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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend!

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  • anon. gardener

    Rave: Karma. Last night around 7 I watched two cops chase down a guy in the Petworth metro station – this kid was already handcuffed and tried to run. A plus for effort, but not too smart. Anyway, he looked exactly like the guy who tried to steal a bike right off the front of the bus I was on a couple of weeks ago, also at the Petworth metro. Nice to know bad behavior does catch up with you eventually.

    And damn can those cops run fast. It was like the Olympics down there!

  • Rant: Every time I walk into Boundary Stone on Rhode Island & First NW, i see nothing but white people. Do they not market to people of color in a neighborhood that has so many? I don’t get it and quite frankly, makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m all for supporting neighborhood businesses – hell, i eat at windows at least twice a week and visit my corner store daily for wraps, but i can’t get behind businesses that segregate – whether purposely or not. They should really reach out to POC, imo.

    Rave: Rustik has some great employees and I enjoy this setting a bit more. I wish they’d put more items on the menu, but that lamb pita is incredible. They have a great brunch too. Diton really brought a good business to this neighborhood. Proud of his success – lets support him getting longer operational hours!

    Rant: People who are constantly trying to hold on to their youth. 30 is old. Baby Boomers have tricked us trying to increase their longevity of relevancy. At 30 though, you’re old and there’s no way getting around it. Just accept it and stop buying True Religion pants and bottles at the club.

    Rave: Jada Fire. She got me through the night last night.

    Rant: Non/Low-tippers. As someone who works in the service industry, and as been for many years, most of us do not get a wage, nor any benefits. We work strictly off tips. I’m not sure if you notice this or not, but that’s how we feed our families. Just tip your bartenders, your waiters or waitresses, your newspaper carrier, someone. A couple of dollars you, someone who can afford to spend 40 bucks in a bar, is probably nothing to those of us who need that money to put food into our bellies. Just a thought.

    Rave: Cigars, specially Signature Cigars on Wisconsin Avenue. Granville and his staff are awesome!

    • I’m curious – how do you think they should market to non-white people? Perhaps it’s just coincidence white people that are interested in what they’re selling?

      • My thoughts exactly.

      • +1
        I’m AA and I had never heard of the place until you posted. I took a look at the menu and honestly, I’m not too inclined to eat there simply because what they serve doesn’t spark my interest.

        • I understand this, but you don’t speak for all POC. As someone else who is AA, I do find what they serve to spark my interest, however I do not enjoy the crowd.

        • The bacon burger is pretty awesome

          • @meg & @ white panther
            “Do they not market to people of color in a neighborhood…”
            “I’m curious – how do you think they should market to non-white people?”

            I thought about this. Most churches during Sunday services do bulletins, e.g. pray for person “x” who is sick and their family, church bake sale is this day etc. It always surprised me that the owners of new restaurants did not stop in the neighborhood churches introduce themselves and say, ‘Hey, we just opened try us out and please mention us you parishioners.’ New restaurants typically operate on tight budgets this would be FREE advertising (Maybe even let church raffle off a donated $25 gift certificate). Many people go out to brunch right after church. Owners could reach new pool of customers (DC could also reap some tax dollar from Marylanders who drive in for service) If the church is not receptive you move on but I assume restaurants would chose more customers over less customers. I think in a few cases older black residents may resent newcomers but in many cases they just don’t feel welcome in some of the new establishments not because of any action by owner or patrons but because of history. Brown vs. Board of Ed was decided in ‘55 but the city remained very much segregated for many more years. I am not saying anyone is required to do anything I am saying a little outreach never hurts. I am convinced when people interact it is a good thing.

            Rave – Baseball and It looks like there will be an NBA season – Go Wizards

          • excellent suggestion joe!

    • Rant: Douchy, entitled 20-something servers who think the world owes them simply because they are younger and hipper than a 30 year old. Maybe your attitude toward your “elders” is why your tips suck.

      • The older I get that happier I am and the better life gets. You could not pay me to relive my college years and early 20s, and from everything I’ve heard, your 30s are way more fun than your 20s. At least, that is my plan.

