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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Where’s the best place, in town, to buy house address numbers and mailboxes? I’ve tried the Home Depot but their selection was pretty basic.

  • Rave: I had a great bike ride home last night!

    Rant: Metro complainers. I was on the red line this morning headed downtown and there was a sick passenger at Dupont. I think it happened right before my train got there because we made it to Farragut without incident. There were a couple people around me who couldn’t stop complaining about it for the 5 whole minutes we were stopped waiting to proceed. In that time, metro managed to get single tracking going to get trains through Dupont. The complainers suggested they should just haul the sick passenger off the train and put him/her on a bench so the rest of us could continue our commutes. Metro isn’t perfect, to be sure, but I honestly don’t know what people expect them to do in these situations.

    • I second your rant. Metro complainers are just about to overtake cabbies at the top of my “worst people in town” list.

    • They SHOULD kick the sick passenger off the train. Cmon. Anywhere else, that’s exactly what they do

      • Seriously. Most of the time, a sick passenger is someone who gets a little claustrophobic, is dehydrated, or just yakked up their breakfast. You’re inconveniencing several thousand people. Get the fuck off the train, you’re not a special snowflake.

        Even if there were a real medical emergency, it would be much easier for paramedics to reach and treat someone on the platform as opposed to on the train.

        • i would be so embarrassed from getting sick on the train, i would not hesitate to run as far away from metro as possible and get a cab, or go home, or whatever… if it were me.

          • I have been a sick passenger on metro. It is probably one of my top 5 most embarrassing moments ever. “Sick” for me meant fainting in the train car, so unfortunately running far far away was not an option. But we were stopped for a while because the Metro conductor or someone had to come to the car to check on me.

          • right, and if it were something serious, would you ahve wanted somebody to drag you off the train and leave you laying on the platform? these complainers are ridiculous.

        • So for all the times it’s a heart attack or stroke or seizure, would you want to take responsibility for moving this person so you can get on with your commute? You have no idea what it is most of the time and you have no idea what transportation, medical, and public health experts came up with their response policy.

    • i’m thinking they expected the sick person to have respect for their fellow humans and not get in a tiny enclosed crowded room exposing everyone else to possibly getting sick, which is a really fucking rude thing to do.

      • Yeah, why wouldn’t taking the sick person off the train be the most commonsense approach?

        1. If they are truely sick and need medical attention, they aren’t going to get it on the train.
        2. Delaying an ENTIRE metro line for one sick person is the height self obsessedness. There were probably 10,000 people caught on trains while they figured out what to do. If the person is suffering a mortal wound, fine but “sickness” of one person is no reason to delay tens of thousands of others.

        • sometimes they are not able to be moved. NONE of you all are so important that you can’t be inconvenienced for 15 minutes to potentially save someone’s life. Some of these comments are so arrogant. I’m sure your tune would change if it were you sick on the train. Unbelievable, you people.

          • Seriously. I also hate it when traffic is backed up when there is a serious car accident and people are injured or killed. I mean come on, scrape that shit into the ditch–they aren’t getting any less injured by holding up my commute! I have places to be.

      • Good point, apart from the fact that there are many many types of sickness which are not contagious.

        • I guess what bothered me was the assumption that they knew what sick passenger meant. Sure, if it’s some who’s just dehydrated or feeling nauseated or something, help them get off the train quickly where they can get attention on the platform. But how do you know what sick passenger means? What if it’s someone having a heart attack? Or seizure? I don’t know, I guess I just don’t think a 5 minute delay warrants endless bitching about the system.

          • exactly. and if the person who fainted or experienced chest pains was one of the complainer’s mothers, you can bet they wouldn’t be complaining about holding up the train for paramedics. but since there are so many self-centered complainers in this city, the people you hear complain are only thinking about themselves and how the delay inconveniences themat that moment.

      • Most of the times I’ve had a sick person delay on my train it was due to something like a heart attack. Not someone vomiting.

