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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Dry cleaning is unaffordable within city limits. A women’s dress shirt costs $4.45-5.25 in DC, even if you go out to low-income neighborhoods, but the exact same service costs $1.50 if you go to any non-organic dry cleaner in Northern Virginia. I just don’t get it. Sure, rents are higher here, but you don’t see that kind of markup with any other retail or services. I’ve never understood the people that drive out to another state to save a few pennies on gas or groceries, but with dry cleaning it’s almost a necessity unless you have a lot of money to burn.

    Rave: Commenters here are so knowledgable that I’m sure someone knows of a dry cleaner within DC that does women’s items for less than $2 apiece.

    • Agree with your rant! I always make the mistake of letting all my dry-clean-only dresses build up, take them to the dry cleaner all at once, and then suddenly end up with a $60 bill. And then I put off picking them up because I don’t want to deal with paying…

    • I go to Parklane Cleaners at Van Ness. I think it is $2.19 per item for the basic service. Not sure about larger items like coats, but shirts, dresses, and pants are very affordable.

      • My go-to place for years. Also offers same-day service for emergencies.

      • Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, since I live in SE that’s really far for me to go. But hopefully someone else will find that information useful.

    • anon. gardener

      I’ve found that very few things actually need to be dry cleaned. If it’s got a lining, or is lace or certain kinds of wool, then yes, dry clean. But otherwise, wash it in cold water and hang or flat dry. and iron inside out or through a dish towel if you’re afraid of damaging the fabric that way.

      If the tag says “dry clean only” they probably really mean it. If it says “dry clean” it’s just the manufacturer covering its butt.

      • Yeah, I’m always amazed by guys who dry clean every one of their work shirts. I only dry clean dresses with very delicate parts and coats. Unfortunately, I seem to wear a lot of these things…

        • Well, the weird thing is that men’s dress shirts only cost $1.50 to dry clean (even in DC) while the same shirt for a woman costs 3 times as much for some reason.

          • If it costs $1.50 for a man’s dress shirt, then the shirt is being laundered (washed and pressed), not dry cleaned.

        • I dry clean all of my shirts. It’s not because I’m worried about the wash machine destroying them. Rather, it’s because washing and ironing shirts takes for-ev-er.

          Plus . . . men’s shirts are much cheaper to dry clean than just about anything else.

        • Those men who drop off every one of their shirts are usually getting them laundered, not dry cleaned. It’s worth it for the pressing.

          As for why men’s shirts cost less… the dry cleaners use a sort of frame (for the pressing, I think), which is sized for the average man’s garment. Women’s garments being too small for the frame, they have to be done manually, which takes more time and labor. At least, that’s the excuse I heard. The first dry cleaner to invest in a small frame and drop the cost of cleaning women’s shirts to that of men’s will be very popular.

      • I don’t dry clean my clothes either (though I have a winter coat that will need it soon). My girlfriend does, however, because she doesn’t have the patience to wash and iron everything. I don’t mind doing it for her sometimes, but it takes a long time and she has a serious job so everything has to be perfect. She asked me to find a dry cleaner near us so she doesn’t have to go out to Virignia all the time, and I would prefer to support a DC business when I do take my coat in, but the prices were shocking compared to Virginia.

    • Zips is the cheapest place around.

      They do an ok job for a great price. I wouldn’t trust them with a mink, but they can handle your day to day clothes.

      • Haven’t been there in ages. They are fast and cheap, if you don’t mind hanging your clothes up for three days to get the chemical smell out of them. Of course, if they have gone “organic” then this may no longer be true.

        • I never had that problem, or it wasn’t anything I noticed any different from any other cleaners I used.

          Mostly it was torn stitching on the occasional item.

  • Rant: Work is offering flu shots today, but I have two midterms and my birthday coming up in the next two weeks. I always get brutally ill from the flu shot, and I already have a cold so my immune system is weaker than usual, so I just can’t take that risk this time.

