Good Deal or Not? “replete with original details” edition

This home is located at 1131 Columbia Rd, NW:

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The flier says:

“Rarely available, enormous rowhome replete with original details and in move-in condition. This lovely home is for your most discerning Buyers, a charming oasis in the heart of the city close to everything yet secluded and quiet. Large backyard with 2 car garage and deck. 1BR/1BA english basement can be viewed at Home Inspection.”

You can find more info here and some photos here.

This 5 bed/3 bath is going for $760,000.

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  • The fact that there are no pictures of bathrooms or the kitchen is terrifying.

  • M thoughts exactly. Im sure it does have “original details” but in the bad way. Not the modern/functional kitchen way. Holy cow, $760,000 for a house that might need another 50k in bathroom/kitchen updates. Columbia Heights is the nuttiest market. Pretty soon it will two markets only-Public Housing and million dollar homes.

    • And that’s why I will never buy there.

    • Yep, there really isn’t much in between. Either you’re in a rowhouse that is ridiculously overpriced considering you’re next door to crime-infested public housing, or you’re in the crime-infested public housing.

  • What does it mean that that the english basement can’t be viewed until home inspection? So its not on the tour just for interested buyers? I need to actually be under contract and having my inspection to see 1/3 of the house?

  • I dunno how columbia rd can possibly be “secluded and quiet” but that is one killer garage.

  • This house has been on and off the market for years. When I viewed it some two years ago it was a diasaster, like a student dorm that hadn’t seen turnover for years and therefore no yearly cleaning. The house is big and has potential but needs a complete renovation. I’m surprised the garage is still standing and/or the kid who was smoking pot in his bedroom while we toured the house hasn’t burned the place down yet.

  • Also,

    Unless the back deck has been replaced since the last time I was there it should be properly referenced as a rotting pile of firewood.

  • I toured this house. It’s a whole lot nicer than the photos suggest. It’s not a dream kitchen, but it’s totally workable, and the bathrooms were fine, maybe even charming. The only upgrade you may really need is AC.

    Not showing the basement unit is super weird though.

    • Sorry, but that’s WAYYYYYYY too much for a place without central A/C.

      Maybe the basement unit is occupied.

      • Cantral AC would probably run you $17K for installation in this house. $17K is roughly 2% of the asking price. If the list price is “WAYYYYYYY too much”, only one of those Ys, at most, could be attributable to the lack of A/C.

        • Agree with Maestrobe. This place might be overpriced, but a lack of central A/C, in and of itself, isn’t a big deal. It’s not nearly as expensive to install central A/C as people seem to think. I think that a smart buyer can use that misplaced perception to his/her advantage.

  • Dang. I was going to say it was a nice place based on the photos, but after reading your comments, I guess I won’t. But I am a sucker for fixer-uppers. Maybe not ones that cost that much though. Next!

  • Who in the hell do these people think they are? You expect me to make an offer, put down earnest money and get to the point of an inspection before you graciously let me see the basement?

    For gods sakes, atleast have pictures of it. I realize you have the basement rented out and you don’t want to inconvenience your tenants but tough s”&t.

    I can’t believe a realtor actually agreed to put a listing up like that.

  • Yeah, the not seeing the basement until home inspection is really sketchy. I mean, who is going to put in a contract without seeing part of the house??? And if there is a tenant living down there, they could make arrangements with him or her for a prospective buyer to view it. It’s not that hard. Just seems really weird to me…

  • I have no doubt someone will be dumb enough to buy this place at or near cost, but given who your neighbors are, you couldn’t pay me to live on this block.

    • What’s wrong with that block? I was interested in this place at one point but decided it wasn’t right.

      N.B: Not trying to be snarky or incite a neighborhood bashfest. Just trying to educate myself to buy a home sometime soon.

      • Couple problems with this block, beginning with, first and foremost (1) proximity to crime ridden public housing the block over. There would be nothing wrong with your direct neighbors (a.k.a., the people who own the houses next to you), it’d be the people who dominate the sidewalks from the block over who stab, shoot, deal drugs, and help themselves to anything on your front porch not locked down with three padlocks. (2) Would be the traffic/parking situation. The blocks of Columbia in between 11th and 16th are nightmares during morning and evening commutes, absolutely choked with traffic and loud buses. Worse, on Saturdays and Sundays, the block is still bad with cars queued up all the way from from 14th stuck in melee near the Target/Best Buy. I honestly couldn’t think of a worse place in Columbia Heights to own a house.

  • doesn’t this block have Columbia Village public housing on it? thats whats wrong with this block.

  • Columbia Village is one block farther west.

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