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  • I’m eager to hear as well. I love Chipotle and want to know if the quality/style/price is similar.

  • Although its not true banh mi. Their sandwiches have similar flavors. And its damn good. It’s just a good solid sandwich, highly recommend it. 7 dollars seems average for a sandwich these days. An authentic banh mi out at Eden Center in Falls Church only cost 2.50 to 3 dollars but thats in Falls Church, if you happen to be in that area….

    Didn’t try the bowls, they looked ok, wasn’t that appealing.

    • Anytime there is an ethnic component, “authenticity” arguments come out of the woodshed. IMHO, “authenticity” is overrated, and is the crutch of facile criticism.

      • well put, my friend.

      • While I certainly understand your point (I love chipotle and panda express, authenticity be damned), I disagree that authenticity is overrated when it dictates what something should taste like. It’d be like writing an excellent paper on the wrong topic. It’s good, but completely wrong–should the first part override the second part? There are people who harp on the authentic component unnecessarily, but that doesn’t mean it should be completely dismissed in criticism.

  • So good. So, so, so good.

  • it’s awesome.

    not enough vegetarian options, but it’s still awesome. pork and chicken meatballs are delicious, steak is great, tofu is so-so, but overall I love the place. it’s actually spicy too!

    • I’m not sure what you’re expecting. They have the same number of vegetarian options as they do meat options. Four each.

      • No, because all but one of their sauces are not vegetarian.

        • Well we longtime vegetarians know that sometimes you have to bend the rules. From past experience I can report that it will not kill you.

          • Well then your not a “lontime” vegetarian. Simple as that…

            Just like your not a long term heterosexual if you “bend the rules” when you and the frat boys get bored…

          • i agree with jerb.
            i’ve been a vegetarian for 22 years. there are times when you don’t ask about the sauce. you don’t ask about the refried beans. etc… . sometimes your travels bring you to places where it’s extremely hard to eat vegetarian. either you have no idea what you are talking about jen or you live an extremely privileged life. and wtf? frat boys? get over yourself.

      • what?

        there are 3 meats and 1 non meat.
        there are 2 non veg sauces and 1 vegetarian.
        you can basically get one dish. unless of course you want either an empty sandwich or a bowl of plain rice or noodles… then, I guess, you have a point.

        I’m not even vegetarian, but I don’t want to eat meat all the damn time.

    • It isn’t on the menu, per se, but they’ll let you do a “veggie bowl” if you decline the meat options.

      • Exactly. There is tofu and 4 veggies. I’ve had them make a bowl with all 4 of the vegs (and I’m not even vegetarian- at least any more). There are plenty of options for vegetarians- even vegans!

  • It’s tasty! The first time I went I had the brown rice with pork and chicken meatballs, eggplant and green papaya slaw, green curry sauce and a few crushed peanuts.

    The flavor combination was outstanding, especially the green curry sauce. The meatballs were lightly browned on all sides, so they had a wonderful, juicy crunch to them. Everything else was good, although I wish they wouldn’t limit the amount of ‘garnishes’ to ONE. That’s what made me fall in love with Chipotle. The never ending combinations of food is my favorite part (although I do admit I always get the same thing now). Otherwise, it was also hard to find a spot to sit down, so my coworker and I shared a 4 top with two people we didn’t know.

    Side note: Prices are pretty decent, $6.82 for the meatballs and $2.27 for a bottle of super-fancy ginger ale, but I still feel like they could come down due to the limit of one ‘garnish.’

    I hope this helps!

  • I wish we were getting this on Barracks Row instead of the Chipotle.

  • Am I the only one who thought this was just barely okay? It’s never crowded, and it just kind of…sucked. Overhyped, worth trying, but overall – meh. Will say though, got the spiciest sauce and that stuff is CRAZY spicy, coming from a girl who gets 3 scoops of the red hot salsa on her Chipotle burrito.

    • Really? The Yelp reviews say they’re huge lines during lunch. http://www.yelp.com/biz/shophouse-washington

      • Ya, everytime I’ve been its been out the door lines. I am a fan of the place and everything I’ve had has been great.

    • Nope, you’re not the only one. I also think chipolte is just another piece of crap fast food place, just more expensive with healthier ingredients.

    • Second your “meh”. Although I wish they bottled their spiciest sauce, I buy a case for home.

    • It’s “never crowded”? Any time I’ve been there or walked past (from 5:30-8:30 M-F) it’s always PACKED. There’s never any place to sit. That being said, I’ve gotten the banh mi twice, which I enjoyed, and the bowl once, which was okay, but I think that’s because I chose a weird combination of flavors. The meatballs were really good, but a bit too salty.

  • The bowls are good, and actually a decent value in DC terms. It’s also a good healthy option, which is always welcome. When they say “spicy curry” sauce, they mean it!

    The problem I see is that there isn’t enough seating in there to deal with the demand. They blocked off that whole section behind the soda machine for some reason, and that takes away valuable space that could be used for tables.

  • Everything is spicy! When I was there, I heard almost everyone talking about how spicy their meal was. As a vegetarian, I got the tofu, which is marinated in a very spicy sauce. I don’t mind a moderate amount of spice, but this was way too much. My bf loves spice and even he was having a hard time. I wouldn’t go back.

  • I was surprised to see Tom Sietsema included ShopHouse in his fall dining guide. He gave it 2 stars: http://www.washingtonpost.com/gog/restaurants/shophouse-southeast-asian-kitchen,1214807/critic-review.html

  • Love, love this place and so excited it opened up right by my office. I am gluten free/dairy free and can eat every single thing on the menu except the steak (and bread for the banh mi obvi). If you don’t like a lot of spice this may not be the place for you since everything is very spicy. But if you are like me and love spicy foods, this is one of the few places that actually packs a decent punch.

  • I got the spicy which was, for me, too hot (and I love spice) but I would definitely go back for the mild. I loved the pickles, too – they were super hot but flavorful where the curry was just hot.

    That said, I hope to see a vegetable rotation otherwise it could get VERY boring VERY quickly. If the company prides itself on seasonality, they should do away with the corn and have, say, a winter squash topping and rotate something else in with two staples. I can see myself getting bored if it’s the same two options for me(considering corn is not great with tofu, and eggplant isn’t my favorite).

  • It’s good, and very reminiscent of the Chipotle experience. You know how you may get Chip0otle cravings (no? Just me?)? For that palate of spices they have on their food? Well, the same phenomenon happened to me with Shophouse last weekend for lunch. I had to have it.

    But yeah, for what it is, I very much enjoy it.

  • I heard that this is their only location right now, and it is a testbed to see if creating a nationwide chain would be viable.

  • Spacious bathroom

  • Shophouse is legit. I love Chipotle and I love me a good Bahn Mi too, so this really works for me. I got a cold noodle bowl with red curry and beef (with some other stuff) and it was really good. REALLY spicy. The Bahn Mi is not “authentic” – I have no credibility behind that statement- but it’s a perfect beginner bahn mi. No fish sauce or pork fat, but the bread is pretty spot on. Just my opinion. The price is fair as long as you dont get a 3 dollar organic ginger beer or something dumb. Think I may have to go today.

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