Shootings in H St, NE, Truxton Circle and Brookland

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From MPD:

“At about 4:50 a.m. MPD units responded to 11 & H Streets NE for the report of a shooting. Upon their arrival they discovered an adult male gunshot victim, who was transported to the hospital and admitted in critical condition. As more releaseable information becomes available we will post it to the list serve. As always. we are seeking assistance from the community concerning this offense.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099 or

1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746).”

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From DCAlerts:


From MPD:

“Three adult male victims one shot to ankle one to the hip and one to the foot. The suspects were only described as 2 black males wearing all black clothing who fled from the scene on foot after the shooting toward the 200 block of R Street, NW. No detailed lookout provided. There were no life-threatening injuries.

This will be a Fifth District detectives’ case.”

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From DCAlerts:


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  • I hope they shoot each other until they are all dead and leave my neighborhood. If I wouldnt get caught, I would have dropped a bomb on that NW Coop years ago and not thought twice. The residents who live there that are normal residents should take more action to help report crime and criminals that are not supposed to be in this area.

    • have you even been involved with the police and the judicial system concerning armed assaults and murders? i bet not. you would probably rethink your attitude if you had. your desire to murder people is unnerving. i hope you gain more respect for human life as you age.

    • I’m with TCR. I used to feel sad, but the more of this I hear, the more I hope that they’re making a dent in the overall numbers of people who think this is a valid lifestyle choice.

      Official dueling grounds. Let ’em shoot at each other away from the innocent bystanders. It’s not like the loss of these thugs is going to negatively affect *anything*.

      • The same people who are shooting each other every weekend are the same people who have about 0% chance of ever using a condom in their lives. This is not making a dent.

  • Yikes. I thought these were the kinds of comments that PoP was going to start censoring.

    • Maire,

      I know, having opinions that you don’t like is so wrong it needs to be censored. Seriously, do you think that these people are valuable contributions to society?

  • Sorry to hear of all the incidents, but let’s not forget last year the homicide rate was the lowest in 40 something years, and this year it is significantly lower…

  • Yeah I have to join the let them kill eachother as fast as possible crowd. Defending these folks is nothing but comphy theoretical masterbation. These folks are beyond help.

  • How many anonymouses are talking here? at least one of them is hilarious. it’s beyond sad, however–what anonymous is talking about. who could blame anyone for hoping the shooters kill each other? the whole western movie industry in hollywood got rich on that naughty thought.

  • The difference with Hollywood westerns is that rarely, if ever, was an innocent person caught in the crossfire (at least in the movies). Here, we’re not talking about people calling each other out for a one-on-one duel on an empty street, we’re talking about people firing guns indiscriminately – sometimes into crowds – without giving a rat’s rear end if they hit someone who has nothing to do with whatever stupid beef they have.

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