Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale/Ledroit Park (reader request)

This rental is located at 155 U St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Beautiful, renovated 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom Victorian townhouse for rent in Ledroit Park. Main level has exposed brick wall, hardwood floors, central air-conditioning. Kitchen with brand new stainless-steel appliances (washer/dryer, gas range, built-in microwave, fridge, garbage disposal, dishwasher), corian countertops, and ceramic floor. Nice deck in backyard. Close to Children’s Hospital, Howard University, U Street-Cardozo, Capitol Hill. Parking on street readily available, 6 blocks to Shaw-Howard University metro station, and 1 block to bus stop (G2,G8,80).

Next door to new Parker Flats at Gage School condos!

$2,750/mo plus utilities. Available November 1.
-No smokers or pets
-Deposit is one month of rent. 7 month lease
-Utilities consist of: electricity (own account), gas and water (2/3 of total bill).”

$2,750/mo plus utilities sound right for this 3 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • 7 month lease? That’s kinda weird – I would pass b/c of that.

    • 7 month lease is great! Its less of a commitment. Its only structured that way because the current tenants are moving early (out of the city).

  • Yay Bloomingdale! Close to Rustik and Boundary Stone. Good location for biking to and from downtown, i.e. no HILL. The seven month lease might be ideal for students planning to leave DC after the spring.

  • Funny how a better house just 2 blocks east would be about $800 less per month. (Better as in an extra bathroom)

  • hahaha my old house. had some good times but I don’t live here anymore because it’s definitely not worth that money.

  • Thats basically the price that this neighborhood goes for. Check out the comparison done for this particular property on padmapper.com. Shows that the rental price is actually a little less than is usually charged in the surrounding area.

  • Why is being next to Parker Flats a noteworthy amenity?

    • My guess was that they were trying to convey, “Other people think this is an up-and-coming area! You should too!”

      Or maybe it was just being referenced as a landmark??

      • Or because they hoped that someone who was searching for Parker Flats might come across this and choose it instead.

    • Because everything is sooooo much better in Parker Flats.

  • As a recent veteran of the rental housing wars it seems like a decent, but not great price.
    It looks like a nice house, but not super fancy – I think it was $3000 before and they just dropped the price.
    The problem is that there are 2 level 2 bedroom 2 bath apartments that are essentially 2/3 of a row house, 1 block away that rent for $1850-2000. So the price point is a little high for being a 1.5 bath. At least from a roommate prospective.

    I was turned off by no pets and the 7 month lease. Obviously the landlord wants the place to be on the market again in June rather that November so they can charge more, or they want to put it up for sale in June. To me, a 7 month lease isn’t appealing for an unfurnished house. That’s a lot of work just to move out again in less than a year. A group house is likely to stay longer and just have some roommate turnover (and want another bathroom) and a family would probably also want more stability. And short term people would likely want furniture.

    But the deal breaker was paying 2/3 of utility bills. They need to be included, or you need to put in separate meters. What if the people who live downstairs leave the water running all the time or have a leaky faucet they don’t fix or just take really long showers? I’m not signing up to pay something over which I have no control.

    Also, I want a description of the size of the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms, if not pictures of them.

  • Waaaaay over priced if it is not the entire house and does not include utilities.

  • don’t wanna slander anyone here but I’ve heard things about this LL… leave it at that.

  • Why has the Craigslist post been flagged for removal?

    It’s a great location, but I highly doubt all of the bedrooms are the same size, which means someone should probably be paying $1000 (or more) + utilities for a bedroom, which seems high for that area. Also, I agree with statements concerning 2/3 of the utilities. I lived in a house like that once and it was a disaster. I wouldn’t want to put my name on a utility bill that required me to collect money form people who I did not even live with. I don’t care if they are just downstairs – people have different schedules, lives, and levels of responsibility. I suspect someone will get screwed on funds and just have to suck it up.

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