    • If you’re sick you shouldn’t get the shot right now, you can get it in two weeks and you’ll be fine. But it is unlikely that you should feel any effects from the flu shot after 2 days.

      • In my experience I always have flu symptoms for a solid week or two following the shot. I don’t think I’ve ever had a case of the flu that was as bad as the shot, come to think of it. But after reading that post a few weeks ago about how I could be passing the flu on to old ladies and children I figured it’s the morally responsbilie thing to do. Plus, I have plenty of sick leave saved up for it.

        • I *think* most people come down with a ‘cold’ after getting the flu shot, not the flu but I could be wrong.

          I felt like a&& for a week after getting the flu shot this year.

    • My office allows anyone not available on flu shot day to stop by the clinic that comes to us and get a free flu shot there. Check with your HR folks to see if you could get a flu shot when your immune system is up for it (even if might not be quite as convenient).

  • Rave: Picking up my kitten today!

    Rant: Still don’t have a name for her…

  • Rant: Weather got cold for 2.5 seconds two weeks ago, and my building decided to not only shut off the AC but to turn on the heat. 80 degrees in my apartment last night!

    Rave: Thank goodness for the giant, powerful fan that my parents bequeathed me, which allows me to pull and push air into rooms I’m in.

    Rave / Rant: Fantastic visit back to Wisconsin over the weekend. Had a good baby shower, went down to the Chicago Marathon, got my hair done and my teeth cleaned. Could’ve used a few more days there, though.

    Rave: Season finale for Breaking Bad. Holy balls.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Ordered fancy new dress for office’s fancy Holiday Party.

    Rant: Craving fried pickles since the eatery I went to with some pals on Sunday specifically for fried pickles was out. How do you run out of pickles???

    Rave: Well rested and happy because I had a fun and lazy long weekend.

    Rave: Who Dat!

  • Rant: The day’s off to a pretty bad start. I’m feeling under the weather so I didn’t want to bike to work. As I’m racing out of the house to catch the shuttle, I see that the dogs have peed and shit on the floor, but I don’t have time to clean it up. I approach the shuttle location and see it pulling away, 3 minutes before it’s supposed to. I run to catch it but only succeed in completely wearing myself out. I take a metrobus instead but still have to walk 15 minutes from the dropoff to get to my office. I get in ten minutes after 8 (really late for me) looking and feeling terrible. No caffiene because my throat hurts too much to drink anything. Although I dressed in layers I’m freezing because there’s cold air blowing on me. Maybe I should have stayed home…

    • Hopefully the pee/poop is sitting on tile?

      • It’s on tile, but the tile’s an absorbant material. I asked my girlfriend to clean it up but she’s sqeamish about that stuff and never cleans it up thoroughly so I’m not expecting much.

    • Hot tea with honey and lemon! Then, have another hot tea with whiskey when you get home- I know it makes me sound like a lush, but it really does help a cold. Feel better!

      • Even tea hurts right now. My throat’s so swollen that I start gagging when I try to force down some water.

        I did come up with a delicious drink last night, which went down pretty smoothly and made me feel a little better. Mix a spoonful of caramel and a pinch of salt into a glass of seltzer, and stir vigorously. It turns foamy and is so good.

        • You need to go home and get some rest. It’s better for you, and it’s better for your colleagues whom you are probably infecting as we speak.

          Not to pound on you when you’re already down, but honestly folks, stay home (or go home) if you’re sick! Don’t infect your co-workers.

          • I know, I know. I took yesterday off for personal leave so I was feeling bad about taking off again.

          • +1. I’m no medical doctor but if your throat is so swollen and painful that you can’t drink water or tea, I’m gonna guess you should be at home resting.

          • My rule is usually to go in unless I’m throwing up or feverish. If I took off every time I had a sore throat or sinus congestion I’d have no sick leave left.

          • Not an MD, but that sounds like strep to me. Antibotics can take care of that!