        • Oops, that was supposed to be a response to the original post.

        • +5 million

          My 30s have been exponentially better than my 20s and I expect that trend to continue.

          • I couldn’t wait to turn 30. 40 was even better—own a house, steady job, good relationship. Now I’m jammin’ in my 50s and could care less that I don’t even know what True Religion pants and bottles are! Rock on!

            But I do agree we should tip our bartenders and wait staff, maybe not as much if they’re jerks.

        • they are… the 30s are way better than the 20s and i hear the 40s are even better… you can’t tell anyone in their 20s that, they think they know everything (i know i did)…. they have to find out in time..

      • anon. gardener

        Seriously. Cut the attitude, and maybe you’ll get the tips you need to buy those cigars. Oh, and support your family. Check back with us when you’re 29.5, and let us know if you still think 30 is old and irrelevant.

      • Just curious.. Are you speaking from one specific experience or just a general vibe you pick up from all servers lately?

      • My husband always says “inside every old person is a young person going “what the F happened?””

      • +1 (mostly) to Anonymous 10:31 AM.

        Only someone who is under 30 would say “30 is old.” If you’re a snooty hipster and if your disdain for your over-30 customers is palpable, don’t be surprised if you get smaller tips from them.

        Honestly, do you think that you yourself are suddenly going to become “irrelevant” once you turn 30? I’d hope you’re not imagining that kind of future for yourself.

        Yes, there are people who dress/act inappropriately… but a lot of that is people just dressing/acting inappropriately PERIOD, not dressing/acting inappropriately for their age.

    • Im curious as to what criteria you use to consider 30 old? Many folks are just finishing school, jsut starting to explore life, travel, invest, etc. Athletic peak of humans is 26-30. YOU may feel old at 30 but many feel and live like 18 year olds still…I don’t see what’s wrong or old with being full of vitality,energy, and curiousity for fun and the world at 30.

      • no way, athleticism declines starting age 25. I couldn’t do half of what I could at 22 when I was 30.

        • Depends on the sport. Gymnastics, no so much. Marathon runners, however, do hit their peaks later (late twenties, early thirties)… or so I’ve read.

          • Yes endurance athletes, marathoners, runners, triathletes, bicyclists, etc all his there peak late 20’s.

          • PERFORMANCE peaks at different time than ATHLETICISM. For instance, try not working out for a year when you’re 20 and then go run a mile. You’ll probably feel fine. Try not working out for a year when you’re 30 and then go run a mile. If you can actually finish the mile you’ll be sore for 4 days afterwards.

    • PSshhhhh 30 is the new 22.

    • Maybe people who are desperate for tips shouldn’t blow their money on pricey cigars. Just a thought. :p

    • Could be that they just suck at marketing. I had never heard of them either (also AA).

      • come by sometime! we’re nice! and we’d love to have everyone feel welcome!

    • Maybe your crap attitude is why you’re not making tips. When you’re old in your 30’s you’ll understand :p

    • i didn’t know that boundary stone has done ANY marketing.

    • You’re against places that cater to white people but you shop in Bethesda?!

      • houseintherear


      • +1. Every time I’m in Bethesda I’m stunned at how white it is.

        They’ve got nice shops and restaurants and everything… but it’s very white.

        • Yeah, but that’s just the bigotry of “all whites look the same”. Bethesda is “white” color, but it’s full of Middle Easterners, Europeans of all flavors, South Americans, etc.

          It’s as bigoted as saying “I can’t tell the difference between an African and an African American. All black people are the same.”

    • growing up will be unkind to you.

    • My first time at Boundary Stone I spent the whole time talking with an AA patron. The staff gave us the same service, so I doubt they are segregating (that is a really big accusation). I think that they are primarily advertised on blogs like PoP, so maybe they just need to get some signs up around the neighborhood.

    • Maybe you’re getting low/no tips because your disdain for people over 30 shows when you wait on them.

      Just a thought.

    • jesus if 30 yrs old and older stopped going out in dc, the bar and restaurant service industry would absolutely die.

