10th and V St. and W St. NW Finally Gets Stop Signs

Thanks to twitter follower @alicespeck for sending word and photo:

“Long overdue stop signs have arrived at 10th & V St. & W St. NW by #ShawMiddle.”

Whenever I rode a bike past these streets it was always a tense moment.

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  • half of all drivers seemed to stop anyway and those of us who live on the block didn’t. always a recipe for trouble.

    and for the biker above, not like you’re going to stop for the stop sign anyway. (way too easy)

  • I’d like to see them at 10th and C SE. I always use 10th to cross from Florida to Pennsylvania getting to Fragers, and that’s the only street other than the avenues that does not have one.

  • I believe that’s 11th street, not 10th.

    • Actually, that’s V looking west towards 11th. The cross street with the stop sign is 10th. The children’s center is on the left and row houses on the right.

      If the cross street were 11th there would be condo buildings on both sides.

  • Some bikers (and drivers) exhibit something called “self preservation” and have always stopped for a look.

  • Thanks for the heads-up! I drive through there each morning before the caffeine kicks in, and because it is weird, I just “know” that there aren’t stop signs to obey. Will need to unlearn that.f

  • Stops Signs? I think you mean Stop Signs, little homie 😉

  • Yeah, that’s always been an intersection I didn’t like to drive down – knowing I had the right of way, but knowing if other’s recognized this.

  • Finally. I always stopped when driving past there since I didn’t trust other drivers to realize I didn’t have a stop. As a pedestrian, it was always terrifying.

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