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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Update from yesterday…we decided on naming our tortie, Maddy.

    1) Because it sounds kind of like Marcus Lattimore of the Gamecocks
    2) She is driving us mad, just kidding!

    Rant: 3 hours of sleep last night! Maddy might have the cat record for ‘longest time spent kneading everything in the room.’

    • anon. gardener

      Must have been something in the air – my cat, who never kneads, went to town on a fuzzy blanket last night for at least half an hour.

    • You will love your tortie! I adore mine!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Good choice!

      I can commiserate with the little sleep. My cat is a talker and LOVES to yell at me at about 4am. Seriously, she gets in my face and yells. Then she has the nerve to be put out when my alarm clock goes off at 7 and wakes her up.

      My next cat will not be a talker.

      • Haha, she’s a kneader, yowler and an all around goof ball. I think she may have cat ADHD. I just hope that she gets along with my 14 lbs Maine Coon!

      • me

        One of mine gets into phases- she’ll want to play with something for a few weeks and that’s all she wants to do, then she’ll move on to something else. Now, it’s playing with our indoor wooded window blinds. Which entails her getting up at 4am every morning, walking all over me, sitting on my shoulder and slamming her paws against the blinds to make noise. So, I hear you on the 4am thing. 😉

    • What’s a tortie, a tortoise?

    • One of my cats kneads more oftens when she’s stressed. It could be the new environment. The kneading will desist right around the time she discovers how warm it is when she sleeps plastered against your face. 🙂

    • I have a tortie and she is AWESOME. So much personality. You’re going to love Maddy.

    • claire

      Just going to step in with a little more tortie love! They’re feisty but so much fun. My cat also loves kneading, though I think that has more to do with how their kittenhood went than anything.

  • Call it morbid curiosity, but I’d really like to know what restuarant the Iranian assasins picked to blow up the Saudi ambassador.

    Goes without saying that I’m glad it didn’t happen, however.

  • Rave: Have had 5 (!!!) job interviews in the last 6 weeks.
    Rant: Big decisions to make. Do I have to be a grown up?
    Rant: Husband’s job dumped the work of an entire person on him and is totally clueless that the two positions have to take place in two totally different geographic locations. Husband is not assertive enough to say anything so he comes home pissed every day. Fun!!!

  • Rave: Nyjer Morgan is rocking it in post season baseball!

    Rant: The Nats traded him to Milwaukee last year.

    • I’m happy for ol’ T-Plush and wish him success this postseason, but I think it’s only a matter of time before both the Brewers and their fans grow weary of his antics, just like they did here and in Pittsburgh.

      • From my understanding during the visit to Milwaukee over the weekend, they think he’s crazy / hilarious.

        • I love Nyjer Morgan. I loved him here even though he was crazy/hilarious, although I was super pissed at him that time he threw a hissy fit when the ball was still in play. Regardless, he is damn entertaining.

  • How’s Jonesy today? I hope well.

    • me

      I hope she called someone to get herself sorted… I mean, we can all say how we don’t like her posts or whatnot, but it’s clear that this isn’t helping. Professionals need to be consulted, especially when she says that we never know what will send someone over the edge… I feel like that is a big cry for help. Please, Jonesy, call someone. And I mean that in the most helpful way possible.

      • indeed. I think I was harsh on her yesterday, but her desperation for a husband and sour grapes for those who are happy really grated on me. if you’re around, Jonesy, I apologize. you strike me as a lovely, thoughtful person who really could just use some help getting a better perspective (this comes from a woman who has herself taken advantage of therapy).

        and once you do, I have the perfect guy for you. no joke.

        • +1. Therapy doesn’t have to mean someone is in danger of “going over the edge” or “cry[ing] for help.” Hell, therapy would be useful for just about everyone, although people often don’t seek it out until their problems become serious.

          Jonesy doesn’t strike me as someone in “danger,” just as someone who’s overly focused on one thing, to her detriment. It did seem to me like some people were being unnecessarily mean to her yesterday. Sure, it can be annoying if people always seem to be ranting about the same things, but it’s not nice to make personal digs.

          • I think everyone needs therapy – it’s extremely helpful to have someone help you work through what you’re dealing with and bring up what you might be avoiding dealing with.

        • How about this perfect guy for someone who has a lovely perspective on life right now? 🙂

  • Rant: Complainers. I specifically indicated I didn’t want to be everyone’s dumping ground for complaints today and people are STILL complaining to me about everything. It’s like people don’t even realize that’s what they’re doing.

    Rant: I am complaining about complaining.