          • dcfly, I’ve only had the sore throat for less than 24 hours! But yeah, if it doesn’t go away in a few days I’d consider the possibility of strep.

          • What’s the precedent for having my medical bills paid by my coworkers if they get me sick?

          • Curious, you should route those bills interoffice mail, through the department of SOL.

        • that sounds delicious. hope you’re better enough soon to enjoy more.

      • hot toddy! works everytime!

  • RANGERS!!!

  • Rant: layoffs at my firm. It doesn’t affect any of the projects I work on, so I don’t have anything to worry about, but it still makes me uneasy. This is the first job I’ve had that I’ve encountered this – I know it’s just a part of professional life and that I should probably develop a thicker skin, but it still blows.

    Revel: New Panera across the street from my bus stop! Now if I miss the bus and have to wait 15 extra minutes I can cheer myself up with bagels…

    Rant: I will probably be eating way too many bagels.

  • Revel: after 25 years off the water, joined a rowing club this fall,had first three races this weekend and did not vomit, wimp out or succumb to a coronary.

    Revel: Due to coxswain shortage, talked my freshman daughter into coming up from VCU to cox a bunch of rowers twice her age — her first visit home.

    Rant: Fellow club members far more impressed with her performance than mine. 😉

  • Rant: Unemployed.

    Rave: I’m going back to bed. Later, y’all.

  • Rant: Friends. For the most part I have found that the friends in my life are really not. Maybe it’s something I am doing. I have found that people enter and exit my life at random and generally only want something from me that benefits their lives. For example, I know all of maybe 5 people in this city. 2 of the 5 only call me when they need my car and never contact me on any other occassion. Another example, my friend said she would pay for half of our hotel this weekend for an out of town wedding we attended. Not only did she not pay, she also stayed in the hotel 3 additional hours to sleep after I had already left for the airport. I have not heard from her since even though I had contacted her to make sure she got home safe. I just want real friends that are just as interested in me as I am in them. I always try to make it a point to keep up with old friends from high school, college, and beyond but I feel that that they do not care to do the same and never make the effort to contact me first. I know I will probably get castrated for making these comments but I’m just ranting. Again, it’s probably just me but maybe I’ll find some genuine friends eventually!

    • I think everyone feels this way sometimes. I know I do.

    • You’re not alone here, Anonymous. My small circle of friends has been depleted over the past couple of years by people moving away, and I sometimes feel crippled by apathy to rebuild the circle. Don’t know what’s wrong with me…

      • i feel the same way. my group of friends has fizzled as people move on with life and priorities change. true colors of certain “friends” come out over time. sometimes i wish there were a friend connecting service for 30 somethings.

      • Less TV, less smart phone/ipod usage when in public.
        open your eyes and ears…many like you are in need of friends.just need to notice.
        good luck

    • The next time one of those 2 ‘friends’ contact you to use the car, tell them no. People will treat you the way you let them. It sounds to me like you are one of those really nice people that go out of your way to take care of others all of the time but don’t go out of your way to take care of yourself. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes! Take care of you! And don’t worry, you’ll meet real friends who do make the effort once you get rid of the fake ones.

      And tell your other friend she needs to send you a check for her share of the hotel room. That is not cool.

    • houseintherear

      Where do you live, Anonymous? Let’s go to happy hour and get you happy!

      Maybe we should set up a PoP Gals happy hour..?

      • haha! I live in the Kingdom O’ Petworth. I am a happy person just not happy with friends! Unfortunately, Happy Hours can’t happen for me as I am at work all day and class all night.

      • A POP Gals’ happy hour would be fun!

      • I totally love this idea.

        • 30 years ago, in my 20s & 30s, I had good group house friends, artist friends, s**t job friends, music friends, travel friends etc. all over the world. Most moved, some came back, some I still see a few times a year, some not for 5 years but we’re still connected. Focus on the relationship, make a way to get together. Be together when you are. Never keep a toxic friend (car borrowers et al) for fear of being alone. If you are curious and engaged with the world – there is no “Alone.”

