The 1800 Cafe Closes at 1800 N St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

In case you weren’t aware of it, 1800 Cafe, a hole-in-the-wall take-out place near Dupont Circle, has closed. According to the cafe’s Facebook page, it closed on September 30.

I would go here occasionally to get a sandwich. It was cheaper than most of the other lunch places in the area, and I liked that fact that it was family-run. It seemed to have steady business (at least when I would go there), so I was a bit surprised that it closed so suddenly. I’m also sad that we’re losing another local business.”

Were there any other fans?

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  • oh no!!! this is a block from my work and the nice korean lady in the morning would make me kimchi omelets (well after laughing for 5 minutes cause apparently this isnt something that’s done in korea). their spicy pork bulgogi was good for lunch too. shitty news 🙁

  • I like how people say, “I would occasionally go in here to get a sandwich” in the same breath as “I am surprised that it’s closed.”

  • I too was a fan (as it was a block away from my office). The food was pretty standard fare, but the proprietors (mother and son) were lovely people. I walked by the other day and noticed it was all closed up – I was surprised it happened so fast.

  • When I worked over there I used to go there a lot. there is a similar place around the corner on 19th, but I liked 1800 cafe better

  • I used to go to this little cafe every day, sometimes two times a day, when I worked near there. The family that run the cafe are lovely people, as others have stated. I wish them well.

  • I have a problem with the term “hole in the wall.”
    I prefer a mom and pops any day. One would be amazed how his or her meals are prepared at the other restaurants.

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