Stabbing at 14th and Fairmont St, NW

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From MPD:

“At approximately 1515 hours officers discovered two individuals suffering from stab wounds in the 1400 block of Fairmont St, NW.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call MPD at 727-9099.

At this time there are also several street closures in the area of 14th & Fairmont St, NW. Please avoid the area.”

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  • Ninjas? Well, at least they’re not shooting at each other any more. The economy must be bad . .

  • Christ thats my old block. Just when I think its better, some crap like this happens. Although I am going to be optimistic and assume this was targeted between people who know each other. Its the random violence/drive by’s that terrify me.

  • What is up with all the crazy stuff happening in Columbia Heights the last few weeks?!

  • This is my block. I never felt unsafe there until recently…Such a shame. I hope the injuries aren’t life threatening.

  • Yea, I live a block from there and often park on that street. There are always people hanging out on the sidewalks there. I stupidly feel more safe during the day. I guess I shouldn’t…

  • Ahh the Fairmont drug square. Drive up 14th, turn at Clifton, peruse your crack/heroin market choices from University to Fairmont, and continue on your way.

    Ch still rocking.

    • I’d like to make a motion to detonate concentrated section 8 housing. That social experiment has failed. I am not against affordable housing mind you and this city needs more of it. I just don’t think having projects really much benefits anyone.

      • Agreed. MoCo does it right – 12.5% of all new condo and apt units are required to be set aside for affordable housing. Keep growth, keep diverse communities, and don’t have to deal with high concentrations of ghetto.

    • Clearly you have not driven this route in a very long time, if ever. Thanks for spewing out nonsense though!

      • Actually in the past few months multiple people have been shot, one fatality, on the route he mentions. His assessment is pretty accurate.

        • No, his assessment is dead wrong. He portrayed University as drug central. Congratulations on being able to read crime reports but the map is not the territory. It is apparent you don’t live on University, so you should probably shut your mouth as well.

          • Someone’s bitter their neighborhood stinks….

          • No, the assessment is dead on. It was not portrayed as drug central, it was portrayed as being an area known for the ease of point of sale.

            This square area, from the 80’s thru the 90’s into the early 2000’s, WAS an open drug pit. It is apparent to all who lived around it. That is the history of this area.

            That is is not now as bad as it once was is not the debate. That is has a known history is not either.

            So you can shut your mouth as well. Kidding, of course – the PoP politeness and all.

          • Ah, the internet. You read the initial comment as someone just mentioning the area’s reputation (an earned one, I am well aware of the history). I read it as someone claiming it’s still 1999. The printed word- add some snark and crankiness, and you’ve got comments, baby!

  • I have (speculative info) for the police:

    Look out for 2 BMs, age 16-22, 1 with dreadlocks, 1 with baggy jeans. Last seen returning home at their subsidized apartments at Faircliff Plaza East or West.

    There – case solved.

  • Violent crime is alarming. The fact that so much of it has been happening in broad daylight lately is even more alarming. To me this means the perpetrators are getting more reckless and brazen. It is such a shame because there are so many good people in Columbia Heights and yet the area is being dragged down by such a small number of individuals.

  • Says who? Crazier things have happened, like the man randomly killed in the same block just a few weeks ago. This area is getting worse. No one would like this happening where they live, random or not.

    • This was meant as a reply to Anon who said few were killed by a stray stabbing.

    • The fact that crime continues is a shame, but this area is not getting worse. That doesn’t mean it still has a ways to go. You must be relatively new.

  • It’s ridiculous that this stuff happens. This isn’t close to being a “bad neighborhood” by DC standards. Have you seen Benning Road, Congress Heights, Trinidad, etc?

    How can people be so bold to do this crap when there are tons of witnesses and non-lowlifes around?

    I guess the real question is, how can we get these lowlifes out of the neighborhood?

  • I dont read posts by people who sign as “anonymous”. Can someone with a tag name please explain their point? Apparently, they have something to say. Probably innocuous or ding batty, but I’d be curious to hear it from someone who has thecajones to invent a handle, even if it’s a stupid, fake name.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. In case u don’t get it, signing as “anonymous” is not cool, and makes your point of view look chicken shitted. Oh, and boring.

  • the apt on the corner can be a hot mess (Faircliffs, not the amsterdam). I used to live on that block and had the manager and owner on speed dial to complain about stuff. It would get better for a while and then fall off again. CM Graham is a big supporter though of that complex so there is not a lot of support from his office. That corner would get really crazy late at night in the summer. A lot of drama would start in the parking lot where the security guard is supposed to patrol. Its so frustrating and scary to hear about this. Its not even summer time–the season of violence in this town.

  • I wish people would just put their phones away when on the street. But people can’t even turn them off during a date or a movie, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • Yeah. It’s definitely their fault for getting stabbed; they shouldn’t have been using their phones. Seriously, that’s your opinion?

  • I agree with those that say Columbia Heights is not getting worse. It is frustrating, however, that violent crime does appear to be increasing in this area in a fashion that does not seem to correlate with the very positive changes the neighborhood has experienced in the past 6-8 years. When I arrived hear in 2004 it does not even resemble the place it is today. And don’t give me this gentrification is bad crap, either. DC’s property tax cap has protected the long time home-owner residents in the neighborhood and helped to create a wonderfully diverse area that really is being marred by a very small group of people that don’t respect themselves, their surroundings, me. you, or anything in between.

  • Crime ebbs and flows–ask the old timers in any inner city neighborhood. Even if the trend is better, there are still waves of crime and various hot spots that are resistant to intervention.. When I lived in Adams-Morgan in the 90s, there were big ups and downs. I remember chatting with a neighbor and we saw a purse snatching half a block away–it all happened too quickly to do anything, but there were people on the street who could have. My neighbors in A-M (it was a co-op building) wanted to do all kinds of things were been expensive and, in some cases, could easily make things worse. OTOH, the idea of actually doing something–like joining with neighbor buildings and homeowners to provide more eyes on the street and deal with basic problems like lighting and police patrols never got very far—having someone else take care of problems is very Washingtonian.

    Crime doesn’t disappear when you move to the burbs. We went from space on the Walter reed campus to an office park in Rockville. Theft was, if anything, a bigger problem in Rockville, yet we were in a series of secured small spaces where everyone should have known everyone else and kept an eye out. In my current job in the Rockville Pike corridor we occasionally have the same problems despite a “secure” building.

  • I agree with the section 8 situation. When The Cavalier was a section 8 only, that area of 14th st was burning with crime. After the remodeling and rename of the Cavalier and new tenant came in, is a lot better and less crime.

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