Reports of Shots fired by 10th and I St, NE around 9am Sat. Morning

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A reader reports:

“There was a shooting this morning at about 9am on H and 10th Street NE. What appeared to be 2-3 young black males were in an older model white SUV with a spare tire on the back. About 8-10 shots were fired north up 10th and they drove away.”

@DaveStroup says on twitter that from 9th and F St, NE:

“I heard two bursts maybe a minute apart. Roughly same number of shots as what you have heard about.”

@aly0912 adds on twitter:

“my husband and I were at BofA a little after 9 and saw lots of police activity on 10th and up and down H”

@HStGreatSt says on twitter:

“it was on I, not H. No one was injured.”

I’m waiting on word from MPD. At the moment it doesn’t appear anyone was injured. Unfortunately @dcfireems on twitter no longer seems to report on shootings.

Update: MPD confirms incident. Fortunately no one injured.

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  • Just a few bad eggs leaving brunch.

  • Sounds like the PG bammers are back at it, shooting up the hoods in DC. Seems almost like a sport. Glad no one was hurt physically, but the psychological turmoil it causes takes years off our lives.

    • You nailed it. After 5 years in CH the psychological turmoil is really getting to me. Any suggestions on how to cope with the tension/fear of crime when moving isn’t an option? And don’t give me that “volunteer to solve the problem” stuff. I mean real mechanisms for learning how to cope.

      • How do you cope? You thank God that you weren’t around in 1993. Things are also a lot better than last year. DC still has a slight chance of making it 100 or less homicides this year–best rate since 1970’s–that’s a huge deal,a,1239,q,561242,mpdcNav_GID,1523,mpdcNav,|.asp

        • that’s how YOU cope. but it’s not really a viable suggestion for someone else to deal with their fears.

      • moving is always an option. if you really can’t take it then move. don’t make bullshit excuses. move.

        but once you decide, okay, i think i can learn to deal here’s what you can do.

        1. yes, volunteer. volunteering isn’t always about helping others, it’s also about helping yourself. if you put yourself in situations where you are helping kids out, you’ll learn a lot about their lives. whoever or whatever you volunteer for you will develop and deeper your sense of the community. it WILL make you feel better about walking around your neighborhood and your place in this city.
        2. start/join a neighborhood watch.
        3. really engage with your neighbors. stoop it up. get to know everyone. by name. invite people over. even if it’s just for some lemonade on your steps.
        4. religion, if that suits you.
        5. stop reading crime reports.

        but really, do remember that life is too short to live in fear. do whatever it takes to shed that, even if it means walking from your house/dream job/ family/ life partner.

      • therapy. seriously. if it’s causing you anxiety, there are tools you can learn to cope better.

    • Yes, it’s only the PG kids. All the DC kids were at the store with their grandmothers.

  • Arthur Treacher’s

  • Stop being fearful.

  • The lesson: the solution for people who are justifiably afraid for their safety is to tell them to move and then to launch into a self-righteous but unhelpful rant. Because anyone who is nervous about living in a neighborhood where people are dying violent deaths obviously doesn’t have the right attitude about his neighborhood.

  • Okay, all of these posts have been enlightening (if not amusing). This is a good discussion, and a real topic of interest to many of us.

  • Let me clear this up. I live down the street and came out to get the story.

    1) the 9 to 10 shots of Saturday were on 8th and L, with some action in an alley off of 8th.

    2) another shot was fired on Sunday afternoon in the same alley that runs from 8th to 9th.

    3) word on the street (i hate to use tired phrases, but it is technically accurate here) is that this is a nighborhood arguement over shoes. yep shoes.

    PS. the second shooting was a pedal-by. As in the environmental messages are finally taking hold so we no longer have to fear drive-bys but criminals on bicycles.

    Have a great day!

  • NE Neighbor beat me to it. This was an altercation over the “Duncans” that came out on Saturday morning. If you drove past a shoe store, you might have seen a line outside. A neighbor kid, who’s not exactly a good Samaritan out helping old ladies, confirms this was about $240 sneakers.

    • Awesome. Can we blame the parents yet? Nothing says ‘responsible upbringing’ like working out your petty emotions through gunfire. Someone needs to teach them that the place for that is on pseudo-anonymous Internet message boards.

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