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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

For those who have the day off – hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather.

For those who have to work – hopefully the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed than a usual Monday.

While there will be some posts today, we’ll be back to a regular schedule tomorrow.

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  • rant: at work.
    rave: great weekend with fantastic weather.

  • Rant: http://www.dcgrowlers.com That should be pretty self explanatory.

  • Rant: Also at work
    Rant: Had to call the police for the first time ever on Saturday to report obnoxious, drunk, adult-men-acting-like-fratboys next door who were intentionally trying to wake up/harass the entire apartment complex.
    Rave: It worked, and they shut up.
    Rave: Weather!

  • Rave: Capitals game tonight!

    Rant: Have to figure out how to get from GA Ave Petworth to Verizon Center via bus, as the metro is still closed.

  • claire

    Rave/Rant: Last day of my four day weekend. Got a lot done, feel really relaxed, but it’s back to the grindstone tomorrow.

    Rant/Rave: Stuck in an awkward situation where I know that my roommate’s girlfriend is planning on breaking up with him today (because she decided to inform my boyfriend for some reason). But their relationship has been clearly unhealthy for as long as I’ve known them so I think it’ll ultimately be for the best even though my roommate will be pretty bummed (it’s his first serious relationship and they’ve been together for > 2 years) – any advice on helping a friend through this?

    Rave: In a healthy relationship myself.

    • Rant: People who put you in this type of situation! I feel badly for your roommate, for being the last to know that this is coming at him. And I feel badly for you, for having to pretend not to know anything. I’m in a similar situation myself – my friend’s boyfriend told me he’s planning to end things, but she thinks he’s planning to propose. Can’t tell her what I know because I think she should hear it from him first, but listening to her plan a wedding that won’t happen is heart-breaking.

      When I was on the getting-dumped end of a serious relationship, I needed friends who would help me take my mind off of things, but also let me talk about what happened when I felt ready. Be available, be supportive, and remind your roommate there is life beyond a failed relationship. Good luck!

  • Rant: The guy helping my friend work on my roof repair project walked off the job and is threatening to tear off all the shingles he put on if we don’t pay him $400 today. Doesn’t seem to want to wait until tomorrow. Isn’t that like felony threat?

    Revel: I have the money to pay him.

    • Regardless of what happenes, I am quite sure that he is not legally allowed to come and take his shingles off. I would say if you owe hime money, pay him, and if not, tell him that he is no longer welcome and that if he does come over you will be calling the police.

      I think his legal actions would include putting a lien against your house etc, but to do that he has to prove you owe hime money etc. I would not back down to this, as it basically seems like extortion.

    • Is the guy who is helping your friend doubtful he will get paid eventually? Regardless, his threats are wrong.

      Related Rant: Trying to get roofing companies to come by to give an estimate – being a no-show on an appointment is seriously unprofessional!

  • Rant: Having to work on Columbus Day

    Rave: In honor of the holiday I think I will get lost on the way home.

  • Rave: The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Phillies are out!!

  • Rant: The picture of the clown on this post.

  • Rant: I can’t seem to make anyone on Craigslist understand what I am trying to give away!

    Rave: It is a deck – a moveable deck that sits on the ground, built from salvaged deck boards. Would be perfect for your tiny back yard!


    • Maybe because the picture tells you nothing and that’s the weirdest idea I’ve heard this year.

      • Huh? The picture shows exactly what it is. The description tells you exactly what it is and gives the measurements. Yes, it might be a slightly unconventional solution – using recycled materials to build a ground-level deck – but it’s not like I built a time-machine!

      • austindc

        I thought it seemed clear. It’s a deck, but you just put it wherever, like a platform. I’m with you victoria. Clear as day! Hope you find a buyer, it looks pretty cool!

    • I don’t think you can just put some boards together and call it a deck. And the likelihood that someone has a place to fit a wooden platform in that shape seems low. I guess I’m just not understanding why I would want this wooden platform over my backyard’s grass/cement ground. What is the benefit?

      • Well, yeah, you can just put some boards together and call it a deck actually, that’s pretty much what a deck is. And of course it’s an odd shape but if you have a tiny bit of weedy grass in a tiny yard, it’s nicer to sit on a “deck” and not have to mow. Or use it as a base for a shed, or a kid’s playhouse. It’s sturdy, it’s recycled – I’m not forcing it on anyone – just offering to someone with a creative mind!

