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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Physical Therapy seems to be going well and hope to rejoin the workforce soon.

    Rant: Target cashiers who don’t know Target Coupon Policies. Some do, others don’t.

    I am hesitant on going to Target and take them up on their Price Match deal that they advertise on their website to buy Halloween candy using the Toys R Us circular.

  • Rant: Near altercation with a drunk idiot in Dupont last night. In the middle of an intersection, no less. Ugh.

    Rave: They’re showing Ghostbusters in select theaters every Thursday during the month of October, supposedly to “test the waters” on the popularity of a third movie. Ghostbusters is my favorite movie of all time, and I was a little too young to see it when it first came out on the big screen. So excited to see it tonight!

  • Rant/rave: Finally considering purchasing a place. But, I didn’t realize that buying a condo is a whole new can of worms than buying a house. We are just starting to research financing and I am already overwhelmed by reading about new rules that make it harder to get a loan for a condo. Anyone have any advice???

    • advice: buy a house, even if it means a worse neighborhood.

      • Are you trying to get an FHA loan or conventional financing?

        • conventional

          • Hmm…I didn’t know there were new rules for conventional mortgages for condos and we were recently in the market for one (we ended up postponing our search so we can save up a bit more money to get what we want).

            What types of rules are you running into?

    • I bought a condo around 14th & R over the summer and it was a great decision. You get the condo association rules prior to closing so if you see something you don’t like you can back out. As for the loan, it shouldn’t be that much different (unless your doing FHA then it’s about find a owner to renter ratio that FHA will approve).

      Buying is a great long term investment, so don’t get a house just because it’s easier. Getting what you want will be better for you in the long term. Find a real estate agent you trust and is knowledgeable and you’ll be golden!

      • no, you get a house because it’s a far better long term purchase. not just because it’s easier.

        • who wants to damn fix everything all the time? I’d rather have the work done for me. plus, it’s easier to rent a condo to a responsible human being instead of having to make it a group house that gets trashed.

          plus, not to mention houses in my neighborhood start at 900k and condos start at 300.

  • Beautiful picture above 🙂

  • Rave: William and Mary Homecoming this weekend with gorgeous weather, tailgating and more tailgating.

    Rant: Work on Monday is gonna suck.

    • Yay W& M! I didn’t go there but grew up there and homecoming was always so fun.

      My favorite was the push lawnmower people in the parade. And all the green and yellow. Have fun and Go Tribe!

    • CNU homecoming is this weekend also! Yay for tailgating and pretending I never graduated =D

      potential Rant: traffic on 64-E as people from the area head down to homecomings…

  • shipsa01

    Rant: What’s going on on K Street, NW between 4th and 5th? Police have the area blocked off and according to the MVT CID, someone has barricaded him(or)herself in the Museum Square building and a body is being taken out.

  • Rant: Friends who can’t act like adults, and who feel the need to inject every social situation with interpersonal drama.

    Rave: My life has been so calm since I stopped hanging out with this particular group, guess it was good to have one evening of re-experiencing the crazy to make me appreciate my own lack of drama these days!

  • Rant: trying to rent my place with 6 months left on my lease

    Rave: there are actually semi-affordable, small houses with fenced in yards to rent in Fairfax. My pup is gonna be so happy!

    • where/how much is your place? i have a friend who might be interested

    • Look for something around the Huntington metro station. Large neighborhoods of apartment sized houses, some with fenced yards, and you can walk to the metro.

  • Rant: I’m moving on Sunday, and I recently obtained from DCRA the “Emergency – No Parking” signs to reserve space for a moving truck (at a cost of $55). I put them up in front of my new place last night… and returned this morning to find all four of them torn down.

    I’m going to see if I can get DCRA to trade me the old set of signs for a new set… but what do I do if those get torn down too??

    • I wish I could help you with you sign issue, but why did you put them up now if you’re moving on Sunday? Was that part of the rules?

      Just out of curiosity.

      • If I recall correctly, they have to be up for 48 hours in advance. So, they would have to go up this morning for a Sunday move.

      • They have to be up at least 72 hours in advance because cars are allowed to park for up to 72 hours in one place that doesn’t have other restrictions.

        • I’m pretty sure they got rid of the rule that you’re only allowed to park in one spot for 72 hours, but the time period still applies to putting up the no parking signs.

    • That sucks. Not sure how you can prevent the theft. I can say that people will just ignore the signs and park there anyway. So, on moving day, you have to sit outside until your truck arrives and shoo away everyone who tries to park. DPW is good about ticketing and towing, but it does delay things.