    Rave: Making white bean chicken chili for dinner tonight – yum!

    Rave: Catching up with some of my oldest, best girlfriends this weekend and I can’t wait to see them!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Sleep funny and my shoulder blade hurts.

    Rave: My clueless self learned that Loretta Lynn will be at the 9:30 club this month!

  • Rant: Hauled my butt all the way to the Giant supermarket in Shaw yesterday only to find out that they’d closed. There was no sign on their window indicating what had happened. Anyone have any info? I try to follow this blog (and other news sources) every day, but sometimes things slip through the cracks.

    Rave: The weather is great: not too hot, not too humid, not too sunny, and not cold or rainy (yet). So, I really don’t mind walking all over town.

  • rant: enormous goodbye parties for people who are leaving our office (not retiring, but going to another job). honestly, when (not if, when) i leave this godforsaken place, i am going out quietly. i don’t need the speeches, gift cards, balloons or the requisite cake. i’m pretty low key, so all that stuff bugs me, but clearly other people here love it.

    rant: rangers

    rave: i may be in the minority, but i love this weather, including the rain!

  • Rant: Yesterday someone got hit by a metro train in Clarendon and it ruined my commute from Ballston. They shuttled us to Rosslyn and it was difficult to get off the shuttle because of the crazy hostile crowd at Rosslyn. I ended up walking from Rosslyn to Foggy Bottom in heels!! Of course no email or text from WMATA about what happened.

    Rave: My boyfriend picked me up from Foggy Bottom and took me out for cocktails and dinner 🙂

    • Wow! Sounds like you were really in tight spot. Glad you made it throughOK Oh yeah, any word on the injured person?

      Boyfriend made you walk all the way to Foggy Bottom? Sounds like a real peach.

      • No, he didn’t make me walk to Foggy Bottom. I walked there on my own because it was faster for him to meet me there than to have him stuck in that crap traffic in Georgetown.

        • The traffic in Georgetown really only takes 5 minutes to get through. I go through twice a day…the morning Im not even on M st 2 minutes and in the afternoon ~5 minutes or so. It really isn’t as bad as it looks. You could have saved your feet some suffering!

      • I now think that Anonymous in heels above is a troll.

    • someone got HIT BY A TRAIN and ruined your commute?! wow poor you. you certainly are the victim here.

      • The guy tried to kill himself using public transit. There’s no sympathy here.

      • I could care less about the victim. He/she is an idiot trying to commit suicide

      • Sure, this person messed up other people’s schedules for an evening… but have a teeny-tiny bit of sympathy for someone so unhappy with life as to attempt suicide.

      • While I would normally have sympathy, anyone trying to kill themselves during rush hour is trying to go out with a bang. No sympathy for selfishness.

        I’ve seen a guy jump off a bridge during rush hour traffic. Ruined my day, and he didn’t feel a thing. Thanks guy.

        • Do you guys really think that the first thing on a suicidal person’s mind is the time of day or how their decision will affect daily commuters? I’m going with a big fat NO. They’re too wrapped up in wanting to die and be rid of this life than to think about you people. I have no sympathy for suicide, I think it’s a cop out, but I will presume that metropolitan rush hour traffic isn’t at the top of the list. Someone said something about selfishness. Selfish people don’t think about others. Clearly they don’t care about ruining YOUR day.

          • So you think it’s impossible for a person that’s so unhappy with life that they’re willing to take their own life to believe that as a last hurrah, they should kill themselves in front of thousands of people?

            How about the video of the guy who tried to kill himself by throwing himself on the Romanian parliament from a balcony, while it was being recorded (I won’t post it here, because I don’t want people to get offended)? You think that guy wasn’t thinking about the impact that would have?

            Suicide is the ultimate show of selfishness. I have sympathy for those that are depressed, I even have sympathy for those that commit suicide, but those who try to ruin everyone else’s day and scar them for life by needing an audience on their way out…those people deserve nothing.

          • Yeah, I think it’s possible that someone can be both suicidal and kind of a d!#%, but if they’re at the point where they’re trying to end their life my feelings of sympathy for the pain they must be in are stronger than my annoyance that they didn’t plan their suicide so as to not interfere with my commute.

          • I have sympathy for people that are in pain, and I understand the gravity of suicide. But if someone acts in selfishness to get attention, why shouldn’t those who were forced to witness it act equally selfishly by not having any sympathy?

            Again, I’m not making light of suicide. Depression is a serious disease. I just don’t like the paradox of “my life is unimportant enough to end” but “my death should be witnessed by many.” Because if they’re successful, the only ones that suffer will be the people that see it or have to deal with the repercussions.