        • I could see it appealing to a renter who might have an ugly dirt or cement backyard and doesn’t want to invest the time/money in fixing it up since they’re just renting. But the shape’s odd and it looks really small. Anyway, I think the ad’s as clear as it can get, but people on craigslist have really poor reading comprehension skills.

    • No picture of the umbrella? I think that’s the best part! If it’s the kind of umbrella I’m thinking of it costs at least $80 new (plus more for the base).

    • From the picture and description, it looks like it fits in very specifically with the raised beds you built and wouldn’t be useful without them.

      The description you have here “It is a deck – a moveable deck that sits on the ground, built from salvaged deck boards. Would be perfect for your tiny back yard!” should be what’s in your ad. What you have now isn’t clear.

      It’s a cute idea, but built specifically for your yard, is heavy and akward to move and is an outdoor item you’re trying to get rid of in late fall. Not a great combo.

  • Rave: I won a raffle during a Stella Artois event Friday for a free trip to Argentina 🙂

    Rant: I have to work when they want me to go and they’re not flexible with the dates of the trip, so I had to forfeit the trip 🙁

  • Rant: It is getting way too expensive to live in this city. Too expensive to buy a place, and rent isn’t much better. I’m pretty fed up with the whole thing.

  • Rave: Awesome weather this weekend.

    Rave: Off to enjoy it for a third day straight!

  • houseintherear

    Rave: I’m refinancing my house thanks to PoP’s post from last week. Yay PoP! I’ll be saving upwards of $300/month. (Beer money.)(jk)(not really)

    Rave#2: My dog. He makes my life so wonderful. Nothing is better than strapping on my sneaks and walking him around town for hours. I lucked out with this one.

    Rant: My students are being AW.FUL. today. And it’s open house day, so the parents are all here and I’m afraid to put anyone in a time out. And I have a meeting after work. blah.

  • there’s already a crime post about it, but i can’t rant enough about the fatal stabbing at Raymond Rec this weekend.

    after reading through lots of nearly unintelligible twitter feeds of the kid’s friends, it doesn’t take much to read between the lines that the kid was trouble. (his RIP was given a #35thugg hash tag by some….as in the crew he hung with).

    i’m not sure how this city, or this society, gets out of this cycle. when you’re surrounded by people who tolerate, or actually PROMOTE being a thug, where are you going to go that’s positive for anyone?

    the culture of drugs and violence that pervades so much of this city is disheartening to the point of being sickening.

    the family of the kid who was murdered won’t ever see justice because all of his “friends” won’t snitch. this idea is taught from youth and passed down from generation to generation.

    vince gray may not be right about much, but he was right about saying that we live in 2 cities. the people who live in their $4M georgetown townhouse are 3 miles away from barely educated kids who will stab each other in the gut until they’re dead over 100 bucks or a handful of drugs.

    until we have schools that work, parents that give a shit, a justice system that pursues, punishes, and rehabilitates the people responsible for taking and ruining lives…we’re all f’ed.

    • This is why gentrification is, on the whole, a positive thing. Yes, it’s a simple answer, but I like simple answers. It makes my life easier.

      • Positive for the city? Debatable. Positive for the people who are still poor, undereducated, and in gangs, and now displaced as well? No. Positive for the wealthier people who think the city is “cleaner”? Apparently.

        • I think it is a net positive for hard-working, law-abiding people as well as the rich. Nobody wants rampant criminality in their city. I know lots of poor people who have the same dim view of criminals that I do. I, for one, am tired of people using poverty as an excuse for misbehavior. If poverty led, inexorably, to bad behavior, my wife and I would have gone to jail long ago, before we even met.

        • is the fact that the city is a “cleaner” really a debatable point? your memory is week if you don’t think the city has been getting cleaner.

          but yes, i agree that the overall positive effects of gentrification are still debatable.

      • Gentrification means we ask for more police bike patrols, especially in the alleys where our government-sanctioned youth drug dealing syndicates pretend they’ve really got something good going (what is good about RIP, 3500, Uptown?), which means an officer now has to live with the memory of a young child heading to his end for no good reason at all. The violent youth in this city really need to cut this shit out. Glorified thuggery it may be, but this isn’t a game worth playing.

    • I just saw the Pat Collins (ultra dramatic)report on this. His mom talked about how good a kid he was. “He didn’t bother nobody.” I knew then he was trouble.


  • POP thanks for your conversation about mortgages. After reading the collective wisdom, I am now dashing to refinance.

  • RAVE: It is so awesome to be fostering a puppy. She brings joy every minute and makes me love my other dogs even more.

    No rants! Not after a day off and this incredible weather!

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