    • Wow, I have never seen such a self obsessed douchy post in my life. It is almost as though someone just made this up to hit all the highpoints to get a rise out of people.

      Here is a clue buddy, get over yourself. You are no where near as important as you think you are.

        • This is my favorite line from that blog… whenever it is brought up, I laugh a bit.

          “Together, we live in the Bloomingdale neighborhood in Washington, DC. We are not home owners, but rather renters from a black home owner who has been in the neighborhood for 10+ years. In the few years that we’ve been renting here, we’ve viewed increasing change. We’ll delve into that a bit more as the blog continues on.”

          Sooooooo…. you are new here too? Sweet. You dont get to claim the mantle of a long-time resident just because of your race. You’re new, just like me. Get over it.

          • actually, he’s white.

          • Really?

            “Now, I guess would be an opprotune time to formulate a game plan once the venue opens. I believe that if we can pack it with people of color opening night, the gentrifiers will leave almost immediately. Most are actually intimidated by groups of color, despite their ambivalent ice king/queen fascade.

            So, my readers – can we organize such an event to nip that in the bud? What do you think? Concerns about the venue?”

            So he’s just decided to be the Great White Hope for the anti-gentrifiers?

    • I was there last week and there was a black couple sitting across from me.

      It sounds like you have an ax to grind.

    • Oh wait, I forgot, I have 2-3 neighbors who have been there multiple times, who are black.

      So, if you have missed close to a dozen times, that i personally know of, where if you had looked in you, would have seen black people.

      People said the same thing about Rustik when it opened. Now whenever I go there, I see a racial makeup that is pretty close to the make up of the neighborhood.

      However, there’s always some rabble rousing Howard student, who just moved into the neighborhood this semester who goes on rants about “all you people moving into OUR neighborhood”. And talking about how “we” dont “let them” go into places. This almost exclusively happens on the comments of neighborhood blogs. Never seen these people put a face and name to their comments at community meetings.

      • they did say the same thing about rustik. and about windows. people like to bitch about shit.

      • As a white person, it does not make me uncomfortable to be surrounded by white people. I have also been in numerous situations where I was also the extreme minority, in some cases the only white person, in the room and this also does not make me uncomfortable.

    • whatchutalkinbout Willis? I see black people all the time at Boundary (myself included).. of all ages, which is why I love that place… i think the crowd is pretty diverse…. keep coming, you’ll see…. LOL @ “Just accept it and stop buying True Religion pants and bottles at the club.”

    • I am a Bloomingdale resident of eight and a half years, one of the owners and General Manager of Boundary Stone. I’m sorry you don’t “enjoy our crowd,” but I can assure you that we welcome everyone equally through our doors and have yet to turn anyone away. Prior to opening we went door to door speaking to Bloomingdale residents, attended many Bloomingdale Civic Association and ANC 5C meetings. We also sat down with the local pastors at our neighboring churches (as Joe suggested below) in order to assure that everyone was comfortable with us opening in the neighborhood. We have had remarkable support from the neighborhood and we are proud of what we are doing here in Bloomingdale. We have relied on word of mouth advertising as our “marketing” strategy, so please spread the word to whichever demographic group makes you feel most comfortable, bring them down to Boundary Stone and we will be happy to serve you. If you’d like to speak further on the topic or if you have any suggestions please feel free to stop in and ask for me by name. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting me here or if the racial mix on that particular day isn’t to your liking, I would be more than happy to meet you at any of the other neighborhood restaurants for a chat.

  • rave: being married.
    rant: being married.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: A new partner started at our firm and I helped his assistant get him on-boarded because she was swamped. So now he thinks I’m also his assistant and keeps assigning me work! I’m happy to lend a helping hand, but I have my own set of bosses to assist.

    Rave: It’s Halloween weekend! One of my favorite weekends of the whole year. I’m looking forward to a night of dressing up and celebrating with some of my best friends.

    Question: Has anyone gone to the Halloween party at the Hard Rock Cafe? Reviews?

    • No good deed goes unpunished! Perhaps you could speak with your supervisor and have him/her gently educate the new partner about your responsibilities.