            My sincerest sympathies to the families and friends of those that commit suicide. They are the real victims.

          • I don’t think people who jump in front of trains are looking for an audience, only for an efficient (they hope) way to die.

            Throwing oneself onto the Romanian parliament is a different matter.

          • They could jump when it’s not rush hour. Same effect.

          • Maybe they’d prefer not to wait another 4 (or however many) hours.

            Besides, there are more trains during rush hour.

    • +1 on your rant.

      My usual 40 minute commute ended up taking more than 2 hours. I heard about the incident and decided to take the 38B to Farragut Square, then take another bus up 16th Street. Turns out everyone had the same idea. The Metro dudes at Court House told everyone to take the shuttles to Rosslyn, but the Rosslyn station was closed. People were absolutely FRANTIC during this “Transit Apocalypse” and gave me a good excuse to have a big ol’ glass of red wine when I got home.

    • Okay, a normal bitching about your commute b/c someone got hit by a train is fine, but the people on here that are legitimately angry at this poor person are beyond the pale. if you don’t understand depression and suicide then just keep your mouth shut. you don’t know anything.

  • me

    Rant: I can play a sport for a couple of hours and be fine, yet I pull a muscle when I take my shoes off. I hate getting old.

    Rave: I will be on a much-needed vacation in a week and a half. Just thinking about it is helping me get through my days now.

    Rant: I know I will be flamed for this… but I’m willing to get flamed just to get this out there. I kind of wish that October was just Cancer Awareness Month, or if you have to make it specific, Women’s Cancer Awareness Month. I’m a woman with 2 different types of cancer (one of which is specifically a woman’s cancer), and I wish I could get more awareness out there for what I’ve been going through for the past year or so and what everyone else who has any other type of cancer is going through. I know that breast cancer is a horrible (and widespread) plight and I give my sincere sympathies to anyone who has been affected or has family/friends/coworkers who have been affected… but cancer in general could use a lot of research money- not just breast cancer! (Just my $.02.)

    • Regarding your second rant, I have said similar things to my husband, but would never say something like that in public. I get sick of PINK EVERYTHING in October. A pink Brita water pitcher? Really? I feel like people only care because it’s pink and cute. I guess ‘save the tatas’ is way more appealing than ‘save the colons’ or ‘save the ovaries’. I don’t want to downplay breast cancer or any kind of cancer, but I find the obsessive focus on breast cancer a little off-putting. This is coming from a woman. I am glad you posted this – thank you.

      • man, every time I see “save the tatas” it makes me want to give that person a serious titty-twister. what an idiotic message.

    • anon. gardener

      check out the cancer services online website – cancer dash services dot com – they have a list of the cancer awareness months. September and February are probably the months when you’ll find the kind of outreach opportunities you’re looking for.

      • but do people do “walks” for cervical cancer?

        • anon. gardener

          If they don’t they should. Breast cancer gets huge amounts of money – it’s a well-oiled machine, the pink ribbon thing is trendy, and people give to what is most visible. I (another woman) totally agree that the breast cancer fundraising is becoming a victim of its success.

    • +1. I totally agree with you. I am sending you love from here in your fight. I know it must be extremely difficult, but I’m sure you can do it! we are all a lot of people have issues with the culture surrounding breast cancer too and I think that should be fixed. I mean, the more money to all kinds of research the better, but it shouldn’t all be funneled to breast cancer. they are doing well.

      most people don’t want to give to lung cancer b/c they feel like the person did it to themselves… but fact of the matter is that sometimes environment does it and a full 15% of lung cancers are in non smokers. I personally know 2 people who died in their 30s of lung cancer and neither ever smoked. it’s the most deadly cancer. also, colon cancer is a big one.

      • Try having a male relative with breast cancer. I swear I got dirty looks for having male name on my pink Race for the Cure placard. Someone actually told me that I did it wrong, that was for the cancer survivor. It was hard not to kick her in the teeth. Women don’t “own” breast cancer, though they seem to want to.

        Captcha: HHA8. Haters be Hatin’

    • http://www.marieclaire.com/world-reports/news/breast-cancer-business-scams

      I know Marie Claire doesn’t sound like the best of sources but I think they did their research on that article. I found it interesting.

    • saf

      I understand. I really do wish people in general would understand that basic medical research, rather than directed research, has a better chance of finding cures/treatment for many conditions.