      • Prince Of Petworth

        If someone wants to plan it – I can announce the details for you (time, place etc.) if you’d like.

      • What about me? I’m a gay male and I want to come to the PoP gals happy hour!!! I want to be an honorary “gal” plus I desperately need friends who enjoy man bashing.

    • I have found that people enter and exit my life at random and generally only want something from me that benefits their lives.

      I think the term for this is “fair weather friend”. Happy to hang out when times are good, will call you if it’s good for them, but aren’t there when you need them. I think you’ll find that, sadly, most people are like this. Also, the majority of the people moving to the DC area for work are motivated by money, social status, and professional connections. If you can’t contribute to at least one of those, you’re not worth the time.

      It is the rare friendship where people sacrifice for one another. If you find one or two people like that your entire life, you should feel lucky.

      • Denizen of Tenallytown: YOU ARE PROFOUND!!!
        Your statements ring so true in my current state of affairs with fair weather friends who may not be friends at all. I always have said that DC tends to attract selfish, money-hungry people with blinders on, unaware that people are hurting around them, only concerned with themselves, living in a bubble. Most people only have 1 or (2 if they are lucky), REAL FRIENDS. Great discussions on here today. I am sure you are a great friend and I could really use one. A lot of times, I simply don’t feel LOVED and thought of.

    • I believe the word you are looking for is ‘castigated’.

  • Rant: Selfish people who are blessed with husbands.

    • That is hilarious. +725

      • What’s funny about my statement?

        • It’s funny to me because I’ve never thought of a husband as being a particularly good or bad thing, so hearing it described as a blessing made me giggle.

        • Funny because it was said out loud and so vague yet so specific. And I’ve had friends say similar things when they were wishing they had husbands. Guess I have a weird sense of humor but I stand by the hilarity.

    • Never gets old, huh.

      • Nope, it’s my life. I’m the only one that has to walk in my shoes. You people kill me, everyone can come in here and rant about what they want to, except me.

        • I wasn’t gonna judge you for the first comment, but after this one it sort of seems like some self-awareness might do you some good. you seem to be stewing in being some sort of martyr. granted, I know nothing about you, but being “rewarded” with a husband makes it sound like it’s a grand prize or something… and that’s pretty disordered thinking.

          • *…stewing in some sort of martyrhood. I know that’s not a word, but…

          • To me the prize is not growing old alone. To have someone who cares about me and loves me and vice versa. People come on here everyday and brag about how wonderful their husbands/boyfriends are, unfortunatly, my life is the other side of the coin.

          • Not trying to be preachy but maybe if you weren’t so focused on the husband part…let go and enjoy yourself…people are attracted to others who are confident and enjoying life.

            You know…like the whole you’ll meet someone when you’re least expecting it.

          • No one that actively seeks out a boyfriend, husband, etc will ever find happiness in one. You must just get out in the world, unafried of being lonely, and experience things. Then, like magic, someone will be there. Volunteer, give your time when you can. Life is about more than mating. Their are things in the world for you that will provide more solace than any partner ever will, something without ups and downs.

          • “People come on here everyday and brag about how wonderful their husbands/boyfriends are, unfortunatly, my life is the other side of the coin.”

            I think you need to get out more. In addition to offering the opportunity to meet new people you will also find that there are tons of unhappily married, cohabitating, dating, or just booty-calling couples out there. The grass always looks greener from the other side of the fence. It’s only after you hop the fence and get on your knees to look closely that you see the weeds, and dog crap.

        • In fairness, some people also get tired of neednewjob’s daily complaint about… needing a new job.

          • +1,000,000

          • Yeah but she is always posting about how she is looking/applying for new jobs. Remember a while back when she almost got a new job and someone asked how we were going to know it was her after she got it?


    • Emmaleigh504

      You know what gets me? All the people I know that have had more than 1 marriage. That just seems unfair to me, unless the spouse died. I worked with a woman that had 3 marriages and I just wanted to tell her to stop, she was doing it wrong & had had more than her fair share.