    • Did you go through the online website to obtain the signs? If so, you can just go to any district police station and print out new ones by logging into your account again. I would probably print out some extras since they’re likely to get torn down again.

      @Meg – I believe the rule is that you have to post the signs 72 hours in advance.

    • Yeah, the rules state that you’re supposed to have them up 72 hours in advance.

      Honey Badger, thanks for the idea on printing out replacements at a police station. I might end up going to DCRA today anyway, as it’s not too far from my work (via Metro), but I’ll keep the police station in mind in case the signs get torn down a second/third time.

      • You’re welcome and good luck! I’ve been amazed that I’ve actually been pretty lucky when I’ve had to hang the no parking signs before. I did it twice on a well traveled street in Adams Morgan, over weekends, and none of the drunks stumbling to the metro tore them down. Better yet, people actually paid attention and didn’t park there on move day.

        This was on the same street where someone decided to sit on the hood of my car one night and leave me a giant butt dent. Good thing I don’t care what my car looks like!

  • claire

    Rave: Boyfriend coming home from his business trip today!

    Rave: Three day weekend starting tomorrow!

    Rant: Might have to do some work on my day off tomorrow to get this paper done.

    • claire

      Extra Rant: Just got a call from my boss – previously she was going to do most of the writing for the paper and hand it off to me mid-day today so I could edit and finish it up, now she wants to just give me an outline and have me write it entirely – AUGH.

      • Hey Claire, if that’s your real name (and if anyone at your office knows about the blog you linked to) you might not want to complain about work on here. I’ve seen people get fired for the same things you’re saying.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Just finished three days of jury duty and left feeling very disappointed in some of my fellow citizens.
    1. Jury duty isn’t meant to be convenient. Sitting there complaining about it isn’t going to make the process go any faster nor contribute to deliberations. And for most of the people in the room, 100 years ago, jury duty wasn’t an option or was highly discouraged. So show up and do your job.
    2. The complete lack of respect people have for other people: showing up late, talking over each other, resorting to name calling, pot shots, underhanded comments, etc.
    3. As one of the jurors who was a medical professional observed: several people in the room had not advanced past basic cognitive skills. So concepts such as intent, reasonable doubt, and such, which were essential to deciding the case, were not comprehended making the process incredibly painful.

    Revel: My co-workers were happy to have me back. It was a welcome reception after the past few days.

    Rant: Coffee maker exploded all over the counter.

    Revel: Still enough coffee in the carafe to have a cup.

    Rant: Mysterious bodily ailment. You know when things just don’t feel right and it’s not what the doctor thought it was?

    Revel: Husband gets home tonight after being gone all week.

    • And *that* is why I dread jury duty. I don’t mind being called. But it would drive me NUTS to have to deliberate with a bunch of nincompoops – or – people who just want to hustle through the process so they can get the heck out of there. Good for you for coming out of there alive and sane. 🙂

      • andy

        I was a jury foreman last time, the only time I got seated on a panel. I had a group that was a mix of the city and it was tough, but everybody was very serious and working to make good decisions.

        It was often frustrating. How do I get people to see this fairly? How do I get people to take my side? Why or how can you see this any other way than the way I did? Thoughts like that have to be very common. But I thought it was very positive.

        And it also made me feel more connected with my city, in a big way.

        So it’s not always bad.

        • GiantSquid

          See andy, if people were taking it seriously and working to make good decisions it would be one thing. But when people sit there and admit to “checking out” or “shutting down” it’s not furthering the deliberations at all and you’re closing yourself off to the process of thinking, debating, and considering.

          I look forward to someday sitting on a jury where everyone does those things, not just some.

        • I totally agree. I sat on a jury a couple of years ago in a trial over a shooting that happened very near the Petworth metro station and we were a very, very diverse bunch, in every way imaginable. But the foreman was great, everyone was really respectful of each other and took the job seriously. We had some real, honest debates over some elements of a few of the charges, but it was always with respect for the other person’s position.

          And in the end, we convicted a guy who’d shot someone in the head at close range in a convenience store of 9 of 11 charges.

    • Jury duty in and of itself isn’t the terrible part. It’s having to have to hang out with the Great American Public.

      I remember when I did jury duty (not here), people had stashed their hyperdermic needles on the picture frames on the wall prior to going through the metal detectors, there was vomit all over the bathrooms…it was just a miserable experience. But it did give me a sense of perspective.

