Stabbing Death at 900 Quincy St, NW

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From MPD:

“At approximately 7:30 pm today [Saturday], an officer on a mountain bike was patrolling in the south alley of the 900 block of Quincy Street, NW. when he encountered a juvenile male who was suffering from a severe stab wound to his abdomen. The officer rendered first aid until an ambulance arrived, and the victim was transported to the hospital. It is unknown at this time who stabbed this young man or why he was stabbed.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call 1-888-919 CRIME.

Update: The stabbing victim has been pronounced. Homicide Branch is handling the investigation.”

The following shootings also occurred this weekend, from AlertDC:



10/09/11 “Shooting 0133 hours Unit block of M St NW LOF: B/M, 5’8″, gray/navy blue shirt, blue jeans, gray hat , L/S south North Capitol St. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911″

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  • Truly sad, since it seems there were no eyewitnesses. Makes it a lot harder for the police to make progress. Maybe this will help bring resources to bear to address the ongoing drug dealing problem on 9th st.

    Hopefully someone comes forward with something they heard/saw…and hopefully this doesn’t trigger some kind of turf battle.

  • “Truly sad”, “Maybe”, “Hopefully”, “hopefully”.

    Until there is real citizen outrage at the violent crime far too many of us seem to tolerate and accept as commonplace in our city, things are not going to change.

    WIshful thinking, group thought, the perversion of bleeding hearts for the accused instead of the victim and his/her family, little or no individual personal responsibility, lowering of standards of expected public behavior, low deterrence, rewarding (excused by good intentions) the unproductive endlessly providing unemployment compensation, food stamps, housing that allows for so much free time and destroys families, rights of the accused extremists -it all trumps basic public safety for everyone.

    • Yeah, food stamps are the problem. If we would only let everyone go hungry, crime would become a distant memory.

    • I think you nailed it. Look at how much higher violent crime rates are in the socialist welfare-states of Europe. We have been wise to avoid that failed model; as violent as DC is, it is nothing compared to the blood-soaked streets of Amsterdam, of Berlin, to say nothing of Copenhagen and Stockholm.

      • Oh snap!

        (Well done)

        • c’mon. and you should be ashamed that you take this argument at face value. a simple google search will show you GCK is just making sh*t up.

      • this is a lame argument.

        from BBC—
        DC murder rate (per 100,000): 69.3
        Amsterdam: 7.7

        yeah, I think you can blame Amsterdam’s KA-RAZY murder rate on socialism. rampant corporations are working just wonders here in America.

        • I cannot believe people didn’t see the sarcasm. When Berlin and Amsterdam were thrown in, it was supremely obvious to me. When he also mentioned Stockholm and Copenhagen… Really people???

      • LOL. “blood-soaked streets”. Nice rhetoric, but too bad you’re dead wrong about the crime in those cities. Pretty much any city in the US has higher murder rates than the ones you named. What’s your motivation here?

      • he’s being sarcastic you fools

  • Organized well-armed juvenile/adult gangs are pervasive and active nearly all the time in our nation’s capital. Certainly the PoMan must know who they are and have a general sense of what they are up to. I bet they even have a youth gang task force. I just wonder if they know where these kids are getting their guns and ammo.

    Our complaining rants won’t do it. Time for a huge Peace March on City Council to demand a violent offender registry for all cons in our town, prosecute repeat juvenile violent offenders as adults, raise the minimum sentences for homicide and manslaughter and carrying a weapen, and while they’re at it, do the same in neighboring Prince George’s County too.

  • 9th street is one of the worst in all of Petworth. It’s a one way block right behind the Park Place building at the intersection of Ga. & New Hampshire. It’s basically an open air drug market with people hanging out all day, all night, all year. Easy to sling drugs on, because easy to see if police are coming. Some of the houses are obvious drug spots. Cars are constantly broken into on 9th & Rock Creek Church Road.

    There is a police presence – hence a bike cop finding the young man who was stabbed. Likewise, there are frequent arrests on the block.

    Until the population that lives on that block responsible for drug dealing and all that is related is in jail or moves out, this is what we can expect.

  • Lots of speculation and hearsay about the stabbing death, to blame the residents is easy to do

  • Are you one of the people who needs to take action rather than blaming the whole area for bad apples??

  • DC has gotten much, much better over the past 10 years. Crime still exists and is too high, but to say that progress will never happen unless x happens, or y happens, ignores the fact that crime, and the murder rate in particular, is a fraction of what it used to be.

    • yes, the murder rate is fraction of what it used to be…when we were #1. we’re still #7 in the country.

  • A big part of the problem in this area is the Raymond Recreation Park. A community group has been working with the city to have a new fence, better lighting and an new indoor rec. facility installed. Our council member has not been able to get this project off the ground, although she maintains that it is in the works. It is important that the community DEMAND more from the elected officials who represent us. 9th street, Quebec Place and this Raymond Rec. Park are being run by thugs, drug dealers….. and murderers.

  • Jamar Freeman’s friends and family have left messages online and on Homicide Watch. A collection of news and memorial messages is here:

  • I live on this block and it is terrible! I’m doing all I can to fix it! I was out of town this weekend and I’m terrified to hear this news!

  • I live a block away. Just chatted with Pat Collins of NBC, who’s there now for this evening’s news broadcast.

    They really need to rehab that park — I’ve seen detailed plans, approved by Muriel Bowser, several times (most recently in 2010) for a well-landscaped park, with LOTS of lights, smooth paths, new basketball and tennis courts, etc. Perhaps the park would be less of a magnet for drugs and violence if the place weren’t such a wreck (well, along with an increased police presence, that would help).

    • while pat collins covers every single story as if it’s a murder, his coverage of murders are my favorites.

      though i’d prefer them less often.

  • I’ll tell you one thing, Raymond is beautiful at 730am when i’m running circles around it.

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