      I guess I’m old fashioned that way.

      • O EM G! I feel the same way. I know I’ve mentioned my friend who is my age (32) , and just got married for the fourth time. It’s just not fair for those of us who have never been married and want to be.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My Dad worked with a lady that had 5 marriages before she figured out she really preferred being single. Insane.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think China is the way to go. They’ve got more men than women…or Alaska. Those are the places to find a husband.

        • Would you rather have no marriage or the wrong marriage (four times over, like your friend)? If you think the former is bad, I’d say the latter is worse.

          Or if you want to look at it the wrong way – you just need to lower your standards if you want to get married. Just look for someone who wants to get married instead of someone you want to spend your life with.

          And I have to say, dating/relationships/marriage is not a zero sum game. Just because your friend has married four times, that doesn’t mean that there are three fewer potential mates left for you.

          • I guess I don’t understand how some people get multiple shots at having a soulmate and children(she has five)and some people get none. I justwant someone to love and take care of, is that to much to ask?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’d rather have no guy than the wrong guy.

            @Jonesy when I’m old and grey I plan on having a Golden Girls house for those of us who don’t have a man to grow old with whether from divorce, death, spinsterhood, or whatever. You are invited to live there with us.

          • What GDopplerXT said.

            Emmaleigh504, I think the same thing sometimes (re. envy of people who’ve been married more than once).

            On the one hand, divorce is wrenching, so it’s not like the people who are on marriage #2 (or greater) have exactly been sailing through life with no heartache.

            But I do envy people who have found someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with… twice! It’s hard enough for some of us to find that just once.

          • Jonesy, no that’s not too much to ask but remember, people who “get multiple shots” are not necessarily any closer to it than you are, hence the “multiple shots.”

            Bad analogy: taking your driver’s test 5 times before you pass doesn’t mean you’re a really good driver, it means the opposite.

          • Also, I am pretty sure it about a-hundred-bazillion times easier to find a wife/husband than it is to find a soulmate. They are most definitely not the same thing. (Sorry, but this is an issue on which I insist on being realistic.)

          • My brother is on wife number 4, and I think he finally got it right. While I love my brother, I personally don’t see why anyone would want to marry him. But he is one of those people, unlike me, who just have “IT.” He is a total chick magnet and absolutely cannot live without a woman. Personally, when he’s single, he’s much more fun. Actually, I have a girlfriend who is the exact same way. Total chick magnet and cannot live without a woman. When she’s in a relationship, we don’t see much of her. Hate that.

          • Jesus.

            There is no such thing as having a soulmate and I’m more and more convinced that the people who believe there is are the ones deluding themselves by thinking something they’ve never experienced will magically happen to them and make life grand. Take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, and your life.

      • Emmaleigh504

        To clarify: I’m not talking about divorce due to abuse, chronic cheating, etc. Just the people who on the surface who seem to not want to make a true commitment.

    • Maybe you should volunteer to be a mail order bride.

      • Volunteer, heck! If you go Mail Order Bride, hold out for lots of real hard cash in advance.

    • I don’t think having a husband is any more of a blessing than not having a husband. Plenty of people are married and miserable, and plenty are single and happy.

      Also, I don’t think that not being selfish makes anyone more worthy of having a husband?

  • Rave: Flowers and a great movie date with my husband last night. Saw 50/50 – it hit close to home and was tough but also was moving, funny, and touching.
    Rant: Losing loved ones to disease- particularly cancer.
    Rave: Remembering those you’ve loved and lost and cherishing those you still have.
    Rave: Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tonight (found pumpkin puree!!) to go to friends and family who deserve some sweetness.

  • Rant: Didn’t get the job I interviewed for.

    Rave/Rant: The same company wants to discuss a contract job with them that looks good. The salary is much lower than I used to work for and it has no benefits. But it’s such a great company to work for, I’m willing to take their offer (if I get it.) It could lead to a full time job with them.