    • I totally agree. What people don’t realize is how much money the Susan G Komen foundation actually raises (tons) and even though they shouldn’t be faulted for their excellent campaigns, there are bigger, badder forms of cancer that deserve the fanaticism that breast cancer is getting.

    • October is Lupus Awareness Month too, but the 1.5 million people with Lupus are mostly ignored.It took 52 years for a new drug to get FDA approval.

    • me

      Thanks for not completely yelling at me on here. I don’t want to come off as seeming as if I feel neglected and want attention- I just think it’s become so prevalent in the past 10 years that when people think of cancer awareness, it’s automatically breast cancer. But raising money for cancer research in general is what is important, not paying money to what I believe is a corporation, spending the money on a lot of salaries and marketing. I’m just thinking that for the greater good, awareness *in general* should be promoted. So, in the month of October, there should be a reminder for everyone to get a yearly exam. If you’re a woman, get checked out by your gyno, both above and below the belt. Men, make sure your happy place stays happy by visiting your friendly primary care doctor. And everyone, get a general wellness check. (I don’t look good in pink, anyways. 🙂 )

      • Since we’re talking about unpopular opinions to voice aloud regarding cancer, I’ll add mine. I hate the focus on “fighting” cancer and all the battle analogies that follow. I don’t think we should tell people not to give it everything they’ve got if they want to fight it. I just think that we should also tell people that it’s okay not to want to fight. For me it conveys the idea that if you fight cancer and lose that you just didn’t fight hard enough. And I think we should devote more resources to end of life care. Sometimes the best choice is to be as comfortable as possible and to go quietly.

  • My poor boxer pup suddenly started to limp yesterday and has been miserable ever since. I know boxers are prone to all kinds of health problems but he’s not even 2.5 years old! I thought we’d have more time before dealing with this stuff. 🙁 He goes to the vet tomorrow to get checked out thoroughly. Seeing him just laying there breaks my heart.

    • We have a 7 year old boxer, so I can imagine how worried you are… thinking of you and your pup!!

    • claire

      When I adopted my cat from the shelter, she started limping literally within a couple days, and I had no idea why. I was (naturally) freaking out about it, but I just held out for a day or so and it actually went away on its own – still no idea what caused it but I suspect she just strained a muscle or got a cut in her paw. Anyway, these things happen and if your puppy’s still a young ‘un, chances are it’s not anything too serious! Still best to take him to the vet and get some peace of mind though.

  • Mt. Vernon Trail Wheelchair Dude! I was biking with the sig other on Monday headed toward Alexandria. South of the airport we passed a super buff man in a wheelchair headed north on the trail. Then FOUR HOURS later on our return trip, we met him again this time on the bridge headed south. This guy was moving! Anyone know this guy’s story?

  • Rant: power went out in half my house (I think) briefly last night around midnight and woke me up. Anyone else? We’re in northern CH.

    • Power went out in half of my apartment sometime overnight(Calvert St)and didn’t get fixed until around 9:30 this morning, which meant no hot water or lights in the bathroom, bedroom, and half of my kitchen! I saw that they’re doing a lot of road construction near the Woodley Park metro, so I’m thinking it’s related to that.

      • Hmmm. I’m probably too far away for that construction to have been the cause, and ours was only out for a minute–of course, just long enough to have to reset all the clocks/alarms and to have to sneak in to turn back on the baby monitor. Sorry you lost yours for such a long time!

        I still don’t understand how it can go out in only half the house (mine or yours), though…

        • claire

          Power went out in half my house before, and we figured out it was because the landlord did renovations in the basement that required rewiring and as a result, we somehow have two separate lines from our house to the street (and it wasn’t just a divide between the house/basement when the power went out – it was totally fine in the basement, out in a couple of rooms on the ground floor, and out entirely upstairs).

  • Rant: while riding my bike in the bikelane to work this am, car stops in front of me, woman gets out and says “I dare you to say something bitch”. Really? I hate people sometimes.

    Rant: my s.o. is being totally taken advantage of at work. He is so good at what he does and they treat him like crap. I hope he quits.

    • Huh? The woman was a passenger I guess? Did you give her an annoyed look or something?

    • A few weeks ago I waved and yelled hello across the street to the friend I was meeting and a biker pulled up to me and yelled ‘fuck you, I have every right to ride here.’ Apparently she thought I was yelling at her. Made me wonder what she had done wrong that made her so defensive! Some people are just tightly wound I guess.

