Three Little Pigs, Charcuterie & Salumi, Coming to Petworth!

Holy lord – this could be very very awesome. Their Web site simply says:

“Future home of something quite cool”

But a little digging around reveals some seriously sweet info:

“The Charcuterie industry is one that is highly underrepresented. Even the term “charcuterie” is a name foreign to most people in this country. However, there are many familiar foods that fall into the category of charcuterie that many people crave, love, and have grown up with. If you like bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, or even holiday ham, you are a fan of charcuterie.

The term Salumi is a bit more familiar. Even if you haven’t heard the word until now, you have probably already realized that it sounds a lot like ‘salami’. Made famous by the Italians, the art of Salumi represents years of tradition and recipes passed down from generation to generation among family members. What makes salumi unique, is the curing process followed by months, and in some cases, even years of dry aging. It is this lengthy process that gives products like prosciutto, salami, and Spanish chorizo their incredibly complex flavor and aroma.

People are looking for bacon that exceeds the standards set by commercial producers, hotdogs that do not contain cow lips and pig snouts, or BBQ ribs that are not made from diseased pigs raised in inhumane conditions.

The people of Washington D.C. deserve high quality at a fair price, and we are going to give it to them. Everything comes from local farms and is made in house.”

Holy freaking awesome!!!

Three Little Pigs will be located at 5111 Georgia Ave, NW (next to the Petworth Fire Station.)

They hope to be “up and running by November.”

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  • Damn, I LOVE salami! This is fricken awesome!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yummy salami to eat on my fresh bread from the Columbia Heights French bakery!

  • Without a doubt, the greatest news ever posted on PoP.

  • O………M………G. This place sounds amazing. Can’t wait for it to open!

  • I love bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is going to be great. Sounds like they’re going to have aged hot dogs. Mmmmmmm!

  • bfinpetworth

    Oh this is very good. I love me some charcuterie! Yeehaw!

  • Heaven. I dream of doing this myself…

  • Unfortunately, these places, when they open in the DC metro area, tend to be far more expensive than similar stores in other metro areas, even New York. I dont know why that is, perhaps because there are so few options that there isnt much competition?

    I’m excited and I hope its open by christmas, but my excitement is tempered some by my fears that I wont be able to shop there often.

    • Yes, it will be more expensive than Oscar Meyer bacon or Ball Park franks, but frankly you’ll be paying for higher quality and the care that the shop owner puts into their product.

      I for one am thrilled by this news.

      • Reading comprehension isnt your strong suit, is it?

      • The comment was that this will be more expensive than similar outlets in other markets, not more expensive than non-boutique options. I’m not sure what other similar retail outlet in DC he’s comparing it to, as I’m not aware of any other cured meat specialty retailer in DC other than maybe the Eastern Market vendors, where I don’t think it’s any news that you’re getting massively ripped off at all times, and A. Litteri, which isn’t all that focused on meats.

        Personally I buy stuff like this at Calvert Woodley, or at Whole Foods on Sunday or when getting over to CW is not worth the frustration. CW is as close as you’re going to get to reasonable prices in DC, and WF may have terrible prices but you can’t argue with their cheese selection and the meat selection is OK.

        Personally I think this trend is a little overheated, everybody says they like teh cured pig parts, but most people just aren’t spending that much money on it. The stuff is expensive in part because it’s artisanal this and hand made that, but also because neither the producers or the retailers are doing much volume. I wouldn’t bet on this place lasting unless they get a bunch of wholesale contracts to restaurants.

    • Just curious, what do you mean by “these places”? I don’t know of any other place like this in DC.
      As far as prices are concerned, I’m sure that when Yes Organic Market announced it was coming to Petworth, plenty of the longtime residents felt the same way – good for those who can afford it, but not much of a benefit for me. Everybody can’t afford everything.

    • By these places, I mean boutique specialty food stores. They are always more expensive than their counterparts in other cities.

      As for where to buy cured meats, Arrowine (always prepackaged, but locally made, I believe) and Italian Store in Arlington. There are several other gourmet food stores that have deli counters. A&H in Bethesda is one such place.

      These places are far more expensive than similar places I’ve gone to in other metro areas.

      • Well, it’s a trade off. Cured meats are cheaper in NYC but gas is $.50 a gallon more expensive. You can’t have everything 🙂

        • claire

          But I buy more cured meats than I do gas!

        • True. The butchers in this area kill me too. I do think its a lack of competition and maybe a lack of volume (though, the high price and lack of volume are sort of self-fulfilling).

          There is no reason that meats not from the grocery store in the DC area have to be 30-40% more than counterparts in other metro areas.

          However, the write up by this new place is a bit off putting. I hate these specialty stores that act like you’re taking your life in your hands if you buy food from the grocery store… all of the ribs that come from “diseased pigs”. bullshit.

          Not only am I afraid of the prices, I am afraid of the possible insufferable personalities of those that run it.

          • I’d be curious to see if you can substantiate a “30-40%” difference in prices between DC area butchers and non-DC area butchers selling comparable products while factoring in DC area rent and cost of living.

            You don’t even know this store’s prices yet. Also, I’m not sure this place is going to be a full service butcher as they seem to be focused on all things cured, etc.