    • I wonder if I can volunteer for jury duty? I’m unemployed at the moment, and it would be nice to knock it out on my own schedule, instead of getting called once I start a new job and potentially having to take time off when I would rather be learning the ropes and making a good impression…

  • Rave: Our first baby could be born today!

    Rant: Nothing at the moment.

  • RANT: Drivers who put their phones on speaker and then hold them out six inches from their face while driving. Why do they confuse hands-free with ears-free? Even though you’re not holding the phone to your ear, YOU’RE STILL HOLDING IT AND NOT THE STEERING WHEEL!

    RAVE: finally took my car in for service. Love Tony Lee at Lee’s Auto Service in Brookland.

    • That was me today, Soozles! I do that all the time

      • Ah! So that WAS you. I thought it might be. So why do you do that? I would think it would be easier to just hold it up to your ear or get a blue-tooth.

        • I do it because I hate my bluetooth device (I don’t have it in my car, so I need a wireless bluetooth device). It makes beeping noises every few seconds.

    • I’ve almost been run over by at least a dozen of the same such people. Stop it, fools!

    • I try to avoid calling from the car, but sometimes I do with the phone on speaker. The problem is when the other person complains they can’t hear me. Then I have no choice but to hold the phone close to my mouth or hang up on them. It’s a shame the technology hasn’t developed to a point where you can have the phone on your lap or on the center console and still be intelligible to the person on the other end.

      • Couldn’t you just wait until later?

        • Well, I do it thinking it’s going to be hands-free. Mostly just on really long, late drives where I want to talk to someone to break up the monotony and make sure I stay alert.

          • alert: it does not help with your alertness and distracts you and makes you drive worse. pull over and get some sleep.

        • amen. remember when talking on a phone in a car was a foreign concept and not even an option? it wasn’t so long ago and everyone got on just fine. nothing is so important that you can’t just wait.

          • Ok, I’ll just zone out or fall asleep behind the wheel. Thanks!

          • Does your phone have a hands-free device?

            I can see how you might want to chat with someone if you’re on a long, boring drive and wanting to stay alert, but your current method of having the phone on speaker sounds like it’s not working very well and could even be dangerous.

          • anonymous, seriously. you have problems if you constantly would be falling asleep at the wheel if not for talking to somebody. get off the road.

    • RAVE: Lee’s! Me too!

      RANT: Teenaged VW. Want to play guess-what-it’ll-cost-this-time?

    • Tony Lee is the best, and most honest, mechanic in DC.

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  • Rant: The Ohio man who let loose his exotic animals to their deaths (and I had thought the person who put Koi in the Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park pools was bad).

    Rave: The Cardinals may make it a competitive Series.

    • Second this. Dozens of animals needlessly shot down… My inclination to feel real sympathy for anyone who kills himself is pretty much gone in this case.

      • Third! I was crushed when I heard 18 bengals were killed… 18!!! there are only like 1200 in the world…. this makes me angry and hate zoos….

  • Help raise money to send students in Roosevelt Sr. High School’s culinary arts program to Italy for a cooking experience. Here are the details:

    If you shop at Safeway, get the code off your receipt. If you don’t have your receipt, you can just enter your card number. As of right now we have managed to raise over $5200.00 collecting receipts. Let’s see if we can get at least $3,000 more before this 10% promotion ends Thursday night. Post on your FB page, send to your family and friends because every little bit of support will help sponsor our trip to ITALY for a Culinary Arts Class during Spring Break. Thanks so much and if you don’t have time to do it, just send me an email and I’ll enter your code or card number for you.
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    Group ID 500025161
    Group Name Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School
    Group Address 4301 13th Street N.W.
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  • sorry for the repeat. I forgot I had a URL in there that messes things up.

  • Rave: I love halloween
    Question: Do kiddos trick-or-treat around Petworth? I live in a rowhouse on a semi-crap street and wanted to pass out candy but wasn’t sure if it would just be a waste.

    • Semi-crap streets get tons of trick or treaters, if you can call them that. I used to live in a shady part of SW and was swamped with women with strollers on Halloween. Sometimes the babies weren’t even dressed up, and they were probably too young to be eating candy anyway, but their mammas sure did want it. We ran out of candy before it even got dark.

    • in Petworth (as least the southern part of it) there are TONS of trick-or-treaters!!! Stock up on candy, they also tend to come late so don’t dump all your candy too early thinking they are done. Some don’t dress up, some parents take candy, too, but it is a holiday and I just enjoy seeing everyone smile!