    Rave: Doggy is getting used to her crate (doesn’t love it, but does fine in it when I’m away from home. Obedience training starts tonight.

  • Rant 1: Attempted Break in through the neighbors skylight last night at 12:30am while they were home sleeping. Block surrounded, cops everywhere, brought in the k-9’s.

    Rant 2: Didn’t catch anyone.

    Rant 3: Couldn’t get back to sleep.

    Rant 4: Probably going to put the grate back up over the glass panes on the rear door.

    Rant 5: Probably need to get a latch for the roof access on my house.

    Rant 6: Living in fear.

    Rave: Not my house.

  • Rant: someone brought a freakin’ dog onto the metro today. Not an assistance dog either. They didn’t even try to hide it in a big bag.
    Rave: it was a cute as heck pitbull puppy. On a leash at least. Everyone stared but no one was sure what to say.
    Rant 2: the owner of cute puppy didn’t strike me as the most sane or responsible person. Seemed really young and was practically screaming and holding the doors open for her friends to get on train. I can only imagine what that cute puppy will grow into with that kind of home training.

    And how come metro can’t ever offer “pet hours” on the train? some dog owners would love to/need to take their pet places and don’t have a car. I bet people would pay extra for that.

    • Especially because it’s impossible to get a cab to take you with a dog despite being perfectly legal.

    • I think you can take them on the metro if they’re in a crate. Of course, that would only be possible for small dogs unless it’s on wheels.

      • You’re correct; pets are permitted on Metro trains and buses if they are in a fully enclosed container/carrier. Like you said, not helpful for those with larger dogs, but, being the owner of a tiny dog, I was happy to find out!

    • I’m a dog lover, but I wouldn’t want to be trapped in a train car with a possibly violent or out-of-control dog. Or be in a train that smells like dog pee.

      • I wouldn’t like to be in a train car with a rowdy group of teenagers or a convected ex con with a history of violent sexual assault.

        Now that we’re done with the straw man arguments…

  • Rave: I’m not alone.
    Rant: But I’m lonely.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Anyone know details of the arrest made outside the Petworth metro this am around 7:45? Must have been 4-5 police cars with lights flashing, handcuffing a tall skinny A-A dude.

  • claire

    Rant: Construction woke me up really early this morning. And, according to the (rightfully) angry woman who ran out of her house across the street, it woke up her newborn baby as well.

    Rant: Incompetent co-workers.

    Rant: Ridiculous amount of work to do this week and my boyfriend’s dad and grandfather are visiting starting Thursday – I somehow have to figure out how to not end up working really late on Thursday and Friday even though we’re working on a conference paper that’s due Friday. Oh and I have to somehow not be super exhausted/stressed/anxious and instead be charming.

    Rave: Eventually this week will end.

    • That reminds me of a question I had. Are there restrictions on which hours emergency vehicles can use their sirens? I live on a firetruck route so I’m used to hearing them all the time, but I had a friend visiting from NYC who (after being woken up by one at 6am on Saturday) commented that they wouldn’t be allowed to do that where she lives. Seems reasonable to me!

      • this is a joke, right?

        • No, why? It’s not like they have to weave through heavy traffic at 6am on a Saturday morning. And usually it’s still dark out so other drivers can see the flashing lights and move over. Apparently it’s a law in other cities so why not ask if there’s a similar law here?

          • There are no restrictions for the Fire Department. In fact, it is required to use lights and sirens on all responses. I am not saying other cities don’t have those laws, but I have never heard that. I also think you would be surprised how many times we don’t use the siren, even though we are required to, and you are not woken up.

    • Was it before 7am?

  • Ah I saw that right as the police were pulling up. Didn’t see what actually happened but I think maybe a man and woman were arguiging/fighting and the guys poor little girl not a day ove 4 years old was screaming and trying to hold on to him while the police were arresting him. Poor kiddo 🙁

  • Rave: The Lions!
    Rant: The Tigers.

