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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

One reader is on a quest:

“Dear PoPville,

My goal for the weekend was to find the limited edition Ben & Jerry’s flavor Schweddy Balls. I failed miserably.

I went to:
Giant (Col Hts @ Park Rd)
Target (Col Hts)
Safeway (Adams Morgan, Dupont 17th Street, Watergate)
Harris Teeter (Adams Morgan)
Whole Foods (Logan)
a variety of CVS and 7-11’s

I think Whole Foods may have had it, but the tag that said “special flavor” was sold out.

I’m kinda chafed. My cousin told me that the Wal-Mart in my hometown of Duluth, MN carried the flavor. My co-worker told me he found it at the Whole Foods in BETHESDA (he offered me a taste of his Schweddy Balls, but I want my own!).

Do our local store managers not know their clientele? What do they have against Schweddy Balls? Who made the decision not to carry the flavor? Did they make the call or corporate headquarters? Why should a million red-neck moms based out of Tulepo, Mississippi–who cannot take a joke–determine what I can and cannot buy at my local DC grocery store?!?!

My quest to find Schweddy Balls continues and I would welcome tips from the commentariat. I would also like our local store managers to tell Popville why they do not have Schweddy Balls!!”

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  • The Argyle Convenient Store at Mt. Pleasant and Park had it a week ago. They generally have a great ben and jerry’s selection all the time!

  • They do have it at the Whole Foods on P. If they’re out, I am sure they’ll get more in at some point.

  • Snickering at “[H]e offered me a taste of his Schweddy Balls, but I want my own!”

  • They have it at the Safeway at Cityvista.

  • Rave: I have managed to accumulate 9 free bottles of wine in a 48-hour period.

    Rant: Now all I want to do is sit around and drink my free wine in peace, but I have a busy week and weekend coming up.

    Also: Are we still having a “let’s make female friends” ladies meetup somewhere in Columbia Heights on Tuesday??

    • Ooh, tell me more about this.

    • We should! Someone want to choose a Columbia Heights venue? I think Wonderland was being discussed a while back; maybe there?

      • yes, I want to do it. But i’m not good with suggestions. Somewhere either metro or S bus accessible? And where we can stand around and not sit around a table because that gets awkward quickly. Are people ok with starting at 6 pm? I can’t get there till then, and someone else wanted a slightly later start time too.

      • I’ll be there too – hopefully not the only one a little late. Don’t get out of work in Cleveland Park until 5:45.

    • Trying to get this done is like herding cats! 🙂

      Let’s make it final. Tuesday, Nov. 1, 6pm, at Tonic. It’s easy access to the Columbia Heights metro (or so the map tells me, b/c I’ve never been to Tonic).

      Hope to see you all then!

  • Rave: Double R Burgers

    Rant: No RR in DC!

    • You can find them in Frederick, Gaithersburg and on New Jersey Turnpike rest stops. Now I have a craving for a bacon cheeseburger!

  • I’m beginning to think that Doctor Delivery is not an accredited physician.

  • Schweddy’s Balls are at the Silver Spring,MD Ben & Jerry’s. Tried it out a couple weeks back.

  • shaybee

    I found it at a corner store in Bloomingdale, Windows (at least I think that’s its name. Its the coffee shop/market with purple awnings on the corner of Rhode Island and First NW. I haven’t been able to find it at most large grocery stores, either.

    I also read that its possible that they are discontinuing it because people find the name offensive…

  • Just read an article about how bigger chains are pulling it…

  • Rave: Being Daria for Halloween.

    Rave/Rant: Thursday

    Rant: Finding that classic green zip-up blazer and round glasses. Might just buy some Jackie O-style glasses and poke the lenses out?

    • Go to Hit Item Wholesale on 14th street.. they have a wall sunglasses for $5… they also carry a wide array of patriotic hats and incense.

    • I went as Daria last year and for the blazer, I just went to ranger surplus in bethesda and bought a military shirt that wasn’t exactly the same, but was close enough for me.

  • Rant: The bridesmaid dress saga continues! I get a text from the bride saying she found out that two of the other girl dresses do not fit so we are getting a different dress (The dress was on clearance and had sold out). I have already purchased the dress and sent it to the alterations lady to have my own dress extended.

    I actually put my foot down and said absolutely not! My mother had to purchase two dresses for me (The second used to extend the dress a few inches).

    The other two girls should have been smart enough to actually try on the dress when they purchased it instead of staying on their high horse and thinking they are still the size 2 they were in high school.

    Rant complete.

    • Yikes!

