Good Deal or Not? “Views of the National Cathedral!” edition

This home is located at 310 Upshur St, NW:

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The flier says:

“A Rock Homes full renovation. This 4 bd/3.5 full bth, 3 Level home. Gourmet Kitchen w/ stainless appliances & Granite, Open Floor Plan, 2 large decks, finished lower level with rear door-and Kitchenette. Master Suite w/ private bath. Private secure parking & Spacious fenced backyard with grass. Walk to Grant Circle & Petworth Metro. Views of the National Cathedral!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $529,900.

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  • I think they probably mean the Basilica, not the Cathedral. If they can see all the way over to Wisconsin Ave. from 3rd and Upsher, they have Superman vision.

    • Was wondering the same thing.

    • i can see it from my roof in southern bloomingdale.
      can’t see the national shrine though.

      • I looked at houses over there, and yes, you can see the National Cathedral. It’s very high over there. In fact, I think that area around the Old Soldier’s home is the second or third highest part of DC. Might have to wait till the leaves are gone, not sure.

        Oh, and on the house. It had me going there for a second until I saw the yucko open floor plan and cheap wood trim around the windows. Too bad, but probably not a bad deal.

      • I can see the National Cathedral from the roof of my house at 8th and Upshur.

    • I live around the corner and you can see the Nat. Cathedral from the front porch.

  • hmmm..I actually like this one! I think it could be a first.

    • Yeah, the Natl Cathedral is pretty large and noticable. It is clearly visible from my office window in Tysons Corner, and thats a heck of a lot further away than this house

  • houseintherear

    You can see the Nat Cath from Washington Hospital Center, fyi.

  • You definitely CAN see the Cathedral from there; 3rd and Upshur is on a small hill and there is a valley leading down from it to Rock Creek that provides for a clearing.

    Btw I think I really like this house! It’d be a damn good buy if that had got it in under 500.

  • andy

    It looks pretty nice. However, it does look like it has been gutted and has very little from the time when it was built. Which is great for some people.

  • How’s the neighborhood?

  • andy

    Also, this google street view look appears to show that your next door neighbor would be a day care. Which some people would love and others would not.

  • Bet they (and a lot of other folks) lose that Cathedral view when the new multi-story Safeway goes up.

  • I don’t think so. It’s really high there and Georgia Ave is far down the hill and probably a half mile to the left (south). Upshur runs along the side of the Petworth Library and Roosevelt High School (go Riders!)

  • I think its probably a very good deal. Looks like two parking spaces and nice deck space. I wouldnt be surprised if it sells quickly at asking or even more. Thats about the going rate for a renovation with parking around there. I live further south in Parkview but run up this way all the time and its really lovely, lots of trees but surprisingly hilly. And yes you can see the Cathedral for sure. I can see the top of the Wash monument from corner of Princeton/Warder (if you stand in middle of the street). I don’t think most people realize how hilly DC can get in some of these neighborhoods.

    • Curious (not even directed at you really, just in general) why there is such a premium on parking. I live 2 blocks from this house and have never had an issue parking my car either immediately in front of my house or adjacent.

      I guess Upshur is slightly more commercial (though much of it on that end is shuttered–like the dear departed cocaine-trafficking front El Limeno), but I always see open spots up there as well.

      Is it more of an anticipated need? Like the neighborhood is going to gain density (with some houses going condo and new development) so spaces will become increasingly scarce?

      • I agree, i live a few blocks away. Even with parking in the back, I always park on the street with no problem because it is easier.

        • If there’s alternating-side street cleaning, having off-street parking would be a plus… no need to move your car if you weren’t planning to otherwise.

          • Ahh, forgot about that. My block is both unzoned and not street-cleaned. I had forgotten the headaches that can cause.

      • When you have kids it’s nice to be able to unload them and groceries etc. off the street. We live in Petworth and use the back parking area a lot, it’s just safer. Then on weekends when we use the backyard for grilling and tricycle races we move the car.
        It’s also a good place to park your boat trailer.
        Also fewer break-ins, although I have not noticed a problem with that in this area as much as closer in neighborhoods with more foot traffic, like Dupont.

  • Redfin now shows the asking price as $519,900… looks like the house went on the market at $549,900 on September 1 and had its price dropped to $529,900 at some point after that.

    This looks like a very nice (albeit somewhat generic) renovation to me, but I wonder whether the price is still a little bit high given the house’s distance from Metro.

    • There is a house at 4th/IL/Shepherd (so about 2-2.5 blocks closer to the metro) that appears to be a very similar renovation (possibly even the same renovator it looks so similar).

      It sold in July for I think 590k. So I’d say a difference of 70k probably compensates for the longer walk. Or the previous sale was overpriced (IMO, yes, but someone did pay it! In fact it was under contract less than 2 weeks after being listed at 610k).

  • I like it a lot. If I were still in the market for a house, I’d buy this one and save the time/money/brainpower on all the renovations I did/will do on my house in Park View.
    That kitchen bitterly needs a tile backsplash, though, in my opinion.

    • bfinpetworth

      I had the same exact thought about the kitchen. That’s an easy fix but still…. I think this will go for close to asking.

  • if you’re going to live that far away from everything, why not save a 100 grand and live in takoma?

  • I think that’s a good price. I like that part of Petworth. It’s very residential, but you can still walk to the businesses on Upshur, Safeway and the metro. Plus the soldiers home two.

  • Price seems good. Seems a shame there’s not a full kitchen in the basement in case somebody wanted to rental income, but perhaps basement apartments aren’t all that much of an attraction in Petworth?

  • Maybe the price is good…maybe not, but my complaint is this: Why does every developer feel that it’s necessary to destroy the original details of these beautiful row-houses by blowing out all the walls? I mean…what do you have after the walls are gone? A condo in a pretty 1920s brick shell.

    Did I get the last renovated row-house in this section of Petworth that still has its walls and details intact? Lookin’ that way.

    I wouldn’t buy this for $529K, probably not even for $479K. Tastes will eventually swing back, and this property will be a hard sell.

  • Good point about the lack of walls. I’ve always loved the feel of a formal dining room. I also think that they really cheaped out on the kitchen. There’s very little cabinet space and what seems to be alot of dead space around the kitchen area that could have contained additional storage and work space. I guess on the flip side, there’s an extra fridge and cabinets in the basement.

  • I’ve been to this house and its a nice reno but the steps to the basement are steep, tight, no hand rail. I bought my home in Petworth and I have a formal layout that was completely renovated. Some of the reno’s are too open.

  • We are currently looking for our first home in Petworth. I am really disappointed with all these open floor plans. I definitely prefer walls to help define a space.

    I’m not into opening the front door and being able to look straight thru the house into the back yard. Makes the home seem smaller to me.

    No I don’t think this house is worth the asking price. Although this particular street is seemingly nice.

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