    • Holy crap do they! We had TONS last year. One thing to remember, make sure to not just hold out the bowl. My wife and I tried that, and a group of about 5 people took seriously half the candy. A dad just stood there and let his kids keep taking pieces (insert rant about kids these days)

      It is fun! We got the Costco sized bag of good candy, and after the first experience last year, I give candy by hand into each bag.

  • Rave: Interview went really well this morning.

    Rant: It was with a staffing agency, and not for a particular jo. But they could have something for me soon.

    Rave: Decided to go to grad school, probably starting in January.

  • RAVE: Columbia Heights-based string band The Potomac Bombs return to Acre 121 tonight for a free show at 8 pm! Three sets of rollicking bluegrass, blues, and Americana featuring a wealth of original material and some of your favorite covers. Event info at http://www.acre121.com/events/potomac-bombs

    And check out previews of two work-in-progress original tracks from our upcoming EP on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/potomacbombs

    Play the Hits!

  • Rave – the weather

    Rave – it’s Thursday. it’s also payday.

    Rave – putting myself out there personally and professionally.

    Rave – Pumpkin lattes.

    Rant – still oh so tired.

  • Rant: Eye Street, Que Street and the like.

    Revel: Laughing at ranting.

    • Ha! On my walk to the office this morning, I spotted the sign for the “Eye Street Grille” and I thought of you. Thank you for ranting in the appropriate thread. 😉

      • My pleasure! It was a mistimed rant yesterday, but it was just that moment for me. But I had to respect the PoP, and rant in the approved area.

        Glad I could provide you with a morning chuckle. 🙂

        I wonder… does GPS accept Eye Street in DC?

  • Rant: Street sweepers. Either they don’t come through at all, or they blow down the street at 35 mph scattering the trash instead of sweeping it up. I try to walk down the block on sweeping morning and kick the trash from the sidewalk and grass into the street so it can get cleaned up. Why should I bother, if the sweeper drivers aren’t doing their job?

    • how about being an upright citizen and picking up the trash instead of kicking it elsewhere? oh right, it’s not your job

  • Rant: Bank account low.
    Rave: Mojo high!

  • Rave: Wife brought home interesting free book from work – Don’t Shoot, by David Kennedy.

    One interesting quote “There was no negotiation, no deal, no get-out-of-jail-free card. It was not Put your guns down and you can deal drugs. It was Keep shooting your guns and we will make your life miserable. Put them down and we go back to the same game as before: Sometimes you win, sometimes we win. Gunplay? We win, you lose.”

  • houseintherear

    Rave: I’m going to be brave today and ride my bike home from the car dealership after I drop off the ol’ car. I think I’ll even bring the dog along to ride with me. I’m nervous!! Anyone have experience with a downtownSilverSpring-to-Bloomingdale bike ride? I’m thinking Blair Rd. to 5th, since there’s a bike lane on most of 5th.

    Rant: No work tomorrow, so if I’m sore from the 5 mile ride it won’t matter. 🙂

    • don’t bring the dog unless he/she is small enough to ride in your backpack. Cruel to drag dogs on bike rides.

      • houseintherear

        He’s a basket dog, loves the bike. Oh boy- yeah that would be waaaay to long a run for a dog. I’m a little worried that 30 mins of sitting in the basket might be too much, but he really loves the bike (and the cooler weather)… I don’t know.

        • I love the sight of a biker with a little dog in the basket. The dogs always look like they’re having the time of their lives! I’d like to try with mine but I’m worried that she’d be badly injured if I got into an accident– it’s not like I can put a helmet on her. Is this a concern for you?

          • houseintherear

            I have a helmet for him I made out of a child’s bike helmet, but my vet (and the internet) says it won’t do much for him in case of a fall. So I bike slowly when he’s with me, and he is not strapped in so he can jump out if he needs to.

            I tipped over a little bit avoiding a car door a few months ago, and he jumped out and trotted along as if nothing had happened. Dogs are amazing.

          • That’s awesome. My partner used to ride with our toy poodle in her jacket, and she loved it. Have fun!

            Also, isn’t there a bike path that runs most of the way from SS to your neighborhood? The one that runs along the tracks? I’ve never been on it, but I think it’s gotten safer since folks started patrolling.

    • That’s they way I prefer – it’s a nice ride going up 5th.

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