What are these old Columns at 16th and Florida Ave, NW?

A reader simply asks: “What is this?”

The question of this great garden comes up every year or so. Fortunately in Oct. ’09 The Post’s Answerman dug up the full story. In part:

“Burnap’s 16th Street garden featured an open lawn bordered with shrubbery. A high wall faced Florida Avenue and turned the corner at 16th before stepping down to a low wall and ornamental iron fence. At the rear of the property, four Doric columns held up a hanging garden. Most striking was the intricate latticework that covered most of the interior walls.”

The garden eventually came to be called the Henderson Manor Garden, named after the castlelike mansion on the other side of Florida Avenue. By 1938, 2108 16th St. NW had been closed for a few seasons, although fetes were still held in its garden.

All that remains of his garden are four crumbling columns. Why were they left untouched? That wall might be attached to the rowhouse at 1618 Florida Ave., making it more trouble than it’s worth to remove.

Read the full story here.

It’s easy to walk by without having any idea this cool history exists:

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  • Thanks! I lived in the 3 story apartment building visible in the second photo for 7 years and always wondered about these columns.

  • They’re just decorative. It’s the “English garden” at the Washington House @2120 16th St. It’s one of the selling points of the building but is always locked and you need special permission to be in there.

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