      Really seems like this bridesmaid dress business is creating all sorts of drama. 🙁

    • Who doesn’t try on a dress when they buy it?! Or maybe they thought they could loose enough dress sizes by x-date. Either way – idiots.

    • I think the bridesmaid dress saga needs to be a weekly feature! Bless your heart and good for putting your foot down (hope it’s not wearing a dyed to match satin pump!)

    • possible solution – bride can find two other dresses (different styles) in her little color wheel/scheme/theme/whatever – then the three of you look coordinated, but have different dress styles that actually flatter all of you. guess that only works if there’s only three of you, but a thought.

      but yeah, who doesn’t try on a dress before buying? sheesh.

      and also, this is why matching dresses are not a good idea.

    • For our wedding we had all the ladies pick out their own dresses (in the same color) from Aria on P Street. (http://ariadress.com/) They have a try-on program for those out of town. Just an alternative for the bridesmaid-dress-drama-bride or others!

      • yes. but still, weird to make grown women dress alike, no? and not very nice to force them to buy a new dress (and probably shoes and underwear too). strange, strange tradition.

        • The bridesmaid “tradition” was (in like medieval days) for maidens wearing brightly colored ribbons, (and sometimes ringing bells, tossing flower petals etc.) to accompany the bride to distract the evil spirits to them instead of the bride.

          Nowadays, I think the evil spirits are well entrenched already in any bride that forces any clothing on anyone. (OK – maybe I’m still ptsd from sewing 3 yellow taffeta puffy sleeve dresses for my sister’s wedding.)

      • Or you could treat them like adults and let them wear what they want.

    • oh my god. this woman is KA-RAZY!!!!!!

  • claire

    Rave: Finally starting to get over what I’m pretty sure was the flu.

    Rant: Now that I’m back at work, multiple people have mentioned the flu shot that was given at work last week – except it was only for government employees and I’m a contractor or else I would’ve gotten it!

    Rant: Didn’t have time to get together a Halloween costume.

    Rave: Going on a triple date this Saturday with two old roommates I haven’t seen in a really long time! And not only am I excited to see them, we’re also going to a farm for pumpkin picking and a corn maze and then to Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore for dinner (which is supposed to be outstanding)!

    • Woodberry Kitchen IS awesome!

    • I confirm that Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore is, in fact, outstanding. It might be the best “thing” in all of Baltimore. Yes, that includes everything about Baltimore.

      • Come on, all of Baltimore? Really? Always amazed at how people can totally dismiss an entire city out of hand… I admit though, that I’m not the most unbiased of opinions, as I’ve been a DC resident for several years, and am currently in a planning mode to move back up to Charm City. Yeah, there are lots of problems, and it doesn’t have the gloss of many parts of DC, but there are good people up there, and lots of great places to eat have popped up in the past few years since I last lived there!

        I’m with you on Woodberry Kitchen though, it’s fantastic.

        • I have to step in here.

          I was born and raised in Baltimore City (not Pikesville or any of that nonsense). I used to hate Baltimore as a teenager because it never changed, etc. Now that I have moved away, I miss it more and more. D.C. is so transient with restaurants and people, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Baltimore is actually a really cool place – fantastic ethnic neighborhoods that somehow still hold strong, local haunts, some awesome food and great history.

          I also remember sitting in a college class when this fellow student said “Pfft, Baltimore is so blue-collar.” Thanks, dude.

          • Thank you! You said it better than I did up there. I’ve been visiting on weekends more frequently, and whenever I go there, I always have the sense of returning home.

            Like you, I didn’t appreciate it while I was there (and spent many years living in DC and overseas), but now that I’m back, there’s a whole lot more pulling me back to Mobtown than there is keeping me here in DC. And I always liked the blue-collar nature of Baltimore- way less pretentious!

          • I live in the suburbs and work in DC. If I had to live in a nearby city I would choose Batlimore 1,000 times over DC!

        • Team Baltimore!

  • Rant: Working tomorrow and it will be the first Friday I have worked in 4 weeks.

    Revel: Fun book club last night catching up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

  • I’ve got your schweddy balls right here.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Rave: Running my first marathon on Sunday!

    Rave: Parents are coming into town to watch the race

    Rant: Have to go to school and work Monday instead of being able to relax at home.

  • Rave: Found and bookmarked an older version of Google that doesn’t autofill/autofinish (whatever it’s called) when you type in a search term.

    Rave: Beavis and Butthead return to tv tonight.

    Rant: Rain.

  • Rave: I just ordered my new kitchen counters. The fact that all the cabinets have to be in their permanent position by Monday hopefully will be the motivation needed to get the remaining ones installed this weekend.