    • Ditto about Halloween! I totally agree, and it makes me so happy to see the gorgeous leaves and people’s decorations! I’m very proud of our pumpkins (Pop posted a photo of them on Wednesday! http://www dot princeofpetworth dot com/2011/10/att-offers-free-rides-home-this-saturday-night/)

  • Rant: Had nightmare about my bike being stolen. The thieves left just the frame and a broken up u-lock.
    Rave: Woke up and discovered my bike was intact in my apartment!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Random aches and pains; I guess I’m old (downright ancient by White Panther’s standards).

    Rant: Spent a shiton of money on a plane ticket.

    Rave: I get to see my parents and grandparents this Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.

    • I’m another lover of Thanksgiving. It’s cold outside, warm inside, and the weekend is usually full of family and friends without the stress of Christmas. Can’t wait!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I hate the cold, so luckily Thanksgiving is in sunny south Florida. But I totally agree about the family, friends, awesome food, and no stress of Christmas.

    • I wish I had the money to go home. My grandfather is 90 years old and I enjoy spending every bit of time that I can with him, especially holidays. The cost of airline tickets is completely absurd and it’s a shame that people can’t see their families due to that.

      I need a job.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I understand. My grandparents are 88, so I want to see them as much as I can. My Darling Gran has Alzheimer’s so it’s very important to me to see her. I’m blessed with parents that are helping my broke-ass self out with the plane ticket.

        And I think it was you who a while back said you emailed your grandfather every day, you inspired me and now I send a postcard or email to my grandparents weekly.

        • Well that brightens my day that I inspired you! I’m actually thinking about getting him a webcam and setting up skype on his computer for him for Christmas so that we can see each other.

          The email he wrote me last night made me bawl like a baby:
          Today you are exactly the same age as I was on D-Day in 1944. One day short of being twenty three and one month old. I still remember the night flight across the English Channel, thinking of my parents, my sister and three brothers, and your grandmother who I loved very much. Not many of us left but a few. I hope you had a nice day and a nice weekend.

          • That is the cutest/sweetest email. It makes me happy that you have that kind of relationship with your grandfather.

            My papa was awesome, but he died when I was young. He was such a great person and I definitely would have hooked up the email/skype/webcam if he was still here.

            My other grandfather was the biggest dick. Mean and cruel and always yelling at me. Fortunately, he lived across the country, so I wasn’t subjected to his b.s. too often.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Wow, that is an awesome email. Very moving. My Grandpa didn’t serve in WW2 because of a heart condition. My other grandfather was in the Sought Pacific.

      • claire

        You should keep an eye on Southwest’s deals (sign up for their email) – as far as airline tickets go, they are very affordable. They recently had a holiday deal and my friend was able to get a plane ticket shortly after Xmas for $49 (from Pittsburgh to here)! Also, there are Southwest gift cards so you can ask for one from family as a holiday present – it can at least help ease the price burden and then you can use it to go visit them.

        I know how much it really sucks to be far from family, especially older relatives you want to spend quality time with (my dad’s parents live in another country so seeing them is basically impossible cost-wise); hope you’re able to show them you care in other ways.

      • I don’t want to spend $300 on a plane ticket home. Particularly since my parents are coming up in the first week of December to help me move. But my roommate to invite her family to our two bedroom apartment for Thanksgiving. That’s five people I don’t want to hang out with in my tiny apartment in the week before my move. And they will be STAYING at the apartment. Ughhh – can I ask her to change her plans?

        • Yes. The apartment is 1/2 yours. And if you’re not particularly close with your roommate, you’re moving, so who cares if you make waves. It’s one thing to have one or two people stay with you guys – that’s could be tolerated. Five is ridiculous and a whole other story. Unless you’ve had five people stay with you guys (and I’m assuming you haven’t), then my answer would be no.

        • Absolutely ask her to change plans – that is an unreasonable request and easily solved. Check for a rental for the visiting family on Air bed and Breakfast, a local B&B or Homeaway.com or look around to house/pet sit for others going away for Thanksgiving. Post on CL under housing wanted.