    • Seriously. Ask them if they’ve used public rail in any of the other major cities for comparison. Metro isn’t that bad. These are the same fools that will complain that the sky is blue.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Today’s sick passenger was taken care of quickly. I’ve been stuck for 45 minutes to an hour because of sick passengers before. That could be why people complain.

      • get ’em off. move em out. keep them doggies rollin!

      • Remember the guy who died on the red line train a year or so ago? No one noticed him or just thought he was drunk or sick, and he rode a around dead until the train was taken out of service and an employee found him. So maybe we should just leave sick people on the train until they feel better or die so that everyone can get to work on time. Just sayin…

    • “Sick Passenger” is code word for “Dead Passenger” aka someone jumped in front of the train.

      • Nope – usually “sick passenger” means sick passenger. There were two this morning on the red line. One at Dupont and one at Wheaton. Neither was someone jumping in front of the train.

  • Rant / Rave: Really, really craving McDonalds.

    Rave: Moving in a week and a half! No more having to walk a mile just to do laundry! No more having to worry about asbestos removal in my building! No more smoking neighbors’ second hand smoke drifting into my apartment when my windows are open! No more having to deal with the chaotic bus!

    Rant: Having to deal with the commute from Columbia.

    • Ugh. I hate it when I get the McDonald’s craving. The only cure is a pile of fries.

    • Too bad you didn’t start craving McDonald’s while they were still running their McDonald’s Monopoly game. After all, there was a 1 in 4 chance of winning.

      (I actually won two bottles of Coke, one order of medium fries, and a non-McMuffin breakfast sandwich. As you can guess, I get the craving fairly frequently.)

      • You, my friend, are a winner to me. No sarcasm.

      • I have become addicted to McDonald’s frappes.

        Thanks to this addiction, while the Monopoly game was running I won a frappe, two orders of medium fries, and (like Bruce) a non-McMuffin breakfast sandwich.

        Bruce, one of the game pieces I received was some code that said it could be checked at mycoke.com. Is that how you won the bottles of Coke you mentioned? I couldn’t be bothered to check it, but I still have the game piece, so maybe I should.

    • I almost moved to Columbia (actually Fulton, Maple Lawn wife LOVED it) Ultimately the decision to stay in DC came down to commute and proximity to family in the area.

      • Can you take the MARC train from Columbia? My Mom commutes from Columbia to DC that way every day and time on the train is only about 30 minutes. That doesn’t sound too bad to me. If I had to drive, though, I would only last about two days.

  • Rant: Partner now doubts that this is the right time to buy for us….but if not now, when? We want to be here for at least 5 years, have a downpayment, awesome credit, stable income, and don’t need more than about 900 sf. Not sure how it gets much better than that, but OK.

    Rave: During the red line shenanigans this morning, my train was crowded and stuffy. We stopped at Cleveland Park and a girl nearly fell over. She would have fallen on the floor, but it was so crowded that she just fell into the people next to her. She mumbled “I’m sick” and a total stranger put his arm around her and took her off the train. Reminds me that there are (a few) good people in this world.

    • Your metro rave cancels my metro rant this morning. That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear there are a few good souls out there.

    • Similar rave on the 63 bus heading home yesterday. Amputee with a broken scooter (at least I think it was broken, because it definitely wasn’t propelling him forward), was having trouble getting on the bus even though he had an assistant. The bus driver took his time, pushing, pulling and struggling to get the scooter on and off the bus. He never lost patience, and he made sure the man was able to get off safely. The assistant was beyond grateful.

      Rant: The woman who started yelling at the driver when he asked her to step back so he could let the ramp down for the gentleman to get off the bus. Seriously lady??

      • that lady sounds like some of these commenters complaining about being held up for 20 minutes due to a sick traveler…

      • anon. gardener

        I was on that bus – and totally impressed with the driver. He went above and beyond to help that guy on and off the bus.

    • Re: your rant: I was exactly in your shoes about two years ago – partner had doubts about buying and we nearly called the whole thing off after months of looking, preapproval with the mortgage company, savings and lining up our finances, etc.

