Scuttlebutt: Ledo Pizza Interested in Former Pizza Hut Space in Adams Morgan?

Please keep in mind this only scuttlebutt nothing has been confirmed yet. Back in Aug. ’11 Pizza Hut closed at 1769 Columbia Rd, NW. A reader sends intriguing word that a Ledo Pizza could be moving into the space. You can see Ledo’s menu here. Given the recent addition of Mellow Mushroom and all the other pizza options in Adams Morgan – do you think a Ledo Pizza would do well here?

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  • Ledo probably took a massive hit with Walter Reed packing up. Adams Morgan would definitely be a better place for them.

  • This former VA resident would love to have a Ledo right there. Still my favorite pizza.

  • Yes, please. I LOVE Ledo’s pizza.

  • only locals like ledos.

  • They will do great because I WILL BE THERE EVERY DAY.

  • Mellow Mushroom will draw people from Atlanta, Research Triangle, etc. They make a great pizza for people who’ve never met an Italian-American or for Italian-Americans who were stuck in the Sunbelt growing up. I used to get their pizza when I lived in Atlanta, but frankly it wasn’t that great. I grew-up with Italian Americans and used to celebrate my birthday with the Feast of the Assumption in Cleveland’s Little Italy. I’d never go to an MM if something better was available, and you can easily do better here these days.

    Ledo served the same function for DC locals as MM for the big nothing in Georgia, although I think they do better pizza than MM. They also will have a niche, but it will be different from MM. I won’t go there either.

  • Ledo’s is soooo good! They’re great at simple, plain old cheese pizza. Can’t wait.

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t like Ledo’s at all?

  • This neighborhood needs a Sweet Green, and this would be a great place for one.

    • I agree that Sweet Green would do very well in this neighborhood.

      As for Ledo and MM both coming in, my arteries are not as thrilled as I am.

      By the way, if one or two jumbo sliceries close up shop as a result, I predict some people will bemoan the decline of an Adams Morgan tradition. Perhaps even call it the shrinkification of AM pizza by Georgia (state and Ave.) transplants.

  • Im a local and I think Ledos is complete crap. Is there even more than one location here? My work ordered pizza from there for a meeting and we all got the shits. Pizza hut is better than ledos. There is no shortage of pizza in Adams Morgan. Why open between Petes and Mellow Mushroom. Take yourself to H street.

  • Ledos is the best. Hope it’s true…

  • The neighborhood definitely needs non-jumbo slice pizza options. Love Ledo’s

  • Dude I was hoping for another CVS or 7-11! But seriously, Ledo would be nice, especially if it delivered to Columbia Heights.

  • it’s “Ledo” not “Ledo’s” you neanderthals.

  • I think of Ledo pizza and other pizza as 2 different things. If I want pizza, I’ll get Pete’s. Ledos is a different, but totally delicious animal. I will definitely patronize.

  • I had Ledo’s once out in Gainsville. It reminds me of Mama Celeste cheap frozen pizza.

    • I’ve never understood why frozen pizza is so strange. The weird cracker crust, the super-sweet sauce… they could make a normal pizza just as cheaply and it freezes just as well.

  • If them serve beer and manage to get some outside sitting area they’ll do well. Too many places to just grab a slice in a adams morgan, not too many places where one can grab a slice and have a beer.

  • I’ve always thought Ledo was overrated, but I’d rather see a Ledo in that spot than yet another cell phone reseller.


  • I would love to see that storefront become the Ledo Pizza Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center.

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