RFK Turning 50 – What has been the most memorable moment/game so far?

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I just got word that there will be some sorta celebration of the Stadium’s 50th anniversary. And it made me realize – I really don’t know to much about the stadium’s history. So what do you guys think has been the most memorable moment/event/game in RFK’s history?

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  • Showing up early and getting into the mosh pit at the front of the General Admission section for Metallica/Guns and Roses back in the early 90s. Good times.

    • If that’s the same show that Faith No More opened, I think you just named my favorite memory as well. (The concert itself, not the mosh pit.)

    • That’s awesome. I saw the same show at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh.

    • me too – i was in high school and my gf and I drove up to pittsburgh and back (on the same day, without staying overnight) to see the show at three rivers as well. long drive!

  • Without a doubt, Joe Theismann’s leg.

  • I’m not a big sports fan, but I have fond memories of multiple HFStivals and the Tibetan Freedom Festival held at RFK when I was in high school.

  • I’ll be cliche and just say the 1983 NFC championship game against the cowboys. Lets go diesel BRRRAAAAAP

  • Scariest: The HFS Festival when the young woman a section over got hit by lightening.

    Best: First few seasons of DC United – they always won and the stands always rocked.

    Second Best: Opening day of baseball 2005.

    • The woman was hit by lightning at the Tibetan Freedom Festival, not an HFStival.

      But yeah, that was pretty memorable.

      • Hmmm… wasn’t it HFS Festival and Herbie Hancock was playing?

        Also some bastard at an HFS festival threw an entire container of old bay down on us in the crowd. Hot, sweaty and covered with old bay is not way to go through life son.

  • Rolling Stones on the Steel Wheels tour in ’89. As awesome as the Stones were I was really blown away by the opening act – Living Colour.

  • For me personally it was seeing shows there by U2, Paul McCartney and the Grateful Dead (at least six times). I was also at the Tibet Freedom shows and was standing right next to MTV’s correspondent when she got the news that someone had been hit by lightning. You could see the worry in her face as she switched from party mode to reporter mode. That lightning crack was LOUD!
    My favorite thing about that venue is the way the lower bleachers undulate during a concert!

    • I remember watching the Dead perform Tennessee Jed in ’91 and thinking those bleachers were going to fly away. Literally fly away. As if winged.

  • Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead & mushrooms. At least I think it was at RFK. . .

  • Nats’ Opening Day. Baseball was back!

  • Tibetan Freedom Festival! That was so awesome. It was not only one of my first concerts (first ever was No Doubt and Weezer in 1997), but we had so much fun in the rain! Except for that girl that got struck by lightning. That sucked for her.

  • Anyone know what’s going on with the redevelopment plans for the stadium?

  • I’ve actually never been to RFK, even though I only live 10 blocks away. But it’s always greeted me when I’ve returned home from a trip that involves taking 295 north.

  • andy

    Sounders winning U.S. Open Cup in inaugural MLS season at RFK!

    • That was the year the Sounders invented soccer, right? I am sorry but the Sounders fans who continue to have the signs that mock DC’s lack of statehood are an embarrassment and have no respect for DC residents.

      • andy

        Ah, well, Colbert does that bit too. See the one with Eleanor Holmes Norton?

        And yes, the Sounders invented soccer.

        • Some fat dude in a Sounders jersey 2x too small is no Colbert.

        • You mean Joe Roth, who gave us a plethora of shit films, Paul Allen and that fat guy from Cleveland bought soccer, and said they invented it.

          Tell me when you win the League, CONCACAF CL or even a Supporters’ Shield (or Golden Boot, ROTY, COTY, etc.).

  • Dead shows and DC United matches.

    Everytime I walk under the bridge to go to a DCU match, my head goes back to the sound of the drummers at my 1st dc dead show. Good times.

  • The Skins beating the Falcons in the playoffs. The Falcons had Deion and MC Hammer on the sidelines. The Skins walked off the field doing the 2 legit to quit dance. As a 13 year old Skins fan it was the best

  • One of the Nationals games that was interrupted by a rain-storm. The spotlights shining on the swirling rain mixed with the lightning bolts overhead made it out to be like sitting in the thunderdome.

  • Many great memories… Sigh. Concerts and ‘Skins. I went to my first ‘Skins (vs Detroit) game with my Dad right before having to have surgery. 1981 – Joe Gibbs’ first year as coach… followed by the wonderfulness of the always winning 80’s early 90’s. Throw in a mix of concerts of all kinds, the Nats, United – you name it. I still love that place.

  • Parking lot for a Dead show and Ultraworld parties at the Armory in late 90’s summed up my youth. Ah, the retained memories…

  • Lots and lots of great Nats games there in 2005, when they were in 1st place at the All-Star Break. The house was packed all the time, and people would get those moveable seating sections down the 3rd bass line jumpin’ up and down like crazy.

  • dead shows in the 90’s. I think this was the location of the comeback of ‘shakedown street’

  • world cup 1994 without a doubt………….

  • U2. Joshua Tree tour. Hands down. Best.Concert.Ever!

    oh, and the first HFStival to be held there was pretty awesome too 🙂

  • The way the stands BOUNCED during the ‘Skins games.

  • Grateful Dead- 6/9-10/73. The second night with the Allman Brothers. Precursor to the largest concert ever held in the U.S.– 7/28/73: Dead, Allmans, the Band.

    Grateful Dead- 7/12/90. Pouring rain and a monumentally trippy Dark Star.

    Grateful Dead- 6/20/92. The first Casey Jones since ’84 out of Space.

    Grateful Dead- 6/93- Clinton and Gore sighted at stage left.

    Grateful Dead- 6/25/95- Black Muddy River revived as encore, first since ’89.

  • 2004 MLS Eastern Conference Playoffs vs. NE Revs. Sat behind the goal (before baseball ruined it) when the winning PKs were taken.

    And just because @andy brought it up, here’s what the “inventors of soccer” were doing in 2004:

    Year League Reg.Season Playoff Avg. Attendance
    2004 USL A-League 4th, Western Final 2,874

  • Zimmerman walk-off HR vs. the Yankees on Father’s Day

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