$1 Fuel Surcharge in Taxi Cabs Extended Until March 5, 2012

Photo by PoPville flickr user AWard Tour

“Dear PoP,

The $1.00 fuel surcharge expired on the 17th, but every cab I have taken since then has tried to charge me the surcharge. It would be a service to your readers to let them know.”

I put a call into the DC Taxi Commission and was told that the $1 fuel surcharge has been extended until March 5, 2012. It was previously extended from July 25, 2011 – Nov. 17, 2011. New stickers indicating the March 5, 2012 extension will be placed in taxi cabs.

Incidentally there is a meeting about a rate increase on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, at 10 am in the Old Council Chambers at 441 4th Street, NW.

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  • me

    Ugh, yeah, just posted about that in the R&R. Apparently, they’re voting about raising the rates from $1.50/mi to $2.75/mi. Getting rid of most of the surcharges on top of that, but that doesn’t help me because I normally ride by myself without any luggage. I am NOT happy.

  • Folks surprised by this weren’t paying attention during the last Mayoral election.

    The taxi drivers hated Fenty for making them install those uncapitalistic meters, and hated Fentys Taxi Commissioner for running a clean ship and cooperating with the FBI on a multitude of DC taxi coruption charges.

    So the taxi assocation campaigned hard for Gray. One of Grays first actions once taking office was replacing the head of the Taxi commission (how dare he not be ok with the cheating and stealing of the drivers!)

    These surcharges are simple and easy “thankyous” to the drivers and ever more profitable as gas prices continue to drop and or stay low as they have for the past year.

    And now the taxi folk actually have the gall to demand we pay higher surcharges to pay them for updating their cabs so that they aren’t 20 yr old death trap jalopies.

    I haven’t taken a cab in this town in 4 years, and don’t plan to.

  • Yeah man, the cabs in this town are out of control.

    It really is unbelievable.

  • orderedchaos

    I agree that some DC cabs are deathtrap, some drivers are drunk/high/rude, and the taxi commission is an impressive combination of corrupt and inept.

    That said, taxi rates in DC are among the lowest in the country… and while corrupt elements of the DC government may be raking in the dough, most of the drivers most certainly are not.

    Almost doubling the rate seems like too much to me, since I too mostly take taxis without luggage, etc. But some fare increase is reasonable IMO.

    • Right, a reasonable increase is ok. Asking for double the current rate shows they aren’t serious about negotiating — and don’t want the increase so much as a chance to whine publicly. Hoping more pragmatic minds prevail, and they adopt a mature position.

      Interesting article. I’d like to see cabbies make a little more, however, for that to happen, I’d like to see them regulate the quality of said cab drivers. It’s not like I don’t appreciate what they do, but it’s a low skill job, with plenty of fringe benefits: the ability to pick your kids up/drop them, complete freedom to take days off, etc. Those benefits help keep wages stagnant. It’s probably a decent job if your spouse works and has health insurance.

      Heck, a long time ago I considered driving a cab part time, but the numbers just didn’t work for me, unless I owned the licence and cab.

  • Rip off. With all the freaking surcharges for fuel and additional passengers, late night surcharge, etc. It is very likely that your actual fare is cheaper. When I jokingly pointed this out to the cab driver (3 passengers) the guy went totally apeshit. We jokingly didn’t give him a tip.

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