        • Ahhh I feel your pain. I once moved into an apartment with a girl I did not know. Two weeks later a hurricane completely ruined their entire house and they showed up on our door step. Her entire family..all four of them complete with a great dane and poodle 🙂 They lived with us for 2 weeks. It was hell.

        • We need a house sitter. Wanna?

          • That reminds me that we will, too!

            Two bedrooms and two lovely, fat cats over Thanksgiving anyone?

          • Hi Anonymous & Soozles,

            Thanks for the reply! I’d love to house sit / pet sit for the Thanksgiving week (of course I’m flexible on dates). Please email me at christanelock at gmail dot com. We can set something up and I can send you references etc.

      • Definitely a shame people who want to spend time with grandparents can’t. So many toss older people to the side and don’t care about them. Seniors are my soft spot. We moved my (at the time) 92 year old grandmother up here to live with us. She was my best friend and had dementia. In May she fell and broke her hip, which always seems to be the beginning of the end. She passed two months ago today at the age of 95. Despite how extremely challenging it was I am so grateful for the last three years that she lived with us.

        I hope you can get to see your grandfather soon. They are precious and we should cherish them while they are here.

    • em

      Another Thanksgiving fan here! This year Thanksgiving will be a bit more hectic, since we’re driving to SC to visit my family for two days, then back to DC for time with my fiancee’s family.

      But, the crazy driving schedule means that I’ll get to see my uncle for the first time since he got back from Iraq (!!!) and my fiancee gets to go wedding dress shopping with her sister (who lives very faaarrrr awwwaaayyy) – so happy family times all around.

  • claire

    Rant: Starting to get worried my Saturday plans (want to go to that McMillan site tour and also have plans to go to a farm outside Baltimore for pumpkin picking/a corn maze) are going to get snowed out. What the hell, DC weather!

    Rave: One way or another, I’ll be seeing my best friend (and her boyfriend and our former roommate & good friend and *her* boyfriend) for the first time in months tomorrow!

    • Bet the McMillan site would be beautiful amongst snow…but I guess if we get any, that will be later in the day.

  • Rant: It’s Halloween and I’m six months pregnant. I was going to take advantage of this and dress up a chestburster victim a la Alien, but then I realized I had no where to go, and I have to pack to move anyway. Boo boo boo.

    Rave: Hoping for some good horror movies on tv to make up for it.

  • Rave: It’s TGIF and I’m not going to be trapped into White Panther’s silly rant re: Boundary Stone.

    Rant: Frost on my punkin

    Rave: I like saying punkin

    Rant: When your first post of the day on PoP gets the “you are posting comments too quickly…”message

  • Rant: My boyfriend’s father doesn’t want to drive all of two hours for Thanksgiving so that my boyfriend and I can spend the holiday together. His parents have been invited to spend the holiday with my family so we can all be together and he doesn’t want to come. That means my boyfriend will probably end up going to his parents’ and we’ll be apart again.

    Rave: It’s Friday!

    • claire

      Maybe you can work out something so that you both can spend time with your respective families for the actual holiday and then get the families together after? A lot of people are really attached to tradition for Thanksgiving, but spending time together the day after (or that weekend) can be a good alternative.

      • I would be open to that if I thought his Dad’s reluctance had anything to do with tradition. It doesn’t. It all has to do with him being old and crotchety and not wanting to do anything different. And I don’t think it’s that unreasonable to want to spend Thanksgiving with my boyfriend. It’s not like we’ve been dating for six months.

        • Hmm.. with the drive for your boyfriend’s father, is it two hours each way?

          If he’s really driving-averse, that might be enough for it to be a hassle for him, especially if he’d be doing both legs of the trip on the same day.

          Any possibility your boyfriend’s father (and mother) might be willing to host you and your parents? Maybe that would be easier for him than driving to your parents’ house?