    Rant: insomnia + a kid who doesn’t want to go to bed or stay asleep = very, very, very tired.

  • My cat got out yesterday afternoon and we haven’t been able to find him. We live on Allison Street between 3rd and 4th NW. I’m not sure if he went out the back alley or through the front yard. Please help us find him.

    Poe Kat is black and white and very large (and heavy). No tags, no chips…

    He’s very sweet and friendly, but easily spooked. Responds quickly to food.


  • Virginia Market at 18th and Florida carries it. I saw it in the store yesterday. Best of luck.

  • rave: my company gives me unlimited sick days so I took 3 days off for some dental work i had done yesterday, in addition to the days i’m going to have to take off for the crown

    rant: i’m feeling okay and can’t seem to get work out of my head….

  • Rant: Forgot my lunch today, now I have to figure out what I want to eat. Really just want a pile of fries, but I’ll (hopefully) abstain.

    Rave: Before I moved, I didn’t think that the physical stereotype of American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman actually existed in 2011. I’m totally amused that the east coast yuppie is still alive and well.

  • Rave: Got my flu shot last week with no bad side effects beside a weak arm (thanks PoP commentariat for the advocacy)

    Rant: DC gained over 11,000 new jobs in the last year to date and yet the unemployment rate is still the third highest in the nation (11.1%). When will locals get the skills needed to start getting hired?

    • Not until the school system improves.

    • It’s going to take an entire generation or two to get the “locals” involved in the newly created job market in DC. The sad reality is that the newly created jobs require college (or at least high school) degrees, and most out of work 55 year old blue collar workers aren’t going to go back to college to get them.

      Sure, there is some trickle down when new office jobs are created; but DC only needs so many office cleaners and handymen. There is nothing wrong with blue collar work, just DC doesn’t have room for too many tradtional blue collar employers like factories, shipyards, warehouses, etc. As the city continues to grow, I can see whatever remaining blue collar jobs remain being shipped out to MD and VA.

    • Flu shots at Harris Teeter cost $25.00 but they give you $20.00 store credit for groceries, so basically $5.00. They had an easy walk-in set up yesterday – I’m not sure if it is every day.

      • Nice. I am seeking flex spending reimbursement on my shot and my employer subsidized some of the cost too.

        Re: comments on gaining jobs, I’d like to think there are some sorter-term options for those currently seeking employment to get enough education/training in order to get the jobs opening up. Waiting for the gradual improvement of schools or settling for short-term minimum-wage employment doesn’t solve the current situation). Though for those unwilling/unable to return to school/programs, I could see how there would be fewer options.

  • Rave: Cruising from Baltimore to Bermuda, departing Saturday. 5 nights of fun on Royal Carribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas.

    Rant: Saturday forecast is for mid 40s and raining. So much for drinks at the pool bar!

    Rave: 90 minutes from driveway to Schooner Bar (on the ship) sure beats flying or taking the auto train to Florida.

  • rant: today just has a bad vibe all over it for some reason.

    rave: at least it’s thursday

  • Rant: People who end every sentence with ‘LOL’. And, this typically follows a sentence with absolutely no humor in it whatsoever. ‘I’m having soup for lunch. LOL.’ Shut up.

    Rave: Me and my sweet, sweet self!

  • RIP: Alonzo Guyton, the Howard music major who was killed. In addition to being wonderful to his friends and classmates, he also volunteered his time and worked with the drumline and band at Roosevelt High School. The kids loved him.

    This week is Roosevelt’s homecoming, and I think they are dedicating the game to him.

  • late in the day rant:
    my bf is stalling. trying to distract me with cohabitation and I’m afraid I’m signing my life away…

    • Be 3 billion percent sure you want to do that. I moved in with a guy and wasn’t 100% sold on the idea. We ended up breaking up about 2 months into our lease, but I didn’t want to break the lease (for fear of a bad credit rating or having future lessors not lease to me). I ended up staying in the apartment until our year lease was up, with a mountain of debt I can’t seem to shake to show for it.

    • If it feels like signing your life away – it is!

    • Listen to your gut on this. That’s what instincts are for!

    • thanks, guys. nice to have internet support. 🙂 his last relationship even imploded for the same reason so looks like I’ve got a tough talk ahead of me.

  • Rant: I have to take care of my mom whose just starting dialysis for the first time. She’s always in pain.
    Rave: It’s brought us closer. Forces me to spend time with her.
    Rant: My sister moved in and is on crutches. I have to help her as well.
    Triple Rant: The sister brought her pit bull that she somehow thinks I have to take care of on top of caring for mom and a handicapped sister.
    Rave: I am healthy.

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