Shooting on 1700 Block of Columbia Rd, NW Early Sat. Morning

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From MPD:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting which occurred in the 1700 block of Columbia at approximately 2:15 AM.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099 or
1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746) or text at 50411.”

Update from CM Jim Graham:

“Early this morning, about 2:20 AM, a fight broke out on the 1700 block of Columbia Road. One of those involved drew a gun and fired at another person, inflicting non threatening injury.

To the advantage of all, a police officer was already there on the scene. And acted quickly to arrest the shooter and confiscate the weapon.

That officer was one of the Adams Morgan Business Improvement District’s Reimbursable Detail Officers. The tactical squad from Chief Lanier’s Operation Adams Morgan was also just yards away and was immediately on the scene.

All of which resulted in effective police action on a shooting. We all wish this hadn’t occurred. Both victim and shooter were from outside Ward 1. But since it did happen, the capacity to respond was ready, willing and able.

By the way, the Police Reimbursable Detail is a joint program with MPD/ABC Board which I authored in an action the council approved some years ago. Despite a proposed cut in funding, we managed to appropriate the funds necessary for this very important program to continue. A 50% discount in the off duty police officer rate is made possible through this DC gov subsidy. I am now in discussions with the 9th Street businesses in an effort to have them re-establish their RDO program. We need to consider the same thing for U Street. Also, the BID itself is also funded in the main by property taxes paid by the commercial properties in Adams Morgan.

Again, congratulations and thanks to MPD, these officers and the BID.

Bests CM Jim Graham”

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  • Weak story PofP. Shooting was at Euclid and Columbia, 2:10am-ish, updates and pics are on twitter under hashtag #admo.

  • Cassandra – Euclid and Columbia falls about halfway on the 1700 block of Columbia. #geographyfail

    • Cassandra,

      Take your complaints to the MPD. The report came from them.

    • Yeah, but PoP was off by 5 mins /s

    • Andy, I know where it is, I live right where the shooting happened and watched the whole thing outside my window.

      caballero – I get it, I know that’s the MPD version. I was just disappointed that with all the info on Facebook and Twitter these days that there wasn’t more effort to find more details instead of just taking the MPD version.

      • Cassandra,

        Have you spoken to the police? If you saw everything, you really should get in touch with them. I have done so on several occasions, and they really appreciate any help they get from witnesses. At first, I was a little nervous, but now I do it without hesitation.

        • Cassandra,

          I just read what Jim Graham wrote, so I guess your account of what happened may not be necessary.

          But rather than criticize PoP for not having all the facts, why don’t you enlighten us with the facts in the comments section? Personally, I like to hear what other people have to say, and I’m sure other readers feel the same way. Sharing information this way is why most of us turn to PoP.

          • All good points and you’re right. I was woken up by the shots and looked outside as the first police unit stopped and 2 guys ran from the car in the middle of the street. They were soon followed by a flood of cops which CM Graham describes. This was followed by all of them looking for something under cars and in bushes until one guy yelled that he found it. I’m assuming it was the gun. They taped off the street and one guy was handcuffed over by the McDonalds for the entirety of this search and while one guy on the side of the street was getting treated and then helped into an ambulance. But the injured guy could get into the stretcher on his own and I couldn’t see any blood so it seemed like his injuries were minor – also supported by the account from CM Graham.

            Anyways, this is old news now since we have a bomb threat in AdMo today that is forcing me to stay in my house since the street is taped off – again.

          • “I get it, I know that’s the MPD version. I was just disappointed that with all the info on Facebook and Twitter these days that there wasn’t more effort to find more details instead of just taking the MPD version.”

            How is the MPD version inaccurate, again? I read your description of events and compared it with the MPD’s description of events and I fail to see any relevant differences (and no, as pointed out above, “Euclid and Columbia” is not an important distinction).

            And shocker, you’re disappointed with the quality of info provided on Facebook and Twitter? After reading a few of your overly dramatic, self-important tweets, I wouldn’t exactly say that you’re doing anything to improve anything already available.

  • Interesting. There was a shooting this morning at about 9am on H and 10th Street NE. What appeared to be 2-3 young black males were in an older model white SUV with a spare tire on the back. About 8-10 shots were fired north up 10th and they drove away.

  • Re: the update…nothing like a shooting do to a politicking, right?

  • Wonder where the shooter got his gun and ammo? Lesson – don’t get into a fight in Adams Morgan, hand guns are very prevalent in DC, you might get shot.

  • Lesson 2: Don’t hang out in Adams Morgan after 11 p.m. It’s dangerous out there.

  • If PoP’s map is accurate, this happened right outside a liquor store. I’m a fan of the store myself, but there is often a boisterous, intoxicated crowd milling about there, even on weekdays. I wasn’t there, but this could have been a contributing factor.

  • “A 50% discount in the off duty police officer rate”

    Police officers are for rent? WTF, America?

  • Really Jim Graham? Really??? Using the apprehension of a criminal for political gain?

    According to Graham, this officer was where he was and the bad guy got caught all because Graham made it possible. How low can a politician get?

    Any one with a shred of sincerity would have simply said “good job” and refrained from giving themselves a pat on the back for something that happened while they were sitting in the safety of their own home.

    P.S. MPD officers get payed a fixed rate for approved off-duty work. The district bills out at twice that rate. This “subsidy” simply removes the city taking their half… It literally costs the district nothing.

    • Sounds to me like Jim Graham used his Council position to make a positive contribution to safety. As opposed to, you know, just spouting off on internet discussion boards.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      You can say what you want to say without “fuck off, bowtie” that is not necessary. There is a reply here so I’ll leave it, but in the future those comments will be deleted. If you want just leave your name anonymous – but don’t do this. Thanks.

  • Not sure what the problem with having more police officers on the street is, especially in high traffic “late night” areas. Does Petworth, along Georgia, have a similar Police Reimbursement Detail Program in place? If not, how can we help get one in place?

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