    • me

      Wouldn’t it have been nice if you wouldn’t have said anything, but just ran her over? 😉

  • Rant: Looks like I may have to make yet another horrifically painful Wonderful Relationship vs. School/Career decision again. Or, worse, it will likely be made for me. Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

    Rave: Busy emergency project/work disaster to distract me.

    • spill the details! bored minds want to know…

      • It’s not exciting. Summary: it sucks to be relationships in your 20’s when everyone moves around all the time.

        • The problem is you’re in your 20s. By design you should be moving around a lot. Have fun. Explore things. You still have no clue what you really want. Why try to get locked into something just because? You’ll have plenty of decades to be miserable later.

        • I agree that 20-somethings should meet lots of people and date lots of people, but, still, sometimes you’re mature enough and ready and you meet someone you love. you can’t stop yourself from loving them. shoot, I don’t think you should be able to get married until you’re 29, but that doesn’t make earlier relationships less meaningful. sometimes people get lucky and those 20-something relationships are amazing.

          that said, just know that life keeps getting better and better. the amount my life improved from 28 to 35 was incredible… and it even included a lot of painful stuff. if you have doubts at all about the relationship, just let it go and don’t hold yourself from other opportunities. if you absolutely know this will work, then don’t be ashamed to change life plans to make it work. you’ll figure it out!

          • OTOH, following someone to grad school is a fine option, too. It worked for me and my spouse, and though there was uprooting and sacrifice, both grad school cities had great people and cultural life. If you’re tight with your fellow explorer, don’t be afraid to choose the relationship.

            Cripes, you’re in your 20’s, you’ve still got time to save the world, get rich, and earn your Macarthur genius grant.

  • Rave: after closing for the weekend, CH metro station seems so much brighter and more functional.

    Rant: Son getting bullied at school, and then said bully followed him home yesterday causing an altercation.

    Rant/Rave: we filed a police report and informed the principal about said bully. Waiting to see what happens.

    • andy

      Is your kid in DCPS or charter? I can get that the charters can just shoo kids back to their districted DCPS, but I wonder if DCPS typically expels or moves kids.

    • Good luck dealing with the bully.

      Related to your rave, I thought Metro did a good job staffing people at L’Enfant Plaza this weekend to inform riders of the green line closure. They also had frequent train announcements. I didn’t take a shuttle to know how effective those were, but it was nice to see them being proactive about notifying people who may not be regular riders.

    • This isn’t a blame the victim suggestion, but providing the tools to allow your child to stand up to a bully is very important for self esteem. Maybe getting your kid into a reputable karate or ju-jitsu class can do some good.

      Bullies bully until it stops working. “Walking away” only works when you’re strangers and the likelihood of meeting up again is low. It’s my major complaint about grade school anti-violence programs over the last 30 years (my lifetime). The only thing walking away does is keep the principle and teachers from getting in trouble.

      • What about bullies who don’t use physical violence?

      • for small kids I believe the self-confidence building of this is good. but what about the 13-18 crowd where the bullying might involve weapons? 🙁

        • My son can defend himself and does. I personally am all for playground justice, but my kids are seniors, and the stakes are a little higher. This wound up in front of my house where my safety then becomes a concern, and 911 becomes MY weapon. I will not back down.

  • rave: I dropped several things (receipts, etc) from my wallet while I was in line at the Chop’t in Union Station earlier today, and I didn’t realize until this afternoon that I had lost my Starbucks card in the process. I went back a little while ago to Chop’t and someone had found it and turned it in to the cashiers – thanks to the anonymous person who did that!

    • rant: In the 5 minutes it took me to fill out purchase info for a plane ticket on the Delta website, they raised the cost of the fare by $100 and told my options were to pay the new price or start over from scratch!

      • Have you tried clearing your cookies? It might not make a difference, but sometimes travel-related websites will increase their prices in an effort to get you to buy before the fare gets any higher.

  • That really is criminal. Switch to Southwest and take the B-30 to Baltimore.

    • I forgot about Southwest! (I usually search for fares using Kayak, which doesn’t include them in their search results.) While I would prefer to fly out of DCA, I’ll def check them out.

  • RANT: I got a ticket for parking at a BROKEN meter. Seems to be that if the city provides us with a bunch of broken meters, then I should not be responsible for payment of any kind, especially since I LOST MONEY putting coins into the thing. I was only parked there for about 10 minutes and put a sign on the meter.
    RAVE: The person I was picking up is paying for the ticket, but I still don’t think ANYONE should have to pay.
    RANT: My mothers car battery died while waiting in the CVS pharmacy drive through line for over two hours only to find out her prescriptions weren’t ready. (This was a Maryland location)

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