      I don’t think the turning point was even when we walked into the right house (now our home), although that was also a huge moment. I think the light bulb went off when we sat down to outline all of the costs and benefits out in a pro/con list. He’s someone who appreciates logic and I think seeing everything in writing made all the difference as he worked past the reservations he had.

      Good luck in the process, no matter what you decide!

    • Anonymous 10:12 AM, I’m heartened to hear about the total stranger helping the sick girl!

    • buy now, interest rates for 30year fixed rates are very very low. Take advantage.

    • I’d be wary unless I knew I’d be here for 10 years.

  • Rave: Daycare sent the diapers home, not needed anymore for child #2! Woo hoo, seeing dollar signs, those things are darned expensive.

    Rant: Young couple having it out in public last night, right on my freakin’ doorstep. Come on folks, move it along.

    • Multiple experienced parents have told me that if you let the youngest ditch the diapers before you have another kid, you’re done having kids. Guess that means I’m one and done, because we forgot to have another, and now she’s in kindergarten.

      • If you want another kid – I think a 5 year age difference is great! There is a 5 year difference between my older brother and I. I have amazing memories growing up with him and we have the closest relationship out of all my siblings (we are both the middle children sandwiched between an older sister and younger sister – with an 11 year gap between oldest sis and youngest).

        • My sister and I were 6 years apart and we were not close at all. For that very reason I want to make sure that my children are closer in age. I always annoyed the crap out of her because when she was in the teenage years I was at the annoying little 10 year old sister.

      • god. human beings are weird. why do we shit our pants for the first 3 years of our lives?

  • Rant1: Squirrels (I assume) ate the teeth off my awesome jack-o-lantern. I’m thinking of sticking a stuffed squirrel in there to make it look like it’s being eaten by the pumpkin.

    Rant2: Unemployment isn’t fun anymore, but I’ve lost the forward momentum I had a month ago. Need to get my shit together.

    Rave?: Plenty of time on my hands to carve a new jack-o-lantern.

  • Rave: Found a $20 bill on the sidewalk

    Rant: Might need it to help pay for second surgery on my knee

    • Bummer on the rant! I just went through my second knee surgery in one year – best of luck. I’m walking and without pain and starting my old activities now, so it worked for me! I hope you get whatever you need fixed and are feeling better soon!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Couldn’t find my yummy frozen breakfast sandwich this morning; did I accidentally throw it out?

    Rave: Talked to the ‘rents last night, always fun.

    Rave: Thanksgiving time off approved, now I just need to find some plane tickets that don’t cost me a month’s rent. Anyone have a favorite place to find cheap airline tickets?

    • I love using Bing’s flight fare predictor. You can see what prices are now from various sites/airlines and if they are projected to drop or go up based on historical data.

  • I’m not sure if it is the same in DC but in NYC “Sick Passenger” means “Dead Person”. In other words, someone jumped on the track. Hopefully that puts some perspective into the conversation above.

  • Rant: Last night the bus driver had her very young daughter with her while she drove the bus. Daughter was too young to sit still and was constantly standing up in her seat or running up to talk to mommy while she was driving the bus. The driver kept yelling at her to sit down and at one point stopped driving in order to tend to her kid. WTH? Some passengers tried to help occupy the child but she wouldn’t listen to anyone. Was expecting her to fall off the seat and crack her head open.

    Rave: Will be in Orlando over the weekend. I’ll be working but at least I’ll be escaping the crummy weather that is forecast for DC.

  • I’m a homebrewer looking for a refrigerator or upright freezer to use as a fermenter cabinet – does anyone have one they’d like to give away or sell? Funny thing is it doesn’t have to work that well, I’ll be adding a temperature controller to it to keep it at 70 degrees.

  • Rant: I keep going on first dates with men who I don’t feel those butterflies for. I miss that feeling you get when you meet someone that you might really, really like!

    Rant: Trying to come up with the kindest way to decline second dates. I hate this part.

    Rave: At least I’m going on dates and meeting new people instead of staying home alone?

