Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at Chapin St NW at 14th St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“* Perfect location off 14th Street between U St & Columbia Heights shopping & dining.
* METRO Accessible! 5 blocks to U Street & 7 blocks to the Columbia Heights METROs
* 2 blocks to YES! Organic and less than 5 blocks to Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan
* Also easy access to Adams Morgan & Dupont
* 1 block from Meridian Hill Park
* Transit Score: 100 — Rider’s Paradise
* Building Roof Deck with panoramic city views of the Washington Monument & Fireworks
* East facing unit with phenomenal natural light
* Gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the home
* Large bedroom with plenty of room for a home-office and storage
* Updated kitchen with dishwasher and electric range
* Full bathroom with pedestal sink and tub
* Common laundry in the building
* Available November 1”

$1500 / month + electric sound right?

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  • That’s a mighty triflin’ part of Columbia Heights to be asking that much for a small 1BR.

  • lol no way. Updated kitchen but not renovated, no in-suite washer/dryer and I want a picture of the bathroom.

  • I don’t think that area is all that bad. A few blocks further up the hill gets to be not so good.

    That area is fine, right next to all the construction going on. I think this is a really good deal.

  • Think about it. If you live here, you’ll be able to get a new iPod or bike every month!

  • Who are these people that think this is such a bad area. I live literally 2 blocks from this corner and this is a perfectly safe area. And for that area this is a really good price. The condo I now own was previously being rented for over 2K.

    Let me reiterate, just 2 blocks away!

    Yes, my place is all updated and much nicer but still, for a 1 bedroom in this area 1500 is a great price.

    • Seconded. The gas station up the hill can get a little sketchy, but other than that, I haven’t been particularly nervous.

    • Agree, I live 2 blocks down (heading to Ust) and this is NOT a bad area. Just because it’s titles CH, ppl are jumping to conclusions. 1500 is spot on

    • Agreed. This is not a bad area by any means. I have lived in the area for over 5 years.

  • Good price. View 14 right across the street rents for $1000 more for 1 bedrooms.

  • I live on that corner, and it is safe, although $1500 sounds like a lot compared to what I pay. Also, if it is near the construction on the corner of 14th and Chapin, STAY AWAY. It is metal on metal banging Monday-Saturday starting at 7am. So if you value your sleep, especially on weekends, save your sanity and don’t move here.

  • I’m sure it’s better now but I had a friend who lived on that block in the late 90s. We tried to order a pizza from the local delivery joint and they wouldn’t deliver to that block though even though it was daytime.

  • Amazing deal in my opinion.

  • You really don’t know the area if you do not think this is a good deal.

  • Awesome location, could not be better if you work downtown! You can easily get to U st, Adams Morgan, or Col Hts. Jump on a bus or walk or bike to work. Not sure about the price, but it seems within reason for a true, above-ground 1 bedroom in that area. The only thing that would give me pause is basement laundry and construction noise.

  • Amazing deal? Gimme a break.

  • I lived at 14th and Chapin back in 2001-2002. In the one year I was there, multiple people were murdered literally outside of my apartment building’s front door. I think it was related to Salvadorean gangs, but it was still not a great place back then.

    I’m sure (or at least hoping) things have gotten better since then. Maybe everyone was priced out. I can’t believe rent is $1500/month for a 1br these days. I think my rent was $1100/month for a 2br on this street.

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