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  • Seems a little high to me for the neighborhood.

    But looks like a nice spot.

  • I honestly can’t decide

  • Nope, too high for that area. Not enough ammenities just yet.

    • Not enough? What do you need? A helipad? Three restaurants a block away, Moronis, RAS and Fusion three blocks away and Domku about the same? There is a bus stop across the street.
      If I didn’t own near here, I’d rent it myself!

  • Rooms in shared houses are going for about $900 (plus utilities) around there, so is it worth it to pay $1330 to have your own place? I think a couple might find that attractive.

  • Places within a block or two of the Petworth metro station are going for 1500+, so if this place is nice and reasonably large (can’t really tell these things from the ad), I think it’s fair.

  • A friend of mine lives in this unit. They don’t have regular trash pickup and it’s a terrible mess all the time. Not worth the money and appliances are not just outdated, the owner replaces them with used, old appliances when they break. He has also bought a really nice door which will be up for rent soon, but the roof of the garage next door has a hole the rats jump into. Renter beware~ !!!!!!!!

  • I meant “really nice house” next door. He took a big house and converted it to apartments

  • “Located just steps away from Petworth Metro”?

    About 1200 steps, in fact.

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