    • I think the kindest way to decline a second date is just to be honest. Saying something like “Thank you for a nice evening (and I appreciate the dinner, conversation, etc.), but I’m not interested in a second date. I just am not feeling it”. It may not be the thing someone wants to hear, but at least you’re not lying or stringing someone along.

      • i usually use the line “i enjoyed our first date, but i didn’t really feel a connection there”.

      • In these situations I’ve usually said something like, “It was nice to meet you and chat, but I don’t think we’re a match.”

        Someone can be a perfectly nice, decent, and even attractive person… and still not be a good fit for you.

        Or that person could be not a good fit because they’re rude, self-centered, etc. “Not a match” can be used for that too… it’s a gracious all-purpose way of breaking things off.

    • i’ve been doing the online dating thing for over 3 years now, and can soooo relate to your first rant. is it too much to expect this? i’m starting to wonder if butterflies and giddiness is really realistic anymore. a lot of my older friends have told me, that as they got older, it just wasn’t like that anymore.


      • yes. as a hopeless romantic, I still think it’s ridiculous to want butterflies on the first date. if you enjoy spending time with the person, I think it’s more normal for those intense feelings to develop between dates 4 and 8.

        • that makes sense i guess. but the few guys i did even make it to date 4, 5, 6 7, 8, etc etc… still didn’t happen. so discouraging. maybe i am just getting pickier too. hmm

        • Maybe we have different definitions of “butterflies.” I do still think it’s reasonable to hope for that “OMG I can’t wait for him to call” or “I am really looking forward to a second date” feeling. And I have *not* been feeling that lately.

          There’s nothing like a really great crush 😉

          • shouldn’t you have a crush before you go on a date with somebody?

          • Not if I meet someone briefly, exchange phone numbers, and get asked out.. Or if a friend sets me up with someone.. Or any other scenario where a first date is truly the first time getting to know someone..

          • I just can’t imagine giving my number to somebody I don’t get a pounding heart from.

        • weird. i’m a guy. i would never ask anyone out if i wasn’t excited about her.

          • Exactly. I wouldn’t go on a date with someone unless I was interested in them. Right? I’m not quite sure how someone would end up on a date like that…unless it was just completely blind.

          • To anonymous 2:29 and 2:17 – I “end up” on dates all the time with people I don’t get a “pounding heart” from. I meet people at the gym or in loosely formed social settings or at the bar. I might be mildly interested, or interested enough to see where things might go on a first date. Dating is a numbers game, and I have seen firsthand that going out with someone that you initially feel lukewarm about can lead to some of the most heart pounding romances ever.

      • I did the online dating thing for a while, but stopped because I felt like it eliminated the whole romance of meeting someone and learning about them little by little. My experience with online dating felt more like a business transaction or an interview. Sounds like we need a PoP singles meet-up!

    • In this day and age I think its perfectly acceptable to decline the 2nd date via text. Cowardly? Probably, but easier.

    • I went on a first date with a woman about two years ago. We had a perfectly pleasant time, but I wasn’t really feeling it, and I could tell she wasn’t either. After the date, she sent me an e-mail thanking me for the nice time, and then adding that she thinks I’d be a great match for a friend of a friend, and asked me if I wanted to pursue it. I agreed, though it didn’t end up happening for whatever reason (maybe there was no friend of a friend, and she was just trying to let me down easy?), but I thought it was an interesting way to let me know, in case I hadn’t figured it out, that she wasn’t interested. Instead of asking myself why she wasn’t interested, I was pleased that she thought enough of me to set me up with someone else, and was more excited about the new prospect than I was saddened by the implicit rejection.

    • that’s great MsNesbitt! Hope you get the butterflies soon… Has anyone heard from Jonesy? Hoping she’s meeting new people too…. and hoping she’s not taking the pounding she got on here too seriously.

      • +1 on Jonesy. Yes, she was constantly complaining about the same thing, but I still think people here were too hard on her. 🙁

    • I went on about 8 or 9 horrible dates before I found a great guy that I had an immediate connection with. I mean one guy even took me out for brunch as our first date. Seriously? Who does that? I enjoyed my french toast and went on my way.

