead of one single factor, tho it’s easier to blame one single factor.

    Peace to the families of the lost or injured. Although people can boil it down to race or class or whatever, there are people involved and loved ones who are suffering.

  • There should be absolutely no qualms whatsoever about identifying the contributing factors in this kind of incident – you host a late-night, alcohol-fueled gangster rap/hip hop party and this is just more likely to happen. That has to be acknowledged and taken into account when trying to prevent future incidents. Conversely, if you host a late-night, alcohol-fueled Hank Williams Jr concert in rural Georgia, there’s also probably gonna be some ass-kickin’. For the record, I wouldn’t be caught dead at either one of these types of events, and I will continue to be very concerned about having them in my neighborhood.

  • I just don’t understand how this keeps happening. The LAW makes it absolutely clear that discharging a firearm in the District of Columbia requires advance written permission from the chief of Police! Why does Cathy Lanier keep approving these?

  • I wasn’t shocked by hearing about this violence in Dupont Circle. I was sadden to read some of the racial comments. This reenforces my thoughts, race relations between blacks and whites aren’t great in the District and there should be an open discussion on this issue. We all need each other to survive in this world.

    • an open discussion? what does that mean?

      • Yes, there need to be a discussion between blacks and whites living in this city on race, class, and racism. An answer like yours show there’s a racial divide in this city and in this country. Race relations between blacks and whites are worsen in this city and in this country. We need to have an open discussion on race relations between blacks and whites. If not, there will be racial riots in the future. Red meat you seen to be an unhappy person. Most would never say some of the racist crap in public, therefore they had behind the Internet and say how they truly feel in their hearts and minds. The truth will sat you free.

    • Actually, we don’t “all need each other to survive in this world.” That’s ridiculous – and has been in all civilizations & all races for all time. There simply are bad, wrong, damaged, perverted cultures. This is one of them. We’d be much better off without hot-tempered trigger-happy shooter-stabbers. No “open discussion” will ever change this.

    • unfortunately ther will always be racism. even with police officers. i have seen a situation were 2 blacks beat up 1 white and one latino ,they were both sent to hospital the , and the police let the 2 black guys go. they had tons of witnesses even a video recording of beating and th black police officers refused to go after 7individuals. if that isnt racism what is.
      so this creates a domino affect.

  • I think you are missing the point, meat. I agree that an “open discussion” seems a bit mawkish and pie-in-the-sky on the face of it. However, the discussion’s direct objective would not be to prevent shooter-stabbers. It would aim to develop a basic level of mutual understanding between blacks and whites in a city where significant portions of each group do not seem to interact meaningfully. When we reach the point that a poster suggests rounding up blacks – whether in jest or not – and others express similar sentiments, can a public discussion on race do too much harm? An NGO could host a panel. I would not be surprised if it was done in the past.

  • The issue is not between blacks and whites. It is between thug culture and decent human behavior. “Mutual understanding” is swell, but irrelevant. I don’t have to understand you, like you, or really give a toss one way or another about you – I know it is wrong – absolutely – to do harm to you. There are cultures that do not believe this. These cultures are wrong.

    • Red meat, I disagree. The issue is between blacks and whites in this city. There’s a racial divide between black and white gay males. The same applies to whites and blacks in general living in this city. Most of us don’t interact with one another. How can some move into all black neighborhoods and then turn up their noses or disrepect the people living there? I live in D.C. all my life and I’ve never seen race relations the way they are not. I live in 16th Street Heights section of Ward 4 and the whites and blacks seem to segregate themselves from one another and there’s a mistrust between the 2 groups.

  • Heritage india restaurant is a great lunch and dinner place, unfortunately 3 1/2 years ago they started hosting latenight nightclub events using promoters who cater to the R & B hip hop crowd. big mistake …
    these promoters were bringing people that dont normally frequent this area.
    they always have fights and brawls outside and inside when they use these promoters. I just dont understand why the police allowed them to stay open or host these events.. shame someone had to die.. for police to close this restaurant.

  • Whenever people are saying someone is doing a better job, idiots like these will say “why don’t you leave DC”–come on, are you 12 year old? DC will become a better place if such “why don’t you leave” garbage can be cut.

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