  • Rant: The next douche I see who brings a cup of hot coffee with no lid on the Metro will get pepper sprayed.

  • Rant: At work for our health plans we are being encouraged to convert from a standard PPO with Flexible Savings Account to high deductible plans with a Medical Savings account. Has anyone done this and had a good experience?

    • We were forced to do this at my previous employer and nobody liked the high deductible and HSA plan. Sometimes the employer will fund the HSA to cover the amount of the high deductible, but many times they will not. The whole point of the high deductible and HSA is to shift the responsiblity of managing healthcare costs onto employees, similar to how pensions were migrated to 401k plans.

      The rhetoric states that since planholders have more skin in the game (high, varible cost versus low, fixed cost depending on the service), visits to high cost critical sevices, like the emergency room, will be reduced and planholders will instead elect for preventative health care and healthier lifestyles. In reality, you are just paying more towards the insurance policy through the high deductible. Many people will opt not to visit the doctor if it means $150 per visit and $100 for a prescription, instead of $20 and $10.

      This is just a way for employers to reduce their insurance costs and throw up a smokescreen to confuse employees. Really.

      • My employer is currently undergoing this transition. I don’t mind the high deductible, but I don’t like the idea that a) I have to open a health savings account with my employer (a bank), and b) I am still restricted to the primary care physician/in network BS that you get with regular health insurance. They’re been dribbling out the info, and apparently in a few weeks will have more info for us and a number we can call for individual counseling.

      • A couple of years ago, my entire company switched to a plan with a high deductible and a HSA. We didn’t get a choice in the matter. My employer fully funds the HSA at the deductible amount–apparently it’s still cheaper for them this way and we don’t have to pay a greater share of the premium. The company set up the HSA on our behalf and it’s a pretty simple claim form, submitted by email, to get reimbursed. The turnaround is quick; I usually have a check within a week or 10 days of filing a claim. I haven’t had any problems with it and suppose I prefer the hassle of filing claims every so often to paying more per month for my insurance. I can see it being a problem for people who may not be able to front the cash, though.

      • It’s also something of a slam on any employee who already has a medical condition – it’s too late for them to worry about their ‘skin in the game’. I know it’s a way for a company to reduce its costs, and it can be a viable option for those who can take advantage of it, but it’s not appropriate to force the entire staff to use it. Just another example of how hopeless the medical insurance system is in this country, unfortunately. (I speak as someone who went bankrupt due to a major medical incident. Try recuperating when all you can think about is the 6-digit hospiral bill!)

  • Rave – BOGO Whole Food pizza on Tuesday, means $4 for 10″ pie!

    Rant – Whole Foods cooks can’t read an order correctly to save their life…

  • Rave: My boyfriend moved in this weekend! One small fun thing I now love doing: planning out our nightly dinners

    Ravex2: We’re going to Iceland in a few weeks!

    Ravex3: I’ve got a fantastic, kick-ass roommate. She’s the one who suggested my boyfriend move in with us. I don’t know how all 3 of us are going to use a tiny kitchen, but I’m looking forward to figuring it out 🙂

    Rantx1: The person who has been calling me from a blocked number on the hour for the last three hours. I guess the Red Cross is phone banking for blood donations again…

    Rantx2: People who feel entitled to being in relationship, just because someone found a another person to spend their time/life with.

    • Rant: Passive Aggressive judgmental people. ^^^^^

      Rantx2: Passive Aggressive judgmental people, who tell others that they don’t deserve to be happy in a relationship, but come on here to brag about theirs!

      • Jonesy, just like you are entitled to rant here, others are entitled to rave (even if that means raving about their date night with their 3rd husband).

        • I never said that people aren’t entitled to come on here and rave about their relationships,but don’t come on here and put me down about wanting a relationship and in the same breath rave about how wonderful their’s is.