  • Rave: Landlady actually made some progress and gave me some updates on the list of broken things in my apartment.

    Rant: One of the locks she replaced was installed incorrectly. Is it that hard to do the job and then CHECK to see if it works before declaring it done?

    Rave: I can see sky out the window in my new office, much better than the cave I used to work in. FYI – it looks like rain.

    • You’re lucky about the view. From my desk, I can see some windows, but mostly I just hear the toilets flush in the women’s room. : )

  • houseintherear

    Rant: I need to buy a new iPhone. Mine is on strike.
    Rant2: I don’t have $300.

    Raves: Dressing up as a dinosaur for halloween. And my dog is too. Dinosaur and Dinosaur Jr. 🙂

    • Did you make or buy your costume? I looked everywhere for dinosaur costumes – but everything was for toddlers or babies. Is it so wrong that a grown woman wants to dress up as a dino?! 🙂

    • that’s awesome i would totally do a costume with my dog, but she wouldn’t tolerate it!

  • Rave: I can’t help but smile when I get off the McPherson Square metro and walk down 15th street, and the homeless man who sits on the bench every morning, without fail, yells Hello to everyone. Its awesome.

    Rave: A man in CVS this morning came out with two bags, giving one full of juice and some other snacks to the homeless woman standing outside. She was so happy!

    Rant: Not knowing for sure that the guy you like, likes you back. Always confusing 🙂

  • Rant: Was about to parallel park right in front of my building last night when a car pulls up right behind me (despite my blinker and reverse lights). Thinking she hadn’t noticed the fact that I was attempting to park, I gave it a sec for her to back up. Instead, she blared her horn multiple times. Once she got the hint, she backed up, let me park, and then proceed to flip me off as she sped past.

    Really?! Sometimes I just hate people.

  • rant: i need some new yoga pants. but i have short legs, and i can’t justify getting a pair of yoga pants hemmed.

    • Target has Champion pants in three different lengths. Maybe the short would work for you? They’re only about $20 too.

    • please. no more yoga pants.

      • what’s wrong with yoga pants. i LOVE them, plus i really want to start taking pilates.

        • I hate them! i do leggins instead. At least I can look semi-presentable walking to and from yoga/pilates on the street.

          • i don’t see why yoga pants look unpresentable, but okay…

          • I don’t like looking like I’m on my way to the gym. I blame my eastern european sensibilities. 🙂 Truth be told, 90% of the time i wear my normal clothes and just throw leggins and a tshirt into my purse to change there.

          • okay ladies, just remember that most cotton leggings are in fact see-through. every day I see at least half a dozen bums where I can tell what kind of underwear they are wearing. these women are presumably totally unaware that their pants are translucent. consider this a PSA. leggings should be worn with clothes that cover your butt.

          • sure, to and from yoga. can people please stop eating in restaurants in them though?!

          • I KNOW! Butt is always covered just in case. Also am too old for butt hanging out. And it’s not presentable. (butt is presentable, but not when in see through leggings)

          • word. we should be friends too.

          • I am dead serious about a girls of PoP happy hour next tuesday. Come!

          • out of town, unfortunately. make sure to schedule a second!

          • houseintherear

            Wait, what are the Tuesday hh details? I want in!

          • I think the latest on the happy hour was Tues. 11/1, “maybe in Columbia Heights.”

            And I was lobbying for it to start late enough that I could still get there before it ended. (I finish work at 6 p.m.)

  • Rant: Things were going well with this guy and then it suddenly turned sour, overnight.

    Rant: Really over dating in DC.

    Rave: My friend just booked her flight to come visit next month.

  • Rave: carved pumpkins last night with the teen boys and the ex. Fun!
    Rant: still spend too much time with the ex.

  • Rant: All my fabulous single friends and I do is share horror stories about dating in DC. It is not supposed to be this hard.

    Rave: 4 pumpkin beers last night and was not hungover this morning!

  • rant: the stupid chick in the cubicle next door can’t go 45 minutes without a lengthy personal conversation, generally one punctuated by a lot of “you know it!s”

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