          • I appreciate the suggestion, but in my family it’s my parents, my two sisters and their significant others, and me. That’s seven people traveling instead of the two that would have to travel for his parents to come to us. And his Dad isn’t driving averse. He drives to Florida every year (from Pennsylvania). My parents have an extra apartment at their house, separate from the main house, that we’ve offered to his parents. It has a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. They are welcome to stay as long as they’d like to space out the drive. His Dad just doesn’t like change.

  • Question: Does DC have a specific Cardinals/St. Louis bar?

  • houseintherear


    – My dinosaur costume is a hit.

    – One of my 4 year old students has the same costume (about 1/4 of the size of mine) and we both pretty much flipped our sh*t when we saw each other this morning.


    – It’s kind of hard to sit down due to my big stuffed tail.

    – Tomorrow’s Ledroit/Bloomingdale festivities will probably be cancelled, so no dressing up my dog like a dinosaur this year.

  • RANT: RANGERS. COME THE F*** ON!!!!!! Close the deal, boys!!!

  • i stayed up until almost 1 for that disaster. i hope i make it to the end of game 7 without conking out.

  • Rave: so excited for the weather, officially putting away all my summer clothes and pulling out my sweaters

    Rave: pumpkin carving and scary movies with my boyfriend tonight

    Rave: no rants!

    • I am going to switch out my clothes this weekend! Although that is a guarantee that we will suddenly have a week of 80+ weather in early November.

  • Rave: Made some yummy food this week. Last night baked three chicken breasts (skin on, bone in) that had marinated all day in olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and lemon. Then made acorn squash (peeled, cut up in small pieces, cut up two apples, walnut pieces, butter, orange juice and kahlua–microwave for 7.5 minutes, stir, microwave 7.5 minutes more.)

    Rant: kids being difficult.
    Rave: kids playing in band at Roosevelt homecoming tonight
    Rant: weather’s supposed to suck.

  • If you cop this attitude with your patrons, it’s no wonder you aren’t getting the tips you want.

    I tip on the service I receive. Period.

  • FYI: The national legal minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.13 an hour. Some states have instituted a higher min. wage than that (it’s $2.77/hour in DC) but that’s still really, really low. Unless your server does something totally wrong or incompetent, tip them well please! (if you’re interested, read this: http://www.irle.berkeley.edu/cwed/wp/waiting_for_change.pdf)

  • Rave: 6 month anniversary with my girlfriend today. She’s great, and we are very happy.

    Rave: matching Halloween costumes!

    Rant: wish we were going to get some snow.

  • Rant:

    Washing machine flooded the kitchen – that’s problem number 15 in my new apartment – so far 4 have been solved.

    Didn’t flip, just wrote my landlady a very direct, clear note about exactly what problems are, when I want them fixed, requesting that she use more qualified repair people, reminding her to have them test their work before they leave, etc. Next week we’re going to do a walk through to confirm that all have been fixed, and I requested a discount on the rent for the 2 weeks that I’ve been dealing with multiple, continual, unresolved issues.

    Apparently I need to demand times and confirmations about when things should be fixed, rather than just letting her know.

    Rave part 2: New glasses arrived and are awesome! I love firmoo.com.

    Rave 3: Joined the gym yesterday, got a discount and I’m excited about checking out the therapy pool treadmill this weekend.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Fifth wedding anniversary today!

    Rave: Can go back to drinking coffee!

    Rave: Not going to work this weekend, my workload can suck it. Mental and physical health is more important than doing two jobs because of someone else’s poor planning.

    Rave: Hoping the weather holds back so we can see some friends.

    Rave: Love living on Capitol Hill!

  • Rave rave rave: I am in the light at the end of the tunnel. YAYYYYYYYYYY. And I have halloween parties to go to to celebrate said light. And a comfy bed to sleep late in. Goodbye tunnel, nice knowing you. Your invoice is in the mail.

  • Rave: Love the survey, PoP! Looking forward to seeing the results!

    Rave: Job is HELLUVA LOT better these days than the trauma of mid-August!

    Rave: Mr. On the Hill has been working late all week, but gets to be at home tonight!

    Rave: It is finally faaaaaalllllllll for real! I refuse to believe in this snow thing for tomorrow 🙂

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