The 5pm Post – iGaming meeting at Petworth Library

From an email:

“Below is a reminder about the iGaming meeting next Monday, October 17, from 6:30-8:30pm at the Petworth library.

The DC Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board will hold a Ward 4 community meeting on plans for its iGaming DC program. The meeting will be at the Petworth Library, 4200 Kansas Avenue, NW.

ANC 4C passed a resolution requesting more transparency in this process and an opportunity for community comment. Please come learn about the proposed IGaming and share your concerns.”

We previously spoke about iGaming here and here.

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  • ledroittiger

    I hope Steve Jobs’ corpse sues DC’s ass for copyright infringement.

    • Srsly? Did Jobs buy the 9th letter? Can God send jobs to hell for stealing his apple?

      Jobs is dead. Find a new messiah millenials.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t think the i is Trademarked because other companies have used it and Apple didn’t go after them. Just a guess, I haven’t actually looked it up.

    • I hope his corpse sues your ass for the use of the letter “J”, which you have gratuitously stolen from his last name.

  • Way to get the word out, meeting notifiers. I just read about it here on our local community blog, and it’s already past.

  • iDon’t think gambling in a library is a good idea.

  • andy

    I believe our city libraries should be reserved for the use of older adult males interested in the edgier side of art and free speech associated with the female form. Definitely not gambling.

    • Porn is free. If you can’t afford a PC, why the hell would the freaking District supply you with one so that you can blow whatever meager sums you have on freaking gambling!!!!

      • andy

        I have heard from others, indirectly, that some porn apparently costs money, though I have no independent or personal way to provide verification of this fact.

        • andy and all andy’s friends like free porn and none of them have credit cards.
          is andy 12?

          • andy

            wait, how can you see me through the computer?

          • Only a kid would not realize that any, nay every adult male would be “interested in the edgier side of art and free speech associated with the female form”. We don’t need the library for that!

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