Revive Catering Opens in Truxton Circle

“Dear PoPville,

I went by Revive Catering last week. They are now open for business. In addition to the catering, they have take-out lunches. Right now the take-out menu is limited, however, it is expected to increase over time as they work out their recipes. I ordered chicken and red velvet waffles with bourbon syrup. It was really delicious and I could smell the aroma the entire way as I was walking home. The lunch came with a really nice sweetened tea which was also very flavorful.

The owners are really nice and are excited about the place. I spoke with them for awhile. I think I was told that they are also open on weekends. I am looking forward to trying out their other lunches as the menu expands. I think it’s a nice addition to the neighborhood.”

Revive Catering is located in the old Hot Trout Grill space at 8 Florida Ave., NW (just west of North Capitol St.)

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  • This place is going to be spectacular. I hope it goes a long way toward reviving a dying neighborhood. We need more quality businesses “around the Circle.”

    • hahaha – I’m not sure that I’d call Truxton a “dying” neighborhood. Were you around in the 80s? Or the 90s? Back when it wasn’t called “Truxton” it was certainly a differnt neighborhood anyway. Most people would call the changes in the past 10 years an example of incredible revitalization. But I suppose it depends on what sort of neighborhood you’re interested in having…

  • open for lunch? great news!
    thanks for the tip

  • Sweet! Takeout meals…very nice!

    Does anyone know what the deal is with Uncle Chips just down the street from here on North Capitol?

  • claire

    Oh wow, chicken and red velvet waffles with bourbon syrup?? Sounds great, but I can’t get lunch there since I’m typically at work. My boyfriend, on the other hand, works from home within walking distance and chicken & waffles is one of his favorite dishes. He also loves bourbon … he is going to be psyched.

  • i’d love to see that whole building fixed up.

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