          OAN: When I made my initial comment about selfish people and husbands, I wasn’t talking about my friend or anyone on her actually. I had just watched Kim Kardashian’s Fairytail Wedding(feel free to flame me for that), and was remarking at how selfish she appreared on that show to her intended, but he went ahead and married her, and acutally apprears to love her. It’s just strange to me how some things work out.

          • A lot of people subconsciously prefer being with a selfish partner for various reasons. Maybe they like the challenge, or they like feeling needed, or they’re the submissive type. I don’t think there’s much correlation between have good qualities and having people fallin love with you.

          • I’m sorry but this is hilarious

          • I’m NOT sorry – it IS completely hilarious!

        • Definitely… but I think Jonesy was incensed by “Rantx2: People who feel entitled to being in relationship, just because someone found a another person to spend their time/life with.”

          Sharing your joy with others is cool. But pairing it with that kind of comment does seem a bit like schadenfreude.

      • Jonesy, seriously. You sound like you need help. I can NOT even believe you are using Kim Kardashian as an argument (nevermind that a 1/2way sane adult wouldn’t watch that show anyway). Your world view is INSANE.

    • 🙁 Play nice, people!

      I feel like telling both of you to go stand in the corner.

    • I just got back from Iceland! It was amazing. I’m sure you have most of your weekend planned out, but feel free to get my e-mail from PoP if you’d like any suggestions of things to do, places to eat, etc.

      • Thanks for the offer, Kaylee! We have a fairly loose itinerary, so I’d love to hear about your experience. One day is set for a glacier walk, dinner, and Northern Lights watch, but we have about 2.5 more days to fill while we’re in Reykjavik. I’ll shoot PoP an email later today to get in touch 🙂

  • Rave: made my $100 in gambling money last for two days at the craps tables in the Vegas!

    Rant: ended up losing it all eventually.

    Rave: the two fellas who kept fussing at me and my friends because we were “changing the energy of the table” when we walked away during someone’s roll.

  • like, omg, like I totally hate that people make more money than me. they come on here and talk about how they bought a house and I’m all poor and I work hard but they’re jerks so why do they get houses and I have to rent a crappy apartment and eat ramen? it’s just not fair that some people make more money than I do when I’m the one that would do good things with it.


    • +100

      Especially because you probably have no idea how old the people are, or what they do for a living, or what their lifestyle is like, or even how much their house cost.

    • You weren’t hugged enough as a child were you?

    • I have to agree. A lot of people in DC tend to be pretentious, and there are a couple on here. It does not seem fair and it frustrates me that poor people like myself don’t get these things, yet many jerks do. (not all of them are, a friend of mine is a very humble sweetheart and he is a millionaire) They constantly complain about paying mortgages and having to clean up their dogs bowel movement off of the hardwood floors of their overpriced condo. It saddens me because people like me and you would not complain but count our blessings, and actually, I COUNT MY BLESSINGS even while I am poor. Because I could be homeless. I could be dying of cancer.

  • Random Reader Rant and/or Revel REQUEST: Alright, let’s all stop feeding Jonesy’s crazy trolling posts.

    This is getting ridiculous. You’ve got to have a better way to spend your time, right?

  • Something nutty is in the air today! Deep breath everybody. Trees are turning gorgeous, possibilities abound. Eat some dark leafy greens and go for a walk in the full moon – it will all be better!

  • Jonesy, keep up the good faith. Don’t let everyone get you down. You’ll find the right partner, it will happen for you. Keep your chin up!

  • Since my postings are a problem for some people, I won’t post anymore. Maybe I am crazy, Ive been on antidepressants for the past few months,maybe they jave stopped working, but you guys should really think about what you post about people. You dont know what will send someone over the edge.

    • Hi jonsey – serious time now – blogs are hamster gladiator arenas – lots of chatter, some bloodshed, but still hamsters! Few people really think about what they post about people – so be assured – it isn’t personal about you. Please – if you are feeling over the edge – call someone now. I don’t want to be preachy or condescending or judgmental or anything – but don’t let the wave build up enough to dash you upon the rocks.

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