            “Diseased pigs” isn’t bullshit, it’s pig shit. Do you have any idea the level of filth large farm factories produce? Some of them produce as much pig waste as New York City produces human waste. Do you know what they do with all that shit? They don’t treat it or anything, they spray it on adjacent fields and call it fertilizing. Imagine spraying all of NYC’s human waste on a field, and what kind of pestilence that would bring.

            They are in fact diseased pigs. When any animal is confined in such large numbers in such ways, disease spreads like wildfire. So they pump these animals full of antibiotics to keep them alive. Some of these antibiotics pass through their waste, and remember where that goes? It seeps into the ground and enters our water table.

            Rather than supporting such facilities, the above description suggests this place will support local farmers that have more respect for the environment and their customers. It will make me want to shop there as much as possible.

          • There are butchers in this area?

          • Also, the insufferable personalities that buy into the bullshit.

            So, cured ham around here is 28 bucks a pound. In a very nice shop in the Connecticut suburbs of NY, the same type of cured ham is 16 bucks per pound. Thats 43% right there.

          • “cured ham” is $28/pound? Where exactly are you talking about?

          • Diseased farm animals on farm factories is factual. Why else would they spend all of that money on antibiotics? Just for fun? Name-calling doesn’t trump facts.

            Even if we were to believe you about your singular Connecticut figure for an actually similar product coming from an actually similar source and apply that to two whole regions of the country, you’re still assuming the worst about something that hasn’t even opened yet.

            No one’s forcing you to go there, you can get your ham from Safeway, it’s a free country. I’ll chose insufferable disease free ham from a local farmer, thanks.

          • I already said I was excited about it, but not because they’re selling free range hams, but because its a great amenity that is now closer to my house.

            I’m not excited about fear mongering that comes from the anti-agribusiness alarmists.

            Prosciutto is often over $25/lb around here. You can either drive up to NY/CT and check the prices there, or you can take my word for it… there are plenty of places that have prosciutto for 15/lb.

            As for butchers, yes there are butchers around here. Let’s Meat On the Avenue IN Del Ray, Organic Butcher in McLean, Wagshal’s in Spring Valley.. not sure if there are others.

    • How about an example? Like, name a store in DC and a similar store in NY that makes this point?

      I ask because I googled Brooklyn salumi and found places like this

      which looks pretty much the same price-wise as this sort of place in dc

  • Charcuterie place three blocks from my house? YES PLEASE!!!!

    • i KNOW — that is only one and a half blocks from my house (of seventeen years)…SO glad cool stuff is starting to creep its way up into the 5000 blocks of Georgia Ave — at last!

  • PoP, please keep us all in the loop on the progress. This is great to know. I hope these folks find success. I would definitely love to check it out!

  • I hope they have some good vegetarian options.

  • This news makes me happy.

  • There’s an outfit ou there called Troi Petite Cochons.. that does charcuterie… is this the same? And very happy 🙂 In the meantime, Cork Market has kick*ss charcuterie to wet your whistle

  • andy

    Thanks to the offerings of this fine establishment, I will be starting a group house with a meat-only kitchen.


  • I just don’t get the pork fascination. I’ll eat the occasional slice of bacon on a sandwich (ribs maybe once every 3 years) but that’s it. I’ll take vegetarian or poultry over pork any day!

    • Judging by the posts in this thread, it is possible you may be the only one? That and the people who live in the overpriced group house on U St.

      • Yeah, if you’re not a vegetarian it’s assumed you love pork products. A lot of people at work think I’m a vegetarian becuase whenever someone orders pizza it’s all pepperoni and I’m pulling it off.

        • Because pork is the magical animal of numminess.

          It is a wonderful foodstuff, and the variety of items that we make that are pork are outstanding.

          You don’t make friends with salad.

          • andy

            I believe the canonical phrase is, “You don’t win friends with salad.”

            Not to take away from the essential truth of your point.

          • you sir, are correct.

            Loved that episode, with the pig flying over the town. “It’s sill good, It’s still good”

    • You should probably move to the South of Mission neighborhood in San Francisco so you won’t be the Only One. Or maybe Takoma Park.

  • Good, more for me.

  • Holy Happiness. This made my day!

  • Nothing makes this eastern european more happy than news of pork meat. Yey!!!!! I will definitely be a regular!

  • claire

    Wow, not to sound like a broken record after everyone else, but this is super exciting! I’m envisioning something similar to Boccalone in the San Francisco Ferry Building (ever since I visited there, I’ve been dreaming of such a thing in DC – including the surprisingly reasonable prices).

  • I hope this place has good cheeses too! Otherwise I probably won’t make the hike.

  • You just made my Monday sir!!!!

  • This is freakin awesome! I’ll be walking over there to buy some meat for sure. I bet the fire house guys are gonna get fat now living next to it.

  • At times like this, I can imagine a miniature version of my doctor standing on one shoulder, saying “Nooo! Nooo!” But on the other should, holding up a beautiful salumi is the devil himself, a very persuasive character I’ve been told.

  • Salumi, salami, it’s all good for yo mommy.

  • That is so far up North on Georgia, what other business/eatery is there up there beside a drive-thru PoPeyes, and a couple of PoP readers?

    I love, and miss, evenings with charcuterie and some good crusty baguette and red wine, maybe al fresco, too, but I don’t love having to drive to a restaurant.

  • All I gotta say is “Soppressata, baby”

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