Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill (reader request)

This rental is located at C St. NE at 13th St. NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Newly Constructed English Basement in great location just 2 blocks from Lincoln Park.

Features contemporary kitchen with stainless steel appliances (refrigerator, range, microwave, dishwasher), maple cabinets, quartz countertops, tiled backsplash and pendant lighting; central heating and air; ceiling fans; full-sized washer/dryer; recessed lighting; coat and linen closets; security system.

Convenient to Eastern Market and H Street corridor with Metrobus stops and Bikeshare stations just around the corner.

Available immediately.

$1685/month plus electric. Water/sewer included in rent.

No pets & no smoking please.”

$1685/month plus electric sound right?

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  • Seems way too high considering it doesn’t include electricity, even with the fancy-for-an-English-basement kitchen.

  • Capitol Hill and no pets? Good luck!

    • I think if you allowed pets, drop the price about $100-$150, it would rent right away.

      Just too many options in town for those without pets to live closer to a Metro for that price.

      • Plus the proximity to Lincoln Park would make it ideal for a dog owner. I don’t think they’d have any trouble renting it at the asking price if they allowed pets.

  • Way too high. I pay $1800 for a 1000sf 1 bedroom at 7th and C NE (i.e. far more metro-accessible) that has most of those things and allows pets.

  • jim_ed

    we just leased an english basement about 9 blocks west of this for $300 less a month, and it allows dogs. no w/d, and maybe not as fancy, but that’s alot of change for something that far east.

  • I’m in an old basement at ~13th and F. Absent the renovation, I’ve a fridge & stove but no dishwasher, a single unit washer/drier and my utilities are all separate from the rent of $850/month. No pets allowed, either. I’m not sure that 4 blocks farther south and a brand new renovation is worth double the price.

  • Allow pets and it rents right away

  • Seriously. If dogs were allowed I’d rent it right now and be very happy about the price.

  • Agreed that it’s too high, but would probably rent at about this price if pets were allowed.

  • I hate how DC homeowners will charge 2/3rds of what they’re paying in a mortgage just for the basement.

    After emailing the owner I found out that this English Basement (while admittedly very nice) is going for $2,000 a month. They can’t be paying more than $3,600 for the entire house.

    • so buy a house.

    • You want them to charge less than market value?

    • And this basement doesn’t even look kosher. It doesn’t have a front entrance and has stairs in the living room. Unless they have separated the front foyer into two entrances for the basement and main house, that would be wacky. Spending $2000 for a studio when you have to walk through the alley/backyard to get to it is crazy.

    • +1 to the two responders above.

      In order to get the privilege of paying $3,600 a month for an entire house, the owners might have easily put down $100,000 or more.

      • More than that. With good credit $3600 covers about $600k at 4%. Those houses are $750 plus.

        Add the cost of owning a home upkeep etc at MINIMUM $500 per month.

        Rent is high, but unless it is absentee/crappy landlords that bought pre 2005, nobody is making a killing and they have to put up with all the headaches that comes from renting and dealing with self-entitled tenants with no skin in the game.

        • House sold for $502k in 2009, which is really low for that location, so I’m guessing they had to put a lot of work into it. Probably the basement was unfinished at tht time.

  • waaaayyy too high. I paid less than this for my 5th floor unit in Dupont/Kalorama with all utilities included!

  • Too much. Especially since it’s about as far away from the Metro as you could possibly be, and still be considered Capitol Hill proper.

  • The rent is a couple hundred to high. A 1 bedroom (non basement) unit at the Carbarns 3 blocks away goes for 1450$ and they allow pets.

    If they drop it to $1400 and allow pets it be rented today.

    • Since when does a one bedroom at the Car Barn go for $1450? I toured a place last weekend asking $1900 for a one bedroom in the basement there and there were folks lined up to sign a lease.

      Also not that I agree with it (I’m a dog owner) but Yarmouth doesn’t seem to have a problem renting places and they prohibit dogs in every single one of their listings